Cypherpunk Guild Monthly Report 2021-04

Month: April 2021

Guild Name: Cypherpunk Guild

Monthly Highlights


  • Paperwork to create a Swiss association ready for lawyers’ review.

Publicity and solicitation

  • First CPG Community Call held 9 April, with 20 participants.
  • Sponsoring the Porcupine Freedom Festival, probably the world’s largest venue for cryptocurrency usage as normal money.

Assessment and selection

  • Met with Nym to discuss collaboration possibilities.


  • Awarded $55k in grants to:

    1. Suterusu Suter Shield, a native smart contract that will provide access to Suterusu’s private-transaction protocol, based on ZK-ConSNARK technology
    2. AssuredArt, an online store for NFT-based digital art
    3. Zero Aggression Smart Contract, which will encourage users to commit to honest behavior or suffer a financial penalty
  • Decided to invest $100k in the $1.5M seed round of ZKSneak, ZKP-based software for anonymous and private transactions.

Monitoring and support

  • ZeroPool: continued providing support. Test launch planned for late May.

Social Media Management and Analytics:

  • The Twitter account (@CypherpunkGuild) has 202 followers.
  • The Matrix room ( has 52 members.
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