Dapp development in Nim

Hi, I’m a developer from China, who’ve developed in Nim for 5 + years and been well connected with core Nim team(Discord) especially the author or Nim——Andreas Rumpf. Chinese community of Nim was founded in 2019, one of my members recommended NEAR almost 1 year ago, we didn’t discuss too much because I wasn’t in the industry back then but left me an impression that NEAR is simple and effective which is exactly the same with Nim. He wants to combine NEAR and Nim together, he said they were a match made in heaven :slight_smile: . We discussed this these days again, and I’ve been in blockchain&cryptos industry for about half of year, after using NEAR and have my own experience I felt his feeling.
Nim is a full-stack programming language which compiles to c/c++/js , and equipped with the great power of meta programming, it’s ideal for contract SDK and Dapp development, there is a GUI library can run on any screen which implements the same goal with Flutter, it was shipped by only two developer(GitHub - marcomq/nimview: A Nim/Webview based helper to create Desktop/Server applications with Nim/C/C++ and HTML/CSS) as well as a FFmpeg wrapper which can handle audio and video process, etc. Looking forward to your reply. @illia


Near and Nim lang have similar philosophies and I think it’s absolutely great to have them together. It will be exciting! :heart_eyes:

The main requirement to develop smart contract in Nim would be to have wasm as one of the compilation targets of Nim. Notice that WASM is what NEAR Virtual Machines supports natively.

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