Cypherpunk Guild accepting grant applications

Spread the word—the Cypherpunk Guild is now open for business and accepting grant applications! We’re looking to fund privacy-enhancing projects that advance the NEAR mission. If you start a new topic here, you will be presented with a grant application form. Alternatively, you can use this Google-form application, and we will repost it to the forum. Once your application is posted, the community can discuss it, and you can update it freely. If you feel uncomfortable with this public process, you may submit the application to us directly. You can also find us in our Matrix room:

Note: To post here you will have to achieve Trust Level 1, which requires spending a few minutes in the forum reading existing posts.


Cypherpunk Guild Funding Priorities

The CPG is keen to support any project that expands the NEAR ecosystem and advances the mission of empowering people with control over their money, data, and governance. In practice, some areas loom larger on our radar, namely:

  1. Private transactions (including every aspect of DeFi with more privacy)
  2. DAO/governance technology (including private voting)
  3. Messaging and social networks

We actively encourage you propose projects in these areas. But we are also open to creative ideas in other areas, like identity and data sharing–surprise us with something new!


@SteveCobb Can educational/information projects apply for a grant?