End of March Public Goods + Potlock Update

Original update March Madness (Public Goods Update)
Recap video for Public Good Friday https://youtu.be/fIOCNUY-sm4?si=IYVJFkOe2eOAPqGc

It’s been a wild 2 weeks in the regenerative space. The public goods space keeps getting more gooder. More funding, more ecosystems, more learning, and more media. Plus, Potlock got a fresh look and is getting faster (devs are doing something) while the Builder quadratic funding round is in full effect.

:bell: Potlock Updates:

Public Goods Ecosystem News

Motion from the Solana, Optimism, Nouns, Gitcoin ecosystems.

Public Goods in Media

Shoutout to everyone making content about public goods. More public goods learnings = more public goods earnings

So much for PG Alpha, we are working on a a curation system to automate public goods news as this is becoming too much (contact plug in the community chat if interested in helping).

:heart:Made with Love,

Potlock Team, curated by PlugRel


So excited about Potlock. You’ve really helped us grow in Dao Ashe, and we are looking forward to using NEAR funding to contribute to the diversity of the ecosystem :clap:t5: :star_struck:

Thank you for helping NEAR get a space in the public goods ecosystem in the blockchain. Much needed :brown_heart:

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