Cypherpunk Guild Monthly Report [November, 2022]

Month : November

Guild Name : Cypherpunk Guild

Monthly Highlights

  • The CPG is thrilled to announce that two of our funded projects, Incognito and Unicrow are close to their mainnet launch which will be taking place in the coming weeks.

  • Due to the adverse market conditions the CPG Guild has decided to put pause the grant program and focus on incubating projects, advocacy, and growing its brand.

Publicity and solicitation

  • The CPG keeps hosting two monthly twitter spaces to highlight the work of privacy enhancing projects emerging on the NEAR ecosystem.

  • We keep being involved with the Privacy on NEAR group where we are discussing avenues of cooperation across marketing and community engagement.

Monitoring and support

  • The CPG has been engaged with Incognito and Unicrow to develop a marketing campaign for their imminent launch.

Social Media Management and Analytics:

  • The Twitter account ( @CypherpunkGuild ) has reached 1260 followers
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In your reports, the number of subscribers increases, then decreases, then increases again. Is this a typo or do you think no one will look at your reports? Could you provide a report on the money received from the fund? What have you done this year? What metrics does Incognito and Unicrow have? What metric do you have? Where did you put the tokens you received ? I am interested in transparency on this transaction: NEAR Explorer | Transaction
Thx :blush:

At the time of writing our Twitter followers count is 1258. Two followers less than indicated in the report. Twitter followers organically tend to change for a variety of reasons, one of them being the fact that twitter is full of bots. We receive at least 4 spam messages per day, so my assumption is that this correlates to the change of followers, however, the numbers are not affected in a major way, normally is around 2 to 5.

For what concerns the amount we have received it is 100k in NEAR tokens in April 2021 and here is a breakdown of they have been used up to April 2022: The First Year Of The Cypherpunk Guild | by Cypherpunk Guild | Medium. This report does not include the fund we granted to Incognito in May 2022: The Cypherpunk Guild Funds Incognito | by Cypherpunk Guild | Medium. It also doesn’t include the investment in Unicrow. And although we had agreed to fund Suterusu, it didn’t end up happening.

For what concerns metrics, the only project that has already reached mainnet is Incognito, which happened a couple of weeks ago. Zecrey and Unicrow are close to mainnet but haven’t been deployed yet. As indicated in the report, Unicrow is going to launch sometime in December. NYM is currently stalling. This breakdown of course does not include other activities we have been involved in, for that we encourage you to take a look at our Twitter page and Medium.

Considering that most of our investments/grants were deployed during the bull market we were able to preserve most of the initial grant. However, because of the current market conditions, if we were to fund any other project we would go bankrupt. So, until the market recovers we are limiting our spending for resources that would allow to keep our brand alive until the market conditions recover.

Hopes this clarifies your concerns. Also, please note that the CPG is officially registered as its own association, that means the CPG can receive funds from other entities and can deploy funds outside the perimeters of the NEAR ecosystem.

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In regards to the following reoccurring transaction: NEAR Explorer | Transaction

I encourage you to get in touch with our guild leader who is the one managing the fund. But it appears to be the fund to Incognito @frankbraun

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@pathfinder, @Aria: Correct, the transaction in question was the $40k grant to Incognito.

Can I see your reports? You haven’t posted on the forum for over a year. What are your activities and tasks at the moment?
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You found a good course Near in April. In addition to Incognito, do you have a report on the target distribution of tokens? Please share the report on the forum.
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The breakdown of the token allocation is the following:

Assets:Association 100000,00 NEAR
Income: Donation:NF

2021/05/24 ZKSneak (100,000.00 USD)
Expenses:Investments 33333,33 NEAR
Assets: Association

2021/10/21 Crow (50,010.00 USD)
Expenses:Investments 50010,00 USDC
Assets: Association

2022/06/01 Unicrow (50,000.00 USD)
Expenses:Investments 50000,00 USDC
Assets: Association

2022/06/05 Incognito (40,000.00 USD)
Expenses:Grants 7600,00 NEAR
Assets: Association

Total amount allocated: 240k USD in grants.

You can check details here: NEAR Wallet

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Here you can find the reports: Search results for 'cypherpunk guild monthly report' - NEAR Forum

You can see that since April 2022 I’ve been posting regularly. Before that some reports may be missing because there was no project manager that was taking care of that.

In terms of activities, as I pointed out in the report, we are providing support to the projects we have funded with marketing, community activities, and advice. As we are waiting for the market to recover before resuming the grant program we will mostly focus on community activities, content creation, and support.

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