React xNFT is a framework for building “executable NFTs” that can be rendered in react.


xNFT is already chain agnostic and has been of interest to multiple stakeholders on NEAR. Additionally the rise of NEAR Social Widgets shows additional interests for building an executable NFT standard. Xnft.gg already has around 30 xNFT applications already on its store, not even live yet. Considering the dApps that can be iframed can be turned into xNFTs and has a heavy push from the Solana ecosystem, it is safe to say that xNFTs will have a boom in development. A pushing of a xNFT standard would further drive adoption and liquidity from projects on other L1s like Solana & Ethereum. Adoption of such a standard will allow wallets to integrate and specialize a mobile experience, something which we argue will be pivotal to game adoption. Imagine a keypom where an exclusive xNFT came with the wallet and people downloaded your wallet to interact with the exclusive executable rather than just holding a digital asset.

Rationale and alternatives

Alternative implementations include NEAR Social’s widget implementation


Minimum Viable xNFT

In practice, this looks like the following,



Yes, I agree. xNFTs are definitely needed as infra within the ecosystem.

I wonder if @vlad and near.page have anything to contribute here… :eyes:


there will need wallets that integrate this xNFT standard if implemented, recommend already cross chain wallets building on NEAR like Strike lead this initiative

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Honestly more bullish on near.social then backpack, i think they are waiting for really launch on Solana before porting on to other chains. I would love to see the community engage them on this and what Armani and Tristan think from Coral