EiR - NEAR Hispano - Support for NCA, NCD and NCP Bootcamp, Blockchain Academy bootcamp, EDUCATION FOR WOMEN Partnership Asociacion de Blockchain de Peru and the main Organizations, NGOs, Creative and Cultural Associations of Peru


  1. Create 2 STRONG COMMUNITIES CONNECTED with the aim of training WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS in NEAR PROTOCOL in order to discover or promote projects made by WOMEN that create a real impact and are quantifiable in the WEB 3.0 ecosystem.

A. Calling all WOMEN Entrepreneurs NEAR

  • WOMEN Owners or decision-makers of Startups or Companies who speak English or Spanish like Fashion Bloggers, Models, Actress, Coaches, Psychologists, Women artists, Women Influencers, Journalists, Women entrepreneurs, and those who are into innovation.
  • WOMEN Students who want to learn about WEB 3.0
  • They will be in the Telegram channel called: ”NEAR WOMEN“ (ONLY FOR WOMEN). Official Community of WOMEN of NEAR creates to learn about the NEAR protocol to generate Global Impact


  • Including men and people of all genders who want to empower and want to help and contribute so that WOMEN HAVE EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES IN THE TECHNOLOGICAL WORLD LEAD BY MEN because they all have mothers, girlfriends, or wives or daughters or nieces or sisters and they believe that it is not fair that they cannot aspire to be able to LEAD THE LARGEST TECHNOLOGICAL COMPANIES ON THE PLANET. We believe that there is strength in unity and not division and therefore we include MEN and people of all genders and this also include representatives of INSTITUTIONS, MEDIA, NGOs, SPONSOR COMPANIES, ASSOCIATIONS, ORGANIZATIONS, VC’s ANGEL INVESTORS who want to help us fix this social problem are welcome.
  • And also Invite my COMMUNITY of @SocialmeetClub this is the account of Twitter of Socialmeet Club The Best MERITOCRACY Club in the world according to Google, Bing, Safari, DuckDuckGo, etc. It has more than 2200 followers with Twitter VERIFIED accounts since they are celebrities, artists, musicians, politicians, investors, influential people, TED speakers, and winners of the Oscar, Emmy, Grammy, Nobel Prize, etc. and Because they are following us we are able to approach ONE to ONE by Direct Message to them but also gradually with taking care on don’t break the rules about the spam of Twitter.
  • All of them will be in the Telegram channel called: “MERITOCRACY FOR WOMEN” Telegram: Contact @MeritocracyWomen
  1. EDUCATING WOMEN ON WEB 3.0 ”Education is the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world” Nelson Mandela. Web 3.0, Tokenomics, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Metaverse are new and complex concepts for most people, so WE CAN SOLVE THIS PROBLEM BY EDUCATING WOMEN IN THOSE TECHNOLOGIES. As a result: RULERS OF TECH (MEN) will have no excuse for not giving investment or top positions to WOMEN.
    WE WILL CREATE MODULAR COURSES IN SPANISH FOR BUSINESSWOMEN WHO ARE NOT DEVELOPERS TO BECOME WEB 3.0 DEVELOPERS. THE PRESIDENT OF THE ASSOCIATION OF BLOCKCHAIN ​​​​PERU AND NEAR HISPANO WHO HAS THE EDUCATION GUILD AT NEAR. They want to help us create modular software development courses for WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS or CEOS & Founders of Startups can follow these courses after being certified in the NEAR Certified Analyst and before taking the NEAR Certified Developers L1 Certification. So will become in a complement of the current certifications of NEAR UNIVERSITY and NEAR HISPANO

There are almost no female Blockchain developers. On the other hand, in NEAR between Analyst Certification and Developer 1 Certification, there are no intermediate courses so non-developers can not become web 3.0 developers if they want to. We think that is necessary that Women entrepreneurs can learn to develop their own applications in Rust or adapt their companies or Startups to this technology so that they do not depend on developers who are only a few and they can advance by themselves independently.

We propose modular courses, that is, short courses that can be taken independently, as if it were a puzzle, but together they are the preparation and requirements of the previous knowledge for the developer certifications 1 and 2 and the future ones that NEAR UNIVERSITY creates.

Check more information here: MERITOCRACY FOR WOMEN fixing the myth of meritocracy (NEAR Protocol, …


  • 2 communities:

EVERYBODY is welcome including men and people of all genders and Institutions who want to empower and want to help and contribute so that WOMEN HAVE EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES IN THE TECHNOLOGICAL WORLD LEAD BY MEN.

B. ”NEAR WOMEN“ (ONLY FOR WOMEN) Calling all WOMEN Entrepreneur NEAR.

  • 1 Monthly Video or Podcast to promote NEAR courses aimed to NON-DEVELOPERS WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS

  • 9 Bootcamps or Courses like "NEAR CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL NO DEVELOPER (NCND)” posterior al NCA y antes del NCD, it depends on NEAR Foundations if they want to call this Certificacion or FREE courses, our goal is educated Women doesn’t matter the names or the title of the courses.


  • Expose NEAR to our 10,000+ followers - [Socialmeet Meritocracy Club (@socialmeetclub) / Twitter] Socialmeet is The best Meritocracy Club in the world according to all searches: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Safari, DuckDuckGo, etc.
  • Expose NEAR to the Blockchain Association of Peru (more than 90 official associates and with a Network of more than 500 associates)
  • Expose NEAR to the MERITOCRACY FOR WOMEN Community (the majority are WOMEN CEOs & Founders or very successful professionals in their fields of knowledge and each one in turn has their own communities and who are going to study and learn from WEB3 to adapt their own projects or create new ones as they discover all the possibilities that technology offers them, focusing mainly on WOMEN (DApps).


  • 10-30 participants for Bootcamp (They need more personalized attention because they are not developers, we follow the best practices in education)
  • NEAR Certified Analysts : 8 (Pre-requisite Mandatory for taking the course NON-Developer)
  • Between 160 and 480 people certified


  • Blockchain Association of Peru
  • Socialmeet The Best Meritocracy Club in The World
  • Fab Lab Peru
  • Fab Woman,
  • The Center for Innovation and Accelerator of one of the best universities in Peru CIDE-PUCP
  • The Association of Creative and Cultural Industries of Peru: “AsiCrea Peru”
  • The NGO Tierra and being (TIERRA Y SER) that it has helped more than 7 million Peruvians
  • MyCred: Top5 in WordPress gamification Plugins
  • Among other personalities which in turn have their own communities.


  • TELEGRAM communities have already been created in January and are ongoing
  • Juan Jose Miranda /in/jjmiranda/ and Marilyn Alvarado /in/marilynavarado/ are the project leaders to teach the FIRST Bootcamp “NEAR CERTIFIED or FREE COURSE PROFESSIONAL NON-DEVELOPER (NCND)”.
    1. We will send a team of Devs selected by the Blockchain Association of Peru and by us to take all the certifications that NEAR requires, including the Residence to be an Instructor, we identify at least 1, in parallel the Syllabus will be developed. The Bootcamp FOCUSED mainly on NON-DEVELOPING WOMEN.
    2. Once we have the instructor or instructors, we will make a promotional video of the course and invite our community
    3. Within the curriculum we will create at least 1 basic PRACTICAL course from ZERO (which is the next to the Certified Analyst) that includes the development of blogs in WordPress by the students and that they learn how to bring the Tokens made in NEAR Protocol, which are in their NEAR wallets to their website using the MERITOCRACY Plugin, which is a tool that has received the Grant from the NEAR Foundation (In such a way that students will have an immediate short-term solution to adapt their websites in WORDPRESS to kind of DAPPS and also have a medium and long-term solution follow all NEAR certifications and develop your own projects. So we cover all the way of solutions for people who are NOT Developers mainly WOMEN short and faster way and also long term.


  1. Since the BUDGET is approved, it will be 4 months to have the First Bootcamp “NEAR CERTIFIED or FREE COURSE PROFESSIONAL NO DEVELOPER (NCND)” ready.
  2. We can start since the 1 first month with the 8 NCA and then 8 (NCND)
  3. The whole project during 8 months
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