Engineering Weekly Update - 2022-01-10

Brief Summary

  • Developer Console beta is publicly available here: . You can create an account, add projects, and access the new RPC service. From there you’ll have access to RPC usage metrics and basic transaction data about your project’s contracts;
  • If you ever wondered why we use this or that Wasm runtime, see the documentation here;
  • Léo Gaspard joined Contract Runtime team to work on Wasm VM;
  • Patrick Woo joined to lead Applications Division;
  • Robert Tsai joined to lead Infrastructure team;
  • Jon Lewis joined Developer Console team;
  • Philip Obosi joined Wallet team;


  • Core Tools released near-sdk-rs v4.0.0-pre.5;
  • Core Tools published near-jsonrpc-client-rs v0.2.0;
  • Core Tools added progress bar when nearcore downloads genesis;
  • Core Tools also did improvements to workspaces-rs DevX;
  • Node Experience added chunk inclusion health metrics into nearcore;
  • Node Experience created near-epoch-indexer that collects historical validator statistics;
  • Developer Console has been working with some partners and community on collecting the feedback, and iterated on several designs;
  • Developer Console also improved project creation screen and other UI elements;
  • Frontier Tools ensured near-sdk-js works on Mac OS;
  • Frontier Tools tested NFT contract with near-sdk-js on Testnet;
  • Contract Runtime remove serialization that was used in place of downcasting;
  • Contract Runtime reduced the amount of logs VM runner produces. Node Experience rejoiced;
  • Contract Runtime also did lots of generalization improvements to the fees estimator.

Full Reports

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