Engineering Weekly Update - 2021-12-13

Brief Summary


  • State Viewer now supports InMemory and Streaming modes, which is useful for state debugging;
  • Node Experience improved nearup UX;
  • Node Experience prepared for StakeWars and chunk-only producers;
  • Developer Console is now streaming RPC usage data to MixPanel;
  • Developer added API keys documentation into first-time signups of DevConsole;
  • Core Tools did cleanup of types, and dependencies for workspaces-rs;
  • Core Tools are adding a more efficient implementation of TreeMap and optimized LookupSet for Rust SDK;
  • Frontier Tools are expanding JS SDK to work not just PoC example;
  • Frontier Tools added RPC API keys for near-api-js and near-cli-js;
  • Core team improved module loading by 2x using VecAssembler;
  • Core team is working on documentation for ShardLayout, EncodedChunkCache, and ShardsMaster;
  • Core team is fuzzing empty block generation.

Blockers and Challenges

  • Core team debugged recent OOM error on Testnet canary. I tis difficult to reproduce.
  • Core team is debugging issues with the new validator selection algorithm, and the GC issues;

Full Reports