[Proposal] ¡Blockchain Democracy! A 100% inclusive system

Project title: ¡Blockchain Democracy! A 100% inclusive system
One-liner: 100% inclusive and autonomous blockchain-based voting system
Challenge area: “Propose your own challenge”, “Creatives”

Project members

  • Nicolas Sifuentes ( elcdrtco.near)
  • Fritz Wagner (fritzmwagner.near)
  • Jose Ortuño (jloc.near)

Project summary

In general, the most common social criticism of democracy today, between other things, is the lack of power in minorities, important decisions made by not qualified people that occupy positions of responsibility besides the lack of education and sincerity in the electoral processes, in consequence, we uphold an electoral system that is controlled and submitted by the “corresponding” authorities, who take advantage of their power for their good, leading to shady electoral processes and ending with non-efficient leaders who at the end are responsible for poverty and hunger in developing countries.

In this sense, blockchain technology offers us the basis to make real changes in the electoral method without detracting from the democratic process but raising the level of sincerity and clearness of the electoral process. This proposal offers decentralized elections and decision-making for a group of people who are the voters in a 100% democratic process.

We present a pyramid of participation with a rank of merit, which allows voters to signify their vote based on their knowledge, academic rank, work experiences, the housing sector, among many other inclusive characteristics that helps to choose from a more pragmatic way the people who will occupy positions of responsibility, and even someday there will be no needed for government positions to exist. For example, A teacher with 25 years of proven experience, who accumulates university academic rank and who is a professor, will have a higher weighting in a system of points from 1 to 10, to grant his vote according to the ministry of education, called a plebiscite for educational reforms, elections for officials in the senior management of national education and others that may be inherent to the educational field. This teacher will count with 8-10 points for voting on education matters, but just 2-3 points for sanitation or transport infrastructure decisions. If said teacher counts with 8 or 10 points for voting in education matters, maybe he will count with only 2 or 3 for voting in other matters such as public health or transportation.

This point system does not mean that the rest of the people will not participate in subjects they are not familiar with, it allows everyone to participate with a request for the community or just voting on any topic even if they are not familiar with it, it simply gives greater weight to everyone through merit. Thus solving two problems of democracy at the same time, little participation of minorities since everyone will participate in an environment known to their life journey and education as an electoral motivator since the entire population will seek to educate themselves or participate to have more electoral points.

Following this chain of thoughts and supporting on the NEAR platform versatility for decentralized projects development, we will complement this proposal with a total democratic electoral system with the implementation of practical solutions that promote the continuous development of the NEAR technology, as well as the growing of a participative community in technology and social evolution matters.

First, the creation of a local NODE that allows us to amplify our action range with a group of “Delegators” or even “Validators” that participate actively in the Hispanic community, later the creation of a dApp to ease the use of this electoral system.

Then having our completely inclusive and democratic electoral system, as well as a well-established, decide which is the future of the technology, considering that the pyramidal system will allow us to steer the future of NEAR according to what the most qualified ones decide in their field of matter, being technology, marketing, social, etc.

We propose the implementation of a DAO that will promote, at first, the selection of the best path for the NEAR technology in all its aspects, but that also thanks to the NEAR technology scalability a wide range of possibilities is open to implementing our solution in big scale, impacting positively other communities or even countries that can benefit from a reliable, modern, autonomous and decentralized system.

Hi folks, thanks for the proposal! One quick thing: to get the payout, could you submit a new payout proposal to the Metagov DAO, one that targets a Sputnik DAO that you’ve created for your project, as opposed to a personal wallet?

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Thanks! Didn’t know about that.

Going! :v: