Engineering Weekly Update - 2022-04-11

Brief Summary

  • Developer Console are doing an in-person offsite this week to finalize OKRs and plan product vision;
  • We started integrating Catchpoint with out endpoints which should significantly increase the quality of our products like Explorer, Developer Console, Wallet, RPC endpoints;
  • We also started Operational Readiness Reviews (ORR) for Developer Console and Explorer. This should contribute to safety, uptime, and overall quality of these products. Eventually all Pagoda services would need to go through ORR;
  • Our protocol tools reached level of maturity where they can find bottlenecks in the protocol without engineers doing the guess work;


  • Developer Console defined MVP for AstroDAO integration;
  • Developer Console also interviewed half of the responders of the feedback for the initial release;
  • Developer Console have fixed how local tests and code checks are run;
  • Infrastructure team is overhauling our cloud providers and tightening the security around it;
  • Infrastructure team are also revisiting how we do logging across all our products, starting with validators;
  • Infrastructure team are also hiring for RPC as a service (RPCaaS) and are revisiting its architecture;
  • Core team is now focused on network tools and improvements which will help us handle the growth better;
  • Core team are benchmarking and load testing the storage, which is the next bottleneck that we need to resolve;
  • Core team also optimized how validators sync from each other by reducing the need for state syncing;
  • Developer Tools made v0.2 release of workspaces-rs. It includes time-travel, test-time contract compilation, and various convenience improvements;
  • Developer Tools have dramatically simplified the code of workspaces-js by removing workspaces-ava and workspaces-init. We are also working on making workspaces-rs and workspaces-js have similar DevX;
  • Developer Tools are also stabilizing NEP-264 which will make async cross-contract calls a bit more developer-friendly;
  • Data Platform team are creating a whole new space with indexer docs that should address all needs related to on-chain data access and usage;

Call for action

  • If you have opinion on naming NEAR Lake please participate in this discussion;
  • Watch for updates from @daniyar on creating NEAR ACI. Please contribute to the discussion once he posts the proposal;

Full Reports

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