Engineering Weekly Update -- 2021-06-21

Brief Summary


  • Node Experience is almost done with the new testing framework for the runtime;
  • Node Interfaces published useful docs on different balances with fungible tokens;
  • Developer Platform team is working through near-sdk-rs improvements at a fast pace now that @austinabell and @tachyon joined us;
  • Node Interfaces team released Indexer v0.9.2;
  • Contract Runtime team implemented ability to patch a state on a local node, useful for testing;
  • We now also have a tool to check whether your hardware is good enough for NEAR node. Kudos to the Contract Runtime team;

Challenges and Blockers

  • Contract Runtime teams needs more people to work on performance and safety of Wasm execution. We are actively hiring, see EM and IC positions;
  • Chain+Transaction Runtime+Network teams also need more people. We are also actively hiring for see IC position;
  • Adding host functions is difficult, because we need to be 100% sure of the correct fees estimation, which consumes a lot of time and blocks Aurora team;

Action Items

  • Everyone needs to prepare for nearcore 1.20.0 release on Testnet on Jun 21, 2021;
  • Node Experience continues improving on our communication channels: sync with validators, setup mailchimp, create weekly meetings;
  • Developer Platform will rethink versioning of near-sdk-rs and near-api-js;
  • Contract Runtime are actively investigating performance benchmark from Aurora team, we are narrowing down;

Full reports


Upd: I was the source of this misleading. Mainnet is going to be updated to 1.20.0 on Jun 28, 2021

Is this a mistake? Did you mean testnet? Partners who run indexers are preparing for 1.20.0 next week.

P.S. Thanks for doing this! I really appreciate these reports!

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