Engineering Weekly Update - 2021-12-06

Brief Summary

  • near-jsonrpc-client-rs triggered more quality of life improvements on nearcore side, and @miraclx @matklad and @pmnoxx landed a series of PRs to address long-standing issues in nearcore code-base;
  • API key support was merged into near-api-js;
  • We released nearcore v.1.23.0 on Testnet!
  • @pmnoxx merged around 40 PRs this week;


  • Contract Runtime team added fuzzing of Wasm VM into nightly CI;
  • Contract Runtime has also significantly improved wall-clock time for contract compilation;
  • Node Interfaces fixed several long-standing issues, like collisions in the transaction table and inclusion of a transaction in multiple blocks;
  • Check out part 2 of workshops on building contracts in Rust (in Russian);
  • Frontier Tools team verified that the most expensive NFT operation does not run out of maximum gas when using JS SDK. Please join the conversation on how idiomatic JS SDK would look like!
  • Node Experience added Rosetta test to CI;
  • Node Experience also added to Mocknet tests realistic stakes and upgrading nodes at different times;
  • Core implemented load testing framework for the network;
  • Core implemented code that allows validators to fetch chunks in advance;
  • Core stabilized new validator selection algorithm;
  • Developer Console team added various UI/UX polish;
  • Core Tools exposed RIPEMD-160 in the SDK;
  • Core Tools implemented LookupSet collection for Rust SDK;

Blockers and Challenges

  • Indexer for Explorer and Wallet are bocked on standardization of FT events standard and MT standard. If you are community member then please contribute your reviews!
  • Frontier is faced with a dilemma on how to add ESM imports for near-api-js. Discussions are in progress;

Full Reports