[Education Content] Developer in Residence (DiR) support for NEAR projects

Developer in Residence (DiR)support for NEAR projects


Create educational contents focused on launching DApps and smart contracts on the NEAR mainnet, documenting the process through a developers perspective.

Project summary

The goal is to give support to projects from the NEAR community that require help from a developer with good understanding of Rust and Assembly script in order to help the creators and builders to launch their DApps or solutions on NEAR mainnet.

During the process the DiR will be documenting everything she/he is building and share the best practices or lessons learned in order for community members from the NEAR ecosystem to benefit from that knowledge.

All the content created will help the NEAR Education DAO to have the most recent information around developing on top of the NEAR Protocol.

A Developer in Residence, main tasks are:

  1. Instill the NEAR culture in the group of builders, creators and students that she/he interacts with.

  2. Support the lead developer or creators of a project to go from testnet into mainnet.

  3. Support builders, students and creators with educational content that answer their concerns regarding the playbook needed to launch on mainnet.

  4. Continue building on the foundation the DIR gained for each cohort participating in the NCD programs, showcasing his work through community posts, webinars or AMA’s.

Pilot - DiR for Meta Pool

Series: Hands on experience for NEAR Certified Developers on testnet and mainnet for Meta Pool

Project members:


Project Summary
Working and collaborating with the Narwallets team as part of their development team to launch the Meta Pool project.

Improvement of CLI tools for list and updating NEAR validators of Meta Pool, picking best performance validators for Meta Pool and updating Meta Pool validators list.

Testing of Sputnik DAO v2 functionalities for doing proposals to Meta Pool through council approval. Test for running UI of Sputnik DAO v2 and detecting possible upgrades to fit better with Meta Pool operation through DAO.

Handle support requests for bugs reported to the Narwallets team and help users troubleshoot on the issues they raise.

Document the learning experience of maintaining and controlling smart contracts methods from Sputnik DAO v2 in testnet, using RUST, with blog posts in English and video tutorials in Spanish.


  • Create a weekly blog post in English, about the experience developing in RUST in the NEAR Guilds blog.
  • Post a daily video to the NEAR Hispano community in Spanish (with subtitles in English) documenting the process of developing a smart contract on Rust.

Content themes:

  • How to beta test before deploying in mainnet
  • Calculate gas cost and gas price for deploying smart contracts in NEAR
  • Define methods in a smart contract for self upgrades
  • Why use mainnet vs testnet
  • Deploying smart contract in mainnet
  • Deploying, configuring and using Sputnik DAO v2.
  • Using CLI for calling smart contract methods.
  • Using near-api for calling smart contract methods.
  • Deploy an UI for interact with smart contract methods.

Thanks for posting this @claudioac, NEAR Hispano continues to innovate and stretch our imagination of what’s possible.

Strong team here, I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes.


Awesome post! It shows the energy you are investing in the program! Thanks @claudioac