Should NEAR deploy a Rust implementation of Lens Protocol?

Lens protocol ( looks well designed and compact: just 3x NFTs (representing Profile, Follow and Collect) and a clear boundary with extension points for custom configuring behaviour for Follow, Collect and Reference (Lens version of share).

By providing a Rust implementation NEAR would be contributing to the supply of such social graph NFTs which is good for bootstrapping web3 at large. The compatibility is at the level of NFT data and workflows (obviously not ABI’s or token standards). There is nothing preventing introducing new NEAR specific elements on top of the core Lens protocol. Does not seem like it should be a huge dev effort either. (Deploying the Lens contracts on Aurora would be much easier but not really serve the same purpose as users would still be living in an ETH wallet world.)

If there’s any traction then stitching together cross-chain NFTs into a complete graph can happen at the application (and indexer) level. The next generations of block explorers would probably help here. NEAR might have a medium-term advantage too with its ideological alignment with Ethereum and of course Aurora.

Any thoughts on this? Are there any technical showstoppers?

Or is there something like this already being developed on NEAR? I mean providing core social protocol foundations rather than web3 Super Apps (that promise social, messaging, multiverse…!)

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Hi there!

Thanks for bringing new ideas to the table. From what I quickly glanced over, the Lens Protocol is only on Polygon Testnet and so it really hasn’t being tested ‘in the wild’ with real users. – please correct me if I’m wrong.

Perhaps this is something you would like to develop yourself as a POC on NEAR?

I’m leaving a poll in here so other users can provide feedback.

Do you know the LENS protocol and does it provide a good value-proposition?

  • Yes
  • No

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Yes, you’re right, it is still only on Polygon Testnet. But hey, that means we’re still early :slight_smile:

The Lens primitives are small and not over-prescriptive. Providing the same (behavioural) primitives on NEAR might lead to something, or maybe not. At worst the project might turn out just to be a valiant effort but there should be lots of learnings.

Just bumping as now that Elon has Twitter the mainstream world is obsessing about social media moderation, censorship,… Also saw SBF recently had a short Twitter thread sketching an approach for the content side of things (including mentioning his favourite L1!) which is orthogonal to social graph above.

Does anyone know of any NEAR roadmap items (e.g. new primitives) or partners that are targeting these types apps?

Lens launched on Polygon mainnet, there’s a couple client apps too e.g. The less frothy market might be helpful for them as they grow the user base.

Re-upping to refresh “Does anyone know of any NEAR roadmap items (e.g. new primitives) or partners that are targeting these types apps?

Bear markets always seem to encourage these bottoms-up type projects.

Hey! There are a number of social-media focused dApps being built on and around NEAR:

Myriad Social

Blogchain (think Medium, but on-chain)

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Hey, you can find many social dApps on NEAR in the list > Social Category - AwesomeNEAR


Just giving this a thread “bump”. I can’t find anything other than social super-apps. Still want to see NEAR do more to offer primitives on top of which social dApps can be built.

NEAR as an ecosystem should be cultivating the equivalent of Lens, Lit Protocol, Ceramic,…

The lens protocol is a pretty sweet example of what NFTs can be, I tried using the concept for a small open game concept but it did not take off (It expanded the base primitives to be more prescriptive with a focus on actors and storytelling.)

If you are still wondering. There are no technical roadblocks preventing you from porting it over as is. I would argue that the usable on-chain metadata makes it even more powerful and flexible.

Thanks for that confirmation re porting. I’ve experimented a little with Lens too - more about messaging rather than NFTs though. Think these open data social networks will become a new type of public good.

I would love to see someone like a Niche Protocol or Blogchain or some DID platform implement this in a permissionless way. If you can submit this as a bounty on NEAR Hacks | Bounty

Interested in what the near inbox team is doing for messaging

NEAR Inbox focused approach is great but wish it was open source and free (think it’s way too early to be charging for this). Wonder why their Twitter account was suspended?!