[CLOSED] NEAR NDC Elections X Political experience [Metademocracia]

Hello dear fellows of NEAR

I am Daniel Ceballos

→ es. wikipedia . org/wiki/Daniel_Ceballos_(político)

Daniel Ceballos, initially a prominent figure in the 2007 student movement, has a history that encompasses roles as a former deputy and mayor of San Cristóbal municipality in Táchira. He was suspended and removed from office by the TSJ due to insubordination, following an order from the Public Ministry during the 2014 protests in Venezuela. He has been associated with responsibilities related to the 2014 protests (“La Salida”). He was arbitrarily detained on March 19, 2014, at 6:30 p.m., as per the verdict of the United Nations Human Rights Detention Commission. While imprisoned at the Helicoide, on December 13, 2017, he was awarded the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought by the European Parliament. He is considered one of the so-called “political prisoners,” having been deprived of liberty between March 2014 and June 2018. Notably, he led the uprising at the Helicoide (SEBIN headquarters) on May 16, 2018.

I am very enthusiastic about the NDC because will teach and prove that META DEMOCRACY is possible. That people can really impact and participate in their communities decisions, and that NEAR is the platform that allows it. So, I am kick starting the development of “Metademocracia”

NDC will help my political party to understand by experience the technological process, and the project is going to grow strong thanks of it, allowing us to onboard millions of users!

Let’s go with this proposal


Many OGs asked me to join this amazing path of NEAR, so I decided to share my part and propose a comprehensive awareness campaign aimed at promoting the NEAR Digital Collective (NDC) elections.

As experienced entrepreneurs and deep understanding of political dynamics, we recognize the importance of fostering a vibrant and participatory community within the NEAR ecosystem. Our proposal seeks funding from the Marketing DAO to conduct a three-week campaign with the goal of increasing voter turnout, engagement, and awareness of the NDC elections.

We believe that this awareness campaign holds the potential to significantly enhance community participation in the NDC elections. Our background in entrepreneurship and politics uniquely positions us to attract and onboard NEARians, fostering an informed and engaged electorate. We respectfully request the Marketing DAO’s support in funding this campaign, which aligns with the ethos of decentralization and community empowerment within the NEAR ecosystem.


The primary objective of this campaign is to maximize participation in the upcoming NDC elections. By leveraging our political experience and network, we aim to onboard a substantial number of NEARians, facilitating their engagement and understanding of the election process.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

  • Number of registered voters: 100+
  • Number of active community contributors (OGs): 10+
  • Number of upvotes on campaign-related content: 50+
  • Number of comments on campaign-related content: 50+
  • Voter turnout: 50+
  • Number of media content produced: 6 AMAs, 2 Videos, 2 infographics, 3 Articles, 1 contest, 1 Twitter thread.

Campaign Details:

  1. Educational Workshops and AMAs:
  • Hold 1 workshop explaining the significance of NDC elections and how to vote.
  • Conduct 3 AMAs with nominated candidates to introduce their skills and platforms to the community.
  • One workshop/AMA every week leading up to election day.
  1. Informative Articles:
  • Publish 1 article detailing the NDC and V1 elections, self-nomination criteria, and the responsibilities of elected members.
  • Provide a step-by-step guide on obtaining the SBT Token on I AM HUMAN for voting eligibility.
  • Creation of an article titled “Meta Democracy” → Elections are NEAR
  1. Organizing meetups with Political experienced teams
  • Let’s kick start the onboard of people who will later onboard many NEAR users as voters.
  1. Social Media Outreach:
  • Post daily updates about the upcoming election on NEAR’s social media platforms with accompanying infographics.
  • Create a Twitter thread explaining Meta-democracy is possible now, I-AM-HUMAN SBT, NDC elections, candidate introductions.
  • Share retweets and translated posts from the NDC account to broaden reach.
  1. Engagement Contest:
  • Initiate a contest urging participants to follow candidates, like their content, and leave meaningful comments.
  • Run a “Best Question on AMA” contest to encourage interaction with the candidates.

Budget Allocation:

  • AMAs, Workshops: $500
  • Social Media: $500
  • Articles Creation: $500
  • Design and Infographics: $500
  • Political Experts meetups: $500

Total Campaign Budget: $2500


Target Wallet: near-venezuela.sputnik-dao.near

Timeline: The campaign will be executed over a three-week period, with activities distributed strategically to maintain engagement and excitement leading up to the NDC elections.


Total support from my part!

Being NEAR Protocol the platform to allow real democracy in the world is a Master achievement.

Let’s do it !


Daniel all the support from here,

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full support for this initiative

Genial una nueva perspectiva democrática​:venezuela:

Excelente iniciativa! Venezuela necesita opciones

Excelente iniciativa​:innocent: a seguir sumando!!!


Count with my support :raised_hand: bring back the democracy to Venezuela, this is a great idea, everything has to update to the new world/technologies, and the policy too

La innovación democrática es fuente de progreso. ¡Excelente!

full support for this initiative! :clap::clap::clap:

Thank you for your proposal

What’s your ecosystem experience, i saw that you joined recently

What does it mean "political experts meet-up "

What’s your previous report "Nesr Venezuela "

Attach your social links too


Hello, Bakaka, Ceballos joined to test RC-DAO voting, voted for me cuz I onboarded him.

I told him about the possibility to build a voting system for all Venezuelans.

His plan is to build a voting platform on NEAR for real life use.

Reports from Near Venezuela? We have always had report and deliver but since funding was cut for Guilds everything start dying, community spend time building for Aurora. Hope we can restart activities???

Ceballo’s social links

Twitter 291,000 followers and Instagram 56,700 followers



He can’t share links nor pics, so I am helping here with the answer, as you see I am his backup joining NEAR. Hope we can have real personalities with Merit as him, who is a politician with track record.


Excelente vamos a mejorar a venezuela

I find this interesting, my questions are

  • is this tool going to be built on the BOS?
  • Is this going to also help the Ecosystem? Or just real life? How can a community interact with the voting system he’s planning to build.

Cause i would be glad we have a nice voting tool on BOS and would be more glad if there’s a category that would require voting with tokens too.
Happy to see the outcome.

Btw the proposal looks great and promising, and aligns with the NDC Trust KPIs, Glad to see huge support from the community to support the NDC Elections


Is BOS ready? We are experimenting. We are looking to onboard people into NEAR Ecosystem through BOS user experience that is new ?

Of course, onboarding users helps the ecosystem, users use the ecosystem and that gives traction, volume, etc. Can’t understand the question, can you explain it further like why you believe this is not helping the ecosystem or where do you see it is not helpful?

Solving real life problems is the goal of everything, Blockchain can do it, not just financial also democracy.

The community interact with the voting system by an specific onboarding check in, like the I am human but specific for 40.000.000 people from Venezuela. And the interaction is just the same as here in the forum and voting in astroDAO but an integration of both.

Big hug partner


Lol I never said it wasn’t helpful I only asked how would this help me, so I can exploit this nice idea :bulb: by @DanielCeballos i like the idea and would love to be part of it so I’m asking how can I exploit this cause I needed something related to this on BOS and I’ve seen an opportunity to engage on.
So the idea of my comment was to support and encourage the proposal not otherwise so sorry if there was a misconception somewhere.

Cause I’ve been wishing for a voting poll on BOS that also have token voting too.
That’s why I asked if his initiate can also have a voting poll since it’s concerning election I would be glad to be a top user of such applications cause I’m planning to Educate people on how to vote using tokens on BOS


Sorry my confusion in that case hahahaha =) It happens.

Big hug partner


Hi @DanielCeballos – I am following up on this proposal, which was postponed for review this month after not reaching a consensus during the previous review period. Last month, we asked to postpone this due to:

  • Timing of funding request (8/15 – close of submission period)
  • Questions around your involvement in the ecosystem
  • Continued questions around the KPIs and their alignment with the MDAO focus for the month
  • Budgetary constraints - we cannot fund all proposals from the community and at times have to delay final decisions based on a number of factors related to budgetary approval.

In considering this proposal again after postponement, I cannot support it at this time due to the following key reasons:

  • The KPIs here are not aligned with the MDAO September KPIs. Please review as these will likely be similar for Q4 months. We are not allocating funding for the NDC election during this review period as the election will be over by the time funds are likely to reach recipients.

I’d recommend reviewing the current KPIs and resubmitting in Q4.