Engineering Weekly Update - 2021-10-18

Brief Summary

  • Wasmer 2 is stabilized, executing Wasm is 75% once this release launches on the Mainnet;
  • We stabilized lowering data receipt fee (by 99%) and ecrecover fee (by 92%). It will also be in this upcoming release;
  • If you are building a dApp and you need business metrics consider using near-analytics see the talk;
  • We will have a process for electing the Chair of NEAR Validator Advisory Board;


  • Contract Runtime fuzz-tested the new gas counter;
  • Node Interfaces cut 0.10.2-rc.1 release for Indexer which supports the sharding;
  • Node Interfaces added support for basic auth tokens into near-jsonrpc-client. This is needed for RPC-as-a-Service;
  • SRE team is shaping RPC-as-a-Service prototype, redis is setup, authorization server is prototyped;
  • SRE team also spent lots of time investigating betanet incidents caused by sharding rollout;
  • Core team also added extra tests for sharding upgrade, and synced with Aurora and Indexer to make sure they are not affected;
  • Core team merged parallelization of block catchup and state split;
  • Node Experience made progress on fuzzing runtime, including fuzzing contract deployment;
  • Node Experience added code for better handing missing chunks and faster history replay. Node Experience also added monitoring for NayDuck.

Challenges and Blockers

  • Contract Runtime is blocked on rolling out the new gas counter because it leaks into the protocol spec. However, they found a better approach that does not leak;
  • We are still blocked on publishing nearcore crates;

Full Reports