[DISCUSSION] Push A Bridgeable NFT Chain Agnostic Standard

Hello everybody, after talking to some key bridge builders it has come to our attention that NEAR NFT implementation is complex or not intuitively compatible with other NFT standards outlined in protocols like Ethereum compatible ecosystems.


  • Create a Bridge-able NFT standard to be pushed as NEP, ERC, ARC, and other relevant chain standards
  • Start the discussions for NFT & bridge builders across the Web3 ecosystem for such cross chains standards
  • Put into context the formation of new NFT standards in the lens of cross-chain interoperability

Here are some key issues that need to be addressed.

  • Properly routing royalties across chain or assigning to a new wallet or eliminating royalties all together
  • Reference to origin chain, and confirmation of origin chain to bridge
  • Will the origin of NFT be locked in a contract or burned?
  • How to acquire gas for bridging to target chains?
  • What constitutes a NFT burn and how is this event emitted for the target chain to confirm a burning
  • Is the URI data copied over or is it appended with a technique like cryptographic lithography (Ex; treetrunk.io on polygon)
  • How to address keeping the price / floor price of a NFT from an origin chain?
  • Does this encompass taking payments from one chain but receiving the NFT on the original chain?
  • How can remote accounts be leveraged to remove any friction points for creating a NEAR account for “bridged” nfts?
  • Are we enabling a boolean function for whether a NFT is compatible for bridging or should all NFTs be allowed to bridge?
  • Realyers? Hash-time lock? Notary model?

Additional Questions

  • What about bridging token sets, or multitoken standards?
  • What about storage staking?

For reference other standards groups across Web3 ecosystems

If you want to engage in these discussions which encompass builders from outside the NEAR ecosystem join this chat nearhacks.com/ tg-bridge (take out the space)

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