Engineering Weekly Update - 2021-11-08

Brief Summary


  • Contract Runtime team fixed Wasmer 2 memory leak;
  • Contract Runtime also debugged slowness of singlepass compilation and determined the cause, this is important to reduce our contract deployment costs;
  • We are now logging host function calls which should make our node more diagnosable;
  • Node Interfaces added support of NFT events into Indexer. Consider adding support of NFT events into your NFT contracts;
  • Core team fixed a whole bunch of splinters with sharding deployment: memory issue, garbage collection issue, bug in shard_tries:, panic if node tries to sync just after sharding upgrade;
  • Infrastructure team did lots of resizing of instances following larger storage demand. They also helped Feiyu and Aurora projects with their nodes;
  • Infrastructure team did a lot of work on releasing patches, implementing RPC throttling, and other kinds of preparations for the upcoming project launches.

Fun stuff

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