Democrazy for Venezuela!

Project title: Democrazy for Venezuela!
One-liner: 100% reliable trustworthy and inexpensive voting system
Challenge area: “Propose your own challenge”, “Creatives”, “Protocol Governance”

Project members

  • Anonimo (anonimo.near)

Project summary

A positive impact of the NEAR protocol at the service of the community!

Technological developments transcend when they generate a positive impact on the community, and now we have the opportunity to place the NEAR protocol at the service of communities as a tool for freedom.

It is not a secret that even in the 21st century, atrocities and humiliations of human rights are experienced in many parts of the world, and it is more frequent in dictatorial countries. Venezuela is one of the cases where the dictatorship has generated a diaspora of Venezuelans and has kidnapped the country to take advantage of its resources while keeping the inhabitants in misery and misery.

One of the most important points dealt with by the international community seeking to mediate between the de facto government and the elected government, if there are two governments, the one with power and the national assembly that was democratically elected and is not recognized by the de facto government. who exercises dictatorial control with weapons. To mediate, the international community has asked the de facto government to hold free and transparent elections, but this is not what has happened. They have been fraudulent elections, traps and more traps, we are talking about a government that has connections with the FARC and other terrorist groups, a government that is destroying the Amazon to extract gold and line its pockets, and which has generated a problem of international magnitude.

Beyond the political stance, the economic consequences for neighboring countries and the region have been important, having to receive millions of people who fled the dictatorship, and that is an indisputable fact.

Now, a solution that can resolve the conflict, or at least make the position of the majority of Venezuelans clear to the international community, is to place blockchain technology at the service of the Venezuelan population so that they can carry out a free and transparent vote.

If we get funds, we will begin with registering Venezuelans abroad in the NEAR community, to request recognition from the Venezuelan national assembly, the last democratically elected body, and we will continue to grow the community until it gives it meaning and value by using the technological platform as an electoral system that does not need third parties to validate, thus being free and direct…

We propose the implementation of a DAO as a democratic alternative for political opposition to autocratic or despotic governments, in this way technology is placed at the service of society, providing solutions to problems that affect communities today, and in this case being An important need, that of a free and transparent electoral system for Hispanic countries like Venezuela, is our responsibility, having the capacity to improve the lives of many people, placing the technology that we have at their service.

If we are successful, attracting users to NEAR who register to participate in voting, through a registration process that we will develop as we progress in the project, we will be able to show the world the capabilities of the NEAR protocol and positively impact on other communities or entire countries that find the benefits of a reliable, modern, autonomous and decentralized electoral system.


Hi, I come from a different corner of Discourse but just a thought while reading this.

This is the interesting part, a problem Italy had with voting was not that the votes changed or disappeared but more than people’s vote was bought.
It would great to investigate reducing that to the minimum by using NEAR and external tech maybe.

Thanks for submitting this.

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@yassine Thanks for your reply, I hope more Venezuelans get into this…

Yes, I have heard of that… mostly Sicily but Italy in general as well…

Few years ago I tested this voting with a easy to create DAO with the web app:

Hope more like you get into this and we can discuss about how to improve democracy in the world.

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Hey @anonimo , thanks for the interesting proposal! One request: for your payout proposal, could you change the payout target from elcdrto.near to the address of a Sputnik DAO? That’s one of the requirements for getting the reward.

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Thanks @thelastjosh

Done, I did submit the proposal again with 10 NEAR payroll.

Hi @anonimo , the new proposal you submitted has the same problems. If you want to benefit from the Metagov starter week (see Open Web Governance Challenge | Build better communities) you need to (1) set the payout proposal to 30 NEAR and (2) change the payout target from your own wallet to a Sputnik DAO. You can register a new Sputnik DAO at

The Gov Challenge rewards are separate from the Createbase rewards listed at

Thanks again for your help @thelastjosh

Hope another people join to this project, this really could help a lot of people.

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