Education Team Weekly Update 13th Sep-18th Sep

Brief Summary

As we inch closer to the end of the quarter, we are excited that we were able to build a highly experienced team that has complementary skills.

As a result, we are agile and can capitalize on various growth opportunities in the coming quarter.

This week was about us getting back to our planned activities as the hackathon winds down. We decided to give one last sprint before the quarter-end to deliver beyond the goals we set for ourselves.

The overall focus was on

  • Launching new features
  • Starting conceptualization of new Edu properties and programs
  • Building a strategic plan for Q4 and close on the OKRs
  • Closing strategic partnerships for Q4
  • Closing on hackathon participants commitments

Here are some quotes from the team

“Working with prototypes and basic interface logic again and recall why I love it.”

“I can deploy a Sputnik DAO v2 contract or factory fast, which felt so hard before.”


Team (EDU internal and extended EiR, DiR and RiR community)

  • Caught up with DiR teams and projects out of NEAR Hispano, including Tanda App and Sputnik CLI
  • Recruited a few new faces to the education effort

Funnel (inbound leads for student and teacher training programs)

  • Closed strategic partnerships by deploying grants worth USD $250k with a potential top-of-funnel impact of 200k net new learners by the end of Q4
  • Built concept note for partner engagement and milestone tracking

Software (tools and systems to support the EDU effort)

  • Created about a dozen prototypes for
  • Launched leaderboards (rich list) on and implemented a meta-indexer database (i.e., it indexes the indexer)

Content (artifacts to enrich the overall learning experience)

  • Translated DragoNEAR to AssemblyScript for use as a learning target

Challenges & Blockers

The team has been spread thin lately with planned absence and illness.

Action Items


  • NEAR Ambassadors planning


  • Develop partner onboarding kit
  • Closeout 4-5 more partnerships and generate new leads
  • Reach out to NCD applicants with the next steps


  • Setup NEAR login & develop on-chain badge tracking on
  • Develop the bounty template for NiMDAO
  • Work on NEAR University strategic plan and prototype at least 80% of the platform


  • Design and develop more video courses
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