$10,000 for Creative Public Goods via Quadratic Funding on Potlock


  • Creatives DAO has allocated $10,000 for piloting quadratic funding rounds on NEAR through Potlock’s BOS platform
  • Applications will be opening up this week at February 12th for Creative Public Goods
  • Quadratic funding is when donations are amplified by unique donors where humanness will be using nada.bot


Creatives DAO is funding the first quadratic funding round on NEAR through Potlock’s decentralized platform on #BOS. On Monday February 12th applications start for Creative Public Goods, and the following Monday, February 19th, verified humans can donate to their favorite projects.

About PotLock

PotLock is an open source protocol, and the first public goods funding platform on NEAR Protocol. PotLock enables different funding strategies like direct donations with on chain referrals and quadratic funding with more to come.

Goals of the Round

  • Drive more creative use cases and public goods to the NEAR ecosystem
  • Allow for a bottom up approach for communities with traction to get recognition to support
  • Provide discovery for NFT and builders communities behind causes they can get behind


You are a public good = You provide more valuation creation than value capture

You are Project that

  • preserves cultural centers
  • Uses art for healing
  • Uses art for fundraising for other causes
  • Uses art for education and awareness for critical issues
  • Promotes sustainable art
  • builds creative tech
  • Provides art for free in different areas
  • Supports artists and creatives in experiences

Examples of Projects We Would Love to See

Here is a call for projects in the space that we really appreciate for reference. This does not mean projects are approved or other projects cannot apply, but just an example of projects to reach out to.

  • Codame celebrates creativity through inspiring experiences with events, workshops, art galleries, performances, and installations
  • Public Nouns: NFT collection & an experimental new way to support public goods.
  • FraDAO, protecting older and indigenous artists from social, technological and financial vulnerability, charting the boundaries of society and empowering them through workshops, art directors, co-authorships, support of marketing, artistic and digital assistance, directing the current creative core.
  • Bee Together helping organisations with social and environmental impact to cover their financial expenses through means like NFT sales
  • beatdao.io music producers collective supporting beatmakers and music initiatives in Asia, Africa, and the USA

How You Can Get Started

To be eligible, you must sign up for PotLock registry. Check out how to do so in the docs

Are you wondering if you qualify as a public good on our registry? Check out potock.org/project-guidelines


The pot will be live at potlock.org/creatives-pot

Application Period: Monday, February 12th - February 19th

Matching Round: Monday, February 19 - March 3rd (when donations will be matched)

Check the application pots section to see when the pots are deployed to start adding additional funding. It is important that there are also other community run rounds for funding.


What is Quadratic Funding

Quadratic funding is a novel funding mechanism, where small donations are amplified from a funding pot, giving power back to the people to fund the public goods they care about.In this case your favorite creative public goods that you support in this round will get more of the $10,000 matching pool the more unique donations they get. To learn more about quadratic funding go to wtfisqf.com.

How to Get Involved

Join the PotLock community on telegram, follow us on twitter, linkedin, or NEAR Social to stay in touch or subscribe to our newsletter