Cypherpunk Guild Monthly Report 2021-05

Cypherpunk Guild Monthly Report 2021-05

Month: May 2021

Guild Name: Cypherpunk Guild

Monthly Highlights


  • Legal entity created as Swiss association.
  • Funding received from NEAR.
  • Branding nearly complete.

Publicity and solicitation

  • Second CPG Community Call planned for 4 June.
  • Announced funding priorities.
  • Expressed interest in funding private voting on Sputnik DAO v2. This will require ZKP infrastructure.


  • Nym grant signed and accepted by OWC. The ZKP study will start in mid June.
  • Agreed with Suterusu to deploy Suter Shield first on EVM, which will be provide necessary functionality in late June.
  • Invested $100k in the $1.5M seed round of Zecrey, ZKP-based software for anonymous and private transactions.

Monitoring and support

  • ZeroPool: continued providing support.

Blog Posts

Social Media Management and Analytics

  • Twitter account (@CypherpunkGuild) has 274 followers (up 35%).
  • Matrix room ( has 57 members (up 5%).


Hii @SteveCobb ~
Outstanding report! Curious, do you guys plan to grow your Twitter following or is it more of a hub for all your updates? (cute article commentaries btw!) Would love to help! :handshake:

Oh and a quick FYI that the Community Squad is currently going through the rewards calculations this week, we’ll schedule a call with you soon :calendar: Apologies for the delay!

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Thanks, JC! Pending release of our website (design done, now about to commence development), Twitter is our main interface with the world. But even after the website launches we will continue using Twitter (and Mastodon!) to tweet news items big and small, including cypherpunk-related world news that would not fit on the website. We certainly are interested in growing the following!