ETH CC Recap

Our Success at ETHCC (1)


Our time at the Ethereum Community Conference (ETHCC), stretching from July 15 to 23rd, was a bustling hub of collaborative engagements, enriching networking opportunities, and in-depth dialogues around the decentralized space. Our consistent presence played a pivotal role in reflecting the compelling work we’ve been delivering, casting a spotlight on GWG, Near, and the Near Digital Collective (NDC).

July 15 - July 16: NEAR Day

Our journey began with the highly-anticipated NEAR Day — a two-day event hosted by the foundation at the prestigious Musueam National D’ HIstoire. The picturesque setting allowed us to mingle, network, and engage in exciting dialogues with the Near community members and foundation representatives. With this event marking the first in-person gathering for many of us at GWG, the atmosphere was electric.

This first-ever physical interface underscored our collective identity and bridged the gap that previously existed due to virtual interactions. The two-day activation was an amalgamation of stimulating panel discussions, thought-provoking networking sessions, and an exchange of cutting-edge ideas. Our collective efforts translated into an amazing turnout, speaking volumes about the growing traction within the community and broader interest in Near projects.


July 17: Ignite the Future ReFi Summit

As the high-energy NEAR Day concluded, we transitioned into the two-day Ignite the Future ReFi summit, which we co-hosted with Summermoon. The summit witnessed an impressive turnout with over 200 attendees, encapsulating a diverse spectrum of industry experts, blockchain enthusiasts, and budding entrepreneurs. The first day was brimming with compelling pitches from various companies.

One standout performance was delivered by Keypom’s Matt, who seized the stage to elucidate their groundbreaking initiatives. His engaging and dynamic presentation kept the audience hooked, marking a great start to the summit.

The second day of the ReFi summit unfolded with a host of enlightening discussions, panels, and presentations focusing on ReFi-centric projects. The panel discussion featuring Kevin O’wocki from Supermodular stole the spotlight. He introduced “Impact Stream,” a project demonstrating a real-world application of quadratic funding in a small village in West Africa. This innovative exploration of DeFi tools for social impact garnered widespread attention, further bolstering the success of the event.

After the high-octane ReFi Summit, we hosted a full-day emerging tech summit at Luma, christened Ignite the Future: Paris. As a part of ETHCC, the event provided an unparalleled platform to showcase and discuss advanced technological strides in the crypto sphere.

Our station was visibly vibrant with t-shirts, stickers, our unique Avatar activation roll-out banner, and table banners. This visual appeal drew in interested participants and created an inviting atmosphere to explore and discuss our projects and initiatives.

Lex NDc

Next on the agenda was the Builders Breakfast at the Supermoon Station Near Base. Here, we had the privilege of participating in the NDC Roundtable discussion, sharing insights about our work and future plans. We also had exclusive one-on-one conversations with Near co-founder Illia Polosukhin, providing him with an NDC t-shirt as a token of our collaboration. Additionally, we held one-on-one recorded interviews about the NDC and our roles in it with the Supermoon production team, showcasing our efforts to a wider audience.

July 20 - July 23: Wrapping up ETHCC

We began our final stretch at ETHCC with another round of Builders Breakfast at the Supermoon Station Near Base. Our primary goal was to foster deeper connections within the community and showcase the work we do at NDC.

The grand finale took shape in the form of Baguettes and Ballots on July 23. This event successfully congregated builders, entrepreneurs, community managers, creatives, and community members under one roof. We hosted an engaging dialogue on decentralized governance, revealing the intricacies and potential of this new-age governance model.


The climax of the event was the proud launch of the Proof of Vibes Soul Bound Token (SBT). As one of the first community-led SBTs, it stood as a testament to our commitment to the Near ecosystem. Marking the inception of the Proof of Vibes DAO, we introduced a novel way for community members to engage at events and shape the community’s direction.

Screenshot 2023-07-12 at 11.24.34 PM


ETHCC provided a vibrant platform for us to amplify our vision, projects, and accomplishments. Each interaction, panel discussion, and presentation highlighted our ongoing endeavors in the decentralized world. Our significant presence and the successful launch of the Proof of Vibes DAO concluded the conference on a high note.

The entire ETHCC journey was a testament to our unwavering commitment to growing the Near ecosystem and the decentralized community at large. The success of our participation at the ETHCC will undeniably spur us to maintain this momentum, engage more deeply with the community, and champion our initiatives in future events.