Education Team Weekly Update 20th Sep-24th Sep

Brief Summary

  • Strategic plan for 2022 developed with 10x growth in budget and 100x growth in impact
  • We closed partnerships that will effectively get us 250K+ top of the funnel learners and 200+ universities by end of Q4
  • Signed deal for a documentary with a potential viewership of 2M-10M
  • Started work on building new programs as per the strategic plan like NCI, Ambassador program etc.
  • Started working on upgrading existing Edu properties like NEAR Academy, NiM and sputnikdao.v2 integration etc. as per the strategic plan

Here are some quotes from the team

“This week I had a chance to compare my situation on the first month with the current version of me. I felt good because I realized I am learning.”

“Free certification is perceived as having no value in few universities of North America"



  • Interviewed a number of candidates to expand the team’s marketing efforts across US education markets
  • Signed a contract with a recruitment outreach agency for Sr. dev hiring
  • Built the strategic plan and budget for NEAR EDU for the next 12 months


  • Met with local blockchain club to discuss NEAR Ambassadors pilot program
  • More partnerships were developed and grants issued in the last 2 weeks than in the last 2 years.
  • Met Dean at Florida State University responsible for approving all curriculum at all state secondary education schools in the state. Discussed piloting a NEAR blockchain Bootcamp on campus, partnering with the School of Entrepreneurship.
  • Connected with two largest blockchains meet up groups in Tampa
  • Started grant for proof of presence Dapp, POPSKL


  • NEAR Sighted workflow is way clearer than earlier
  • New feature on transaction history visualizer
  • Created about 20+ prototype screens and relationships for NEAR university
  • Connected bounty earning with the frontend of NiM
  • The NimDAO wireframe is ready


  • Design of NEAR Ambassadors program kicked off
  • Proofread a Rust+NEAR “Getting Started”-esque guide
  • Started with concept notes for new courses like NCI and 1-day NCD as well as intro workshops for DeFi, NFT, FT and DAO
  • Sketched 5/50 possible campaign ideas for top of the funnel audiences in North America

Challenges & Blockers

  • Personal commitments
  • Team growth
  • Competing priorities
  • Lot of meetings

Action items


  • Seek revised budget approval before Oct 1
  • Launch recruiting process to find teachers and developer
  • Onboard 2 design candidates and design a campaign
  • Prepare the 3-month plan and budget based on the approved strategic plan


  • Design and deliver NCI experience to partners
  • Close on remaining few partnerships for Q4
  • Start partner onboarding process


  • NEAR Login on and NEAR Academy
  • Kick-off NEAR Academy upgradation
  • Creating a DAO account for NiM and ship NiMDaO


  • NEAR Ambassador program planning and collaterals
  • Complete biz value slide deck for North America University outreach
  • Recording a video series for documentation
  • Complete partner onboarding Kit

Great update, Shashi!

Awesome work!

Has this been fleshed out yet? I’d love to read more.


Agree, awesome update!

+1,000,000 - I love Ambassador programmes! Would love to know more about it and happy to help out with it, too :tada:

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Ooo @norah.near something to take note of for the City Node program!

Thanks, Shreyas! I Will share the details soon, we have just started working on it.

Thanks David! We will share more details soon. I will reach out to you separately soon.

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Great stuff, can’t wait! :boom: