Creatives DAO - Suggestion for a way forward

Hello everyone,

In the past few days the idea of decentralised voting has been discussed, fought upon and we haven’t come to any conclusion.

These are good conversations in my understanding. The way they are expressed and how much of our time, energy and resources we are putting into it, shows the passion and commitment towards a decentralised world we all want.

I would like to share what I think could be a way forward.

However, I believe “the community will decide the best path forward for themselves ”

Observations -

Changes being suggested are very quick and the community can get overwhelmed by trying to keep up with the pace of changes while running their own DAOs and also trying to live a normal life.

Voting needs to be more decentralised, but decentralisation is very subjective and everyone has a unique way of viewing it.

Many old and new members have ideas but they aren’t shared in the way they should be heard and understood

Suggestion for a way forward -

The best way in my limited understanding is to have people with ideas of how decentralised voting can be done, to present it to the community, one meeting at a time and one day at a time.

This will allow the community to listen to various perspectives of decentralised voting, think about how they feel about every idea.

Once the ideas are presented to the creatives community, a group of

  • old members who’ve been in the system for a long time
  • One council from each DAO
  • And memebrs who want to participate in understanding implications of the ideas suggested
    should join in discussing and methodically, putting down pros and cons of every idea.

Once the pros and cons are recognised and shared with the community, the processes are laid down to be understood by everyone, community members will have more clarity and will be in a better position to decide the way forward

Keeping in mind that no idea is the best and every idea is like a ladder. We’ll have to change it after a while, just like DAO of DAOs didn’t work after sometime.

In my opinion, this should finish within 2 months if planned properly with the participation of the community as we don’t want to rush things and think of every aspect through before deciding the new voting mechanism.

While we figure out the best way forward, we should continue the voting as happening since before.

However we can increase or decrease the timeline by a vote based on how community feels.

The experiment and evolution of decentralisation is happening as we speak.

In my humble opinion, fighting and putting others ideas down won’t help and will create chaos.

It’s better to constructively put our ideas forth instead.

We are one of the biggest community experimenting with decentralisation. This is for me a factor of pride to be a part of it and for the world an area of a case study.

Let’s put our ideas to a vote and let the best idea win



Well said @Cryptonaut
I believe we should all work towards some ideas, vote on it and a have a common ground.

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This is a great idea.

Everyone will have a chance to be heard.

I just wish that everyone would be respectful towards one another instead of throwing tantrums.


If nuisance is being created we can remove the member from that meeting. Guidelines for interaction should be set by the three groups before we begin the meetings.


It’s a brilliant idea. Leaving room for more discussions and divergent opinions from everyone is quite appreciated.



I agree with you a lot.

we can make a timeline and INFORM EVERYONE to make the changes.

But first we need to know the problems, so we can think in solutions to it. I dont know all the problems and all the questions, they are spread in the forum/telegram/astrodao.
We only will come to a solution if we understand the problem, set an objective and discuss about it.

I think we can came with solution, i can make a lot of them, but i need to understand the full thing that is trying to be fixed.

After this we can set a objective and an action plan to solve it


Good thoughts, first off is to begin with token weighted voting suggested by Chloe in the chat

In my opinion there are only 2 main problems

  1. A better decentralised voting mechanism - we can come to some way of moving forward by the way suggested above as everyone will get to explain their idea of voting.

  2. How to measure “value” as per NF for creatives - the only way is to get in touch with NF

I’d like to mention some names here who I think can link us there.




from the 4 names mentioned only @David_NEAR would have a direct contact to NF from what I am aware at this current moment. As for the voting moving forward and other inputs, I’ll be on the Monday’s call and happy to help with what I can :slight_smile:


Thanks @tabear
It’ll be great you have any more names to add to the list.

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I would like to make a suggestion for the betterment or the creative. And the community in a whole.

  1. Let all DAO pick one representative to have voting rights and suggestions making on proposals.
    Note: this selected rep must be active and have good experience on the forum, Astro DAO and $Near in a whole.
    Am glad to know the new introduction of creative cert this would help in the knowledge aspect and improvements on DAO to know more on what creatives is all about. Later future DAO representative can get cert of creative so we do things professionally
  2. No closing of proposal without forum dialogue between the Author and the moderators or DAO reps.
    Author’s opinion should be heard too.
  3. If not mistaken we’ve minimum of 5 mods on creative, but only 1 or 3 mods reply “this proposal follows creative and is approved “ or “ close proposal “ No much questioning or clarification of a proposal before pushing it to astrodao for voting.

I don’t want to go into much talk about sustainability, cause we still need to talk about how DAO can attain sustainability cause we wouldn’t be aspecting funds from NF Everytime as well.
Thanks for this post, hope to see improvement in the creative soon

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Unfortunately I dont, he would be the only one that I am aware of at this point which is a NF employee (there should be more I guess but I have not been in touch with them.)


Thanks for your insight @Cryptonaut and also for bringing this thought process here to the forum, so we can continue further constructive feedback. I agree, seeing as there is no clear way right now, we should refocus, allow time for discussion, and keep the momentum of the community while doing so.


Hello @Cryptonaut
I think it is a good proposal, a good way to step backward a little and listen to the community.

I’d like to highlight one thing that is important - showing ideas is not to debate them, but only to expose, so we can create a listening environment. I understood that after the presentations, the communities will have time to discuss it internally, to study and to share new insights and propositions… is something like that what you have purposed?

And also like to say, join my voice with @beetlejuice, that many of these problems are still unclear for most of us, and also the process of voting, so this understanding is really essential so that the community can take hold of the process.

Thank you for sharing your point and present a way towards a solution
with my best regards to all


Yes, @ritamaria. I am proposing to have discussions after presentations.

As things are unclear we have proposed that we will pause some of the things which Creative Da earlier had suggested please look at the below mentioned post for clarity


thanks!! yes, I saw this! and want to thank you all for it, think it’s really important now to make this pause, listen to each other and then build together the following steps!


@Jessica also should

Hey team,


Expect some correspondence from the NF in regards to how we can best measure the value from the initiatives we’re funding through Creatives and MarketingDAO. In addition to that, we’ll be exploring ways to optimise these funding verticals and ensure everyone can get access to the funding required.


Thank You :heart: @David_NEAR

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Looking forward David!

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