Engineering Weekly Update - 2022-04-04

Brief Summary


Blockers and Challenges

  • Many people and teams have been affected by the ongoing world events;

Full Reports

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Hi @nearmax! great updates and a lot of work being done! I hope everyone is keeping safe :slight_smile: !

Can you please comment on how (and if) this change may have an impact on overall costs (tx fees) for using the NEAR network? In the end, any network cost ties into the tx fees.

The Indexer is a free-service (for now) but I’m not sure if the move to NEAR Lake (and components upgrades such as the above) will lead into a SaaS model in the future?


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This change is affecting only how easily RPC nodes can serve queries, not how quickly the protocol can process transactions. It does not change tx prices, which is a protocol-level thing.

We are developing paid services that will provide availability and other guarantees, along side maintaining an ability for community members to run their own infrastructure at their own cost. The details are still being figured out. CC @tiffanygyj who is our Data Platform PM.

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Hi @waldmatias Thank you for your interest and question.
NEAR Lake is a tool we design to serve as an easier and much cheaper way for developers to build their own indexers based on their specific data needs.
As Max mentioned, we are figuring out details on how to best serve community’s data needs with great availability, stability and experiences and with different options on cost implication.
We will publish updates and progress and welcome all feedbacks.

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