[Creatives DAO] - Decentralization review & Meeting

Thank you Fam, it’s been a beautiful ride


Creation of sustainable interoperable systems, that free humans to do things they love doing

We all have to do things for money that we don’t like. My goal in life is to reduce time spent on doing the unnecessaries, by creating systems that

  • Connect clients and service providers, so you don’t have to keep looking for work
  • are community owned and have ethical incentive structures
  • Allow for automated work flow and revenue creation
  • Buy you your time back

My name is Sahil Massey

In the past 17 years I’ve worked in various capacities with multiple MNCs and startups in marketing, sales, growth hacking and customer service and senior management.

I was always interested in automated workflows and business models that buy me my time back and generate value for buyers and sellers. So I started my entrepreneurial journey in 2018.

I’ve been learning and spending time on creation of self sustainable models and building ecosystems which have a lasting impact and generate passive streams of income, so that the creatives can focus on creativity.

It’s my dream and mission to build sustainable and meaningful DAOs for NEAR ecosystem that provide value too the entire community and outside in life as well.

Near wallet - sahilmassey.near
Telegram - @realmassey
Instagram - sahil.Massey
Total votes casted - 51
Highlights -

Life before NEAR

From 2015 to 2018 worked for a Radio station Radio One as a Talk show host and a show producer.
Worked very closely with business development team to create themes and content calendar that generate revenue for our station.

Created an artist management company providing entertainment solutions to the biggest venues and 5 star hotels in Pune and Mumbai, India, working with over 30 artist over a span of 2 years.

Created a decentrallised video production house in 2018 where our team was working out of various cites and successfully created

  • India’s first E-learning module for children to learn Indian classical music for Furtados - India’s biggest music instrument brand
  • All India Rock contest for children under 10th grade.
    -Brand videos for Battery - energy drink
  • Brand video for Panasonic’s 10 year anniversary in India.

Voice ver artist with over 3k brands voiced in 7 years
Yoga Teacher since 2020

Life in NEAR

  • Started producing content for Spiritual DAO as podcaster
  • Joined as a council the next month
  • Organised an experiment onboarding event in GOA onboarding 60 people in an evening. Educating them how to use near wallet and making users buy food and beverages using near wallet
  • Changed the structure of Spiritual and Creating passive income streams for the DAO
  • Joined Creatives DAO as a council



Hello, I am w4r.

Design graduated in 2017 and freelancing ever since with different objectives in the design field.

before joining NEAR blockhain, i used to mainly work for theaters and plays, creating the visual ID, social media and even helping with the preparation of the spetacle (getting sponsors, spreading posters and even being part as an actor)

Introduced in the near blockchain by beetlejuice, and scammed in my first contribution to the DAO by the infamous john x.

Since them, I’ve beeing the editor of the podcasts and guided meditations.

Working for the NEAR community is being a very enrichness experience to learn more about myself and the spirit while working.

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Hi all,

Here’s a quick intro. I’m from Italy/USA, live in Portugal and joined the NEAR community at the beginning of this year. I have been a part of the Black Cat Cinema since August 2021.

-Telegram: @mayamorittu
-IG: maya_kea
-Wallet: mayamorittu.near
-Votes casted: 8
-Council member [Black Cat Cinema DAO] (https://app.astrodao.com/dao/black-cat-cinema.sputnik-dao.near).

Happy to be here!


Hello Timi, do you have any socials? Personal Achievements to share?

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Hi Creatives, I am a photographer with over 26 years dedicated to communication. I studied social communication and my photographs are in many image banks, being used by national and international media. Today I’m part of the communication team at Rio de Janeiro’s City Hall. I have been married for 22 years and have two daughters.

I have always been very interested in technology and the internet, and got to know the NFT universe in early 2021. In mid October 2021 I met the Mintbase platform and NEAR, today there are already more than 100 minted NFTs.

I am one of the founding members of Gambiarra DAO and also Octopode DAO.

I really like art, artists, and I really admire the creativity of human beings, I like to interact, create, and build relationships. There were many events and achievements in the last 6 months of work here in the NEAR network. All actions have always been done in partnerships with other members.


The first action was the MintbaseSunday, held on 12/26/2021, now in June 2022 we reach the 7th edition.

Art Week 2022 - Homage to the 100 years of the Brazilian Week of Modern Art of 1922 (February 2022)

In march 2022 I realized in a voluntary way in partnership with @Isa_Danoninho a celebration in honor of the Women’s Month at the NEAR METAVERSE CONNECTION CENTER at Cryptovoxels in Metaverse the “4 Women Exhibition” and the “My body dialogues exhibition”.

World Art Day Exhibition (April 2022)
A virtual exhibition from April 11 to May 15, 2022.

[BOUNTY] We are looking for 12 Octopuses! Draw, collage or paint (April 2022)

Eight Exhibition for Octopode DAO (April 2022)

In April 2022, on a voluntary basis with @Ghini collaboration on exhibit design and set-up, I held the Indigenous Peoples’ Day Exhibition in the Gambiarra building at Cryptovoxels in the Metaverse.

World Internet Day Exhibition (May 2022)
A virtual exhibition from May 17 to June 14, 2022.

2nd Edition Eight Exhibition (May 2022)

Brazilian Music at NEAR (May 2022)

Green Exhibition (June 2022)
A virtual exhibition in June 2022.

3rd Edition Eight Exhibition (June 2022)

Brazilian Music at NEAR 2nd ED (June 2022)

I am also part of the marketing team of Gambiarra DAO, Octopode DAO and FEMINU DAO, together we unite to do the best work always.

My links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/alemacieira
Telegram: @alexandremacieira
Instagram: @alexandremacieira
Wallet: macieira.near
http://alexandremacieira.com.br | @alexandremacieira | Linktree


Hello guys! All good? :upside_down_face:

I’m from Botucatu, São Paulo, Brazil. I express myself mainly as an actor and playwright. I graduated in Art Education - Performing Arts and attended the dramaturgy nucleus of the Escola Livre de Teatro (ELT/Santo André). I flirt with audiovisual, poetry, visual arts and literature. I have already participated in several initiatives, in the mentioned artistic and literary languages.

Since 2009 I have been a member of Associação Teatral Notívagos Burlescos, created in 2002. The Association was founded with the aim of studying scenic languages ​​and alternative theater proposals for the city of Botucatu. He has more than 20 years of experience and continues to seek to promote and spread the arts of the scene in the interior of São Paulo. And in it I remain in the struggle for these goals.

I joined the NEAR ecosystem in April 2022, having been brought here by @bagadefente, since then I’ve been trying to better understand the dynamics of web3 and this ecosystem. So far I’ve participated in some rewards and approved a proposal at the Writers’ Guild, which concludes in May 2022, which I managed to bring to be made onboard by @eliaspintanel, who also contributed to the proposal.

I am currently working in partnership with @eliaspintanel on their proposal.

Below I’m linking my participations so far:

My proposal completed

Proposal that I am currently participating in.

I intend to contribute to the development of theatrical language and communities in general within the NEAR ecosystem.

My links:
Telegram: @johnnyfaustino
Instagram: @johnny.faustino
Wallet: johnfaus.near

Thank you very much and it’s a pleasure to meet you all! :pray:


Hello, creatives!

It was a nice and inspiring experience to read and get to know a little more about Near Creatives ecosystem members. that said, let me introduce myself — but, before, a disclaimer paraphrasing I don’t really know who: "I didn’t have time to write a short presentation, so it’s going to be a long one."

I’m @bagadefente, poet, publisher and artist-etc. from Brazil, living in Botucatu/SP.

I’ve studied Film and Video (2004-2006) and got a Visual Arts degree last year, but I consider myself a self-taught experimental artist who works with several media, languages and supports, all of them connected through the Poetics of Chance — the conscious use of randomness and the unexpected on creative process; more than a theory or group of techniques, to me this is a statement, an approach on art-making. On a thematic level, I explore the boundaries between memory and fiction, mixing reflections over human relationships, politics and the occulture to create my autofictional experimental pieces.

I’m also a cultural producer, with experiences with audiovisual, literature and creative writing events, specially a film club (Oficine-se) and a poetry gathering (Sarau Akangatu) I held from 2018 to 2020. With the pandemic, the second became online and, two years later, at the end of this month we’re gonna have our presential return to celebrate one year of the release of my first book of poems, later minted as NFT.

As an visual artist, I had my video poems exhibited in more than 10 countries over the last years, but, besides my Cinema and Visual Arts studies, my main passion is Literature, specially poetry, and that’s why, even without planning or even knowing that at a first moment, I became a bookmaker and, later on, an indie publisher. So, nowadays I’m more dedicated to independent publications through NADA∴Studio Criativo, a hybrid of a multimedia creation studio (created by myself in 2007) and indie micro-publisher house (with my first handcrafted book in 2015, but “officially” since 2020, when it stopped being a “one man studio” with the arrival of @aandz).

I started in the cryptoworld and NFTs through Tezos chain in March, 2021, got a little away from the art part for personal reasons, but keep studying blockchain and cryptos until come back on January, 2022 on the first wave of Gambiarra, then just a store on Mintbase. In March I made part of the foundation of the Writer’s Guild, in which I’m since then an active council member.

I’m also close and had collaborated with NomadeLabel, but at this moment my main interest is to help build and discover new ways for writers to create, publish and monetize our works using the actual and future web3 tools, that’s why I’m dedicating all I’m able to make the Writer’s Guild DAO and community stronger.

I’ve been thinking in create a NADA∴Studio Criativo DAO, focused on phygital publishing and literary events, but I don’t really have time to dedicated to this ATM, so I’m studying, talking and learning more about this, and that’s why this discussion is very relevant to me.

On a personal level, I’m a father of two growing-up boys, my astrological main set is Capricorn, Cancer and Aquarius and in my (rare) spare I like to take care of my garden and plants.





Hey, olá, hi.
My introduction to you all here!

Im Tim, council for @BlackCatCinema DAO. Into crypto since early 2017, and onboarded into Near in March 22.
Web designer and proud father of a beautiful Staffordshire terrier.

Votes cast: 4

Wallet: timjohnstone.near

My links:
Telegram: @TeeJay5446
Instagram & Twitter: No personal accounts, but here’s my band Slow Mojo. I’m the one on guitar in the questionable shirt….
Twitter: https://twitter.com/slowmojoband?s=11&t=t8GoIhNRCM4Cik_lyB6W2A

Instagram: Login • Instagram


Black Cat insta: Login • Instagram

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tim-johnstone/

After asking about it the other day (not having personal accounts for some stuff) I hope that’s enough :slight_smile:


Hello, my name is Bianca Victal, I am a professional dancer, currently a member of Grupo Corpo Companhia de Dança (Belo Horizonte/MG- Brazil). I am graduated in photography and doing post-graduation in cultural production. I also work producing videodance.
I joined NEAR in February through Feminu Exhibition.
I am part of Gambiarra Dao and Feminu Dao.

Wallet: biancavictal.near

Twitter: @BiaVictal

Instagram: @biavictal / @artistafotografa

Discord: Bianca Victal #3566



My name is Ashley. I am a poet and editor who entered the NEAR ecosystem by involving myself with the Marma J Foundation near the end of 2021 as a member and then as an advisor. Within the Marma J Foundation, beginning in February 2022, I facilitated a creative writing event which ended on May 5th. Beginning in March 2022, I collaborated with a diverse and global set of artists to begin the Near Writer’s Guild within which I am still a council member.

Near Writer’s Guild:

Overview of funded proposals: Topics tagged writers-guild

Council members: 06 (brz-93444.near, pinkalskyy.near, gabrielfelipejacomel.near, oblakofficialss.near, bagadefente.near, ashleyc.near)

Group members: 112

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @nearwritersguild

Instagram: @nearwriters

Twitter: @nearwriters

Number of Astrodao proposals: 155 Proposals

Time in the ecosystem: 4 months, est. March 2022
Dao-to-Dao Partnerships: 2 (VN Artists Guild and C1 Guild)
Type of Activities: poetry/prose bounties, nft publishing, spoken word, journalism, mixed media, interviews)
Activities: Bounties are recurring. Monthly twitter spaces to showcase member’s work are recurring)

Mintbase store: The Writers' Guild on Mintbase

DAO address: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/near-writers-collective.sputnik-dao.near


Hi, guys! How are you? :alien:

I’m from Botucatu, São Paulo, Brazil. I feel comfortable as an actor, director and playwright. I graduated in Theater Degree at UFPEL (Federal University of Pelotas) and I have a Master’s degree in Performing Arts from UNICAMP (State University of Campinas), both in Brazil. I flirt with poetry, literature and screenwriting (I’ve written screenplays and directed some of them and loved the experience). I’ve participated in several literature events, soiree and I’ve written some plays around and that have been on stage both in Rio Grande do Sul and São Paulo, here in Brazil.

Since 2021 I have been a member of the “Associação Teatral Notívagos Burlescos”, created in 2002. The Association was founded with the aim of studying scenic languages ​​and alternative theater proposals for the city of Botucatu, SP. I am also part of the “Cia Poética de Teatro Experimental”, also in Botucatu, where I am a director and playwright.

I joined the NEAR ecosystem in May 2022, brought here by @JohnFaus, since then I’ve been trying to understand this whole NEAR universe and its unfolding. Before joining NEAR, I participated in the @JohnFaus project in May as a writer, here’s the project:

And I’m really happy that I’m now working on my first approved project at NEAR with @JohnFaus partnership:

I hope I can contribute to the development of theatrical language and communities in general within the NEAR ecosystem.

My links:
Telegram: @eliaspintanel
Instagram: @eliaspintanel
Wallet: eliaspintanel.near

Thanks! And let’s go! As they say in the theater: EVOÉ!!


Hello NEAR Creatives!

My name is EL Malamaya, lead director and co-founder of NEAR Gang Couture, also a council member of the Hype DAO and the Haute Gang. I graduated from the University of Santo Tomas’ Interior Design Program here in the Philippines, and using the knowledge I acquired from my years in the College of Fine Arts and Design I apply my skills in Web3 and the Metaverse!

Starting out in the NEAR Protocol January this year, I quickly found out how welcoming the community and the people are here in the space, most especially the Filipinos in various projects I’ve come across with.

Thank you all for the support so far, and don’t hesitate to hit me up!

NEAR ID: malamaya.near

Discord: EL | MALAMAYA#5367

Twitter: @ELBonuan


Good afternoon Creatives family!

I’m Isa, I’m 30 years old, illustrator and audiovisual producer, I’m from the countryside of São Paulo state in Brazil, I’m a mom to 7 year old Alice, I have a pet kitty, I’m vegetarian, circus performer, juggler and music lover.

Currently I work only within the NEAR protocol, making this my only monthly income.

I joined initially at the invitation of Rodrigo Cid, aka philosopher, for Gambiarra’s store, and later to work in the production of parties at metaversos by Metaverse DAO.

I am a member of Gambiarra DAO since February 2022, founded Limoeiro Stúdio DAO now in May and received an invitation now in June to be a member at Feminu DAO .
Currently I play some projects in different DAOs and with different proposals.

Metatronic is an electronic music party that happens in the metaverse, the sound proposal is very different from something mainstream, I search for independent and alternative artists from smaller collectives in Brazil and invite them to compose the line up.
At Metatronic I produce the party, I often record the sets in my house, edit the videos, decorate the recording set and sometimes the metaverse; I do the promotion, the onboarding of the DJs, create the flyer, and even set aside a budget to buy works of the artists who will be in the gallery on the day of the party.
I created Metatronic’s profile on Youtube, and the last video, which is less than 30 days old, already has more than 60 views.
I also created the instagram profile, but I still can’t give all the attention to the insta marketing of the party, after all there are many things to produce, and there is no support team.
I have received messages from people saying that this project has been pioneering in Brazil and I hope it grows more and more, after all I think it has woven many eyes of people involved with the scene in recent times.
We are already on the fifth edition of the project and this month we will receive ROTCIV, a DJ who lives in Berlin and lives from the electronic scene there.
Metatronic was born in Metaverse DAO and was hosted by Gambiarra DAO from its third edition with the aim of bringing people into the gallery space in the metaverse, promoting the space and the artists in the store.


I am not a member of Octopode DAO, but the members there have received a project that I run with @macieira , the Eight Exhibition.
This project is a collection of eight works created by eight different guest artists, each of whom develops an artwork with one of the eight DAO values.
The project is already in its third edition and the idea is to close the eighth edition, thus having a collection with 64 works, eight of each value.


And I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about the Limoeiro Studio DAO, it’s a DAO that I founded with a different intent of the other conventional DAOs that we have acting today within the creatives.
The idea is not to show what each one knows how to do, but to teach what one knows to other people.
To value the teacher, share the artistic knowledge and support the Brazilian community with bilingual teaching and basic introduction to the NEAR ecosystem.
The final intent is to develop a platform for NFT courses, where the teacher receives royalties from his work and this makes DAO self-sustainable.
I invited @Natashacremonese to take the lead with me on this because I believe in her work, her character and potential, and because together we have the sum of qualities needed to develop the project, create the community and plan the process of developing the platform.
Unfortunately Creatives is no longer accepting applications for funding from new DAOs for two months, but this has not made us give up, we are lining up to plan a way to make something happen somehow.


Finally, I have other projects developed within the ecosystem, and I am very grateful to how much I learn and how much I develop myself here.

I know that decentralization worries you a lot, but it is also necessary to have some patience with the members, after all, every month new people come into the communities and the groups are renewed.
I feel myself as proof of this.
My first DAO was the Metaverse DAO, after I left I went to Gambiarra, and I want at some point to dedicate myself only to Limoeiro, leaving my place to the newer ones.
And so it goes on. People enter the ecosystem without knowing anything about it, the DAOs and the were do the role of teaching and helping. it is fair that these people have their own ideas and follow their own paths in order to take with them the partners ideas and proposals.
How many of them are promising? I don’t know. And nor will we know unless we try.
Perhaps it is important to review the criteria for financing DAOs, and not think that the problem is only decentralization and self-sustainability.
I am very worried about the movement that is happening lately because we are not just numbers working, we are people, with families and that some of them depend on us.

I think this dialogue and transparency that we have here is very important, thank you very much to everyone who took the time to read about me.

Wallet: isadanoninho.near
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Isa_Danoninho_
Instagram: Login • Instagram
Login • Instagram
Youtube Metatronic: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCByzc2UNyr3vWCINBdUwdFA
Linktree: Isa Danoninho | Linktree
Danone Psicodélico | Linktree

Votes casted in Gambiarra: 131 votes
Votes casted in Limoeiro: 4 votes
Votes casted in Feminu: 0 votes


Olá comunidade Near.

Sou Dazo fotografo brasileiro formado em Processos fotográficos em 2013 pela escola tecnica Senac. Sou apaixonado pela musica, o audiovisual e a fotografia. Sou rapper (aposentado) e tenho alguns trabalhos na rede, hoje em dia não estou mais produzindo musica mas continuo circulando na gig ate hoje. Como fotografo iniciei fotografando shows, video clips e making offs.
Hoje em dia meu acervo e meu portifolio é praticamente voltado para a cultura hip hop, rap e trap que é de onde eu surgi e cresci artisticamente.
Atualmente sou fotografo freelancer, sou fotografo da federação paulista de Karate, artista nft, um pouco de produtor artístico e executivo de um mc de trap e tambem membro do conselho da Gambiarra Dao.

Como membro da comunidade Near eu iniciei em dezembro de 2021 pela Gambiarra através do onboarding do @thephilosopher que me trouxe da rede Tezos. Grande parte do que aprendi dentro do ecosistema Near foi atraves deste onboarding com o Philosopher.
Fui um dos fundadores da Gambiarra Dao onde tive oportunidade de me tornar membro do conselho e onde permaneço ate hoje.
Aprendi bastante sobre os processos de Dao e estou aprendendo ate hoje. Fui o único membro da Gambiarra Dao que optou em permanecer apenas em uma Dao e focar em entender a descentralização, o Astro, o Creatives e conhecer trabalhos de outras Daos.
Aumentar minha rede de contato com outros membros e fazer trocas para poder me desenvolver como council foi o meu foco nesses 5 primeiros meses, pois tenho interesse em um dia fazer parte do grupo de moderadores pois é a parte que me identifiquei bastante mas para isso ainda estou melhorando meu idioma ingles.

Em Abril eu iniciei um onboarding dos membros da Procd Dao que esta nascendo com artistas marginais periféricos sem nenhum incentivo, iniciei esse processo apenas porque amo tudo isso, tivemos encontros, reuniões e uma construção saudável para podermos chegar dentro do Forum com tudo planejado. Demos azar de lançarmos nossa introdução no mesmo mês que o creatives cortou o financiamento de novas Daos, então estamos aguardando novas atualizações para podermos entender se conseguiremos desenvolver esse trabalho com artistas de super potencial que ja estão entendendo um pouquinho sobre o que é a Near.
Voces podem entender um pouco dessa construção através da nossa introdução e nosso roadmap.

A Procd Dao é a fusão da produtora que criei em 2007 junto com a Take95 que é uma produtora cultural artística com ampla linguagem empreendedora e periférica. Dentro desta construção de quase 3 meses da Procd Dao a @TayOlua foi minha primeira onboardada como membro da Dao e me ajudou muito nessa pré produção e construção da Procd Dao e ja esta super antenada no forum e hoje em dia ela que esta me atualizando com informações da Near hehehe.

Dentro do ecosistema da Near alem de council da Gambiarra e a construção da Procd Dao venho tentando agregar mais engajamento de artistas fotógrafos.
Com apoio da Mintbase Dao e @marianeu criei a loja da Procd Store voltada exclusivamente para fotógrafos, essa loja ja esta com 41 membros e quase 80 obras mintadas. Para os próximos meses pretendo iniciar um processo de ampliação da divulgação desta loja junto da Procd Dao quando iniciar os financiamentos e desta forma trazer mais e mais fotógrafos da rede etherium e outras redes.

Vale ressaltar que um dos projetos que seria da Procd Dao foi abraçado por outra Dao pelo motivo de estarmos sem financiamento do creatives, sendo assim ja construimos pontes de interação de artistas, de novas ideias dentro da própria proposta e que acarretou no convite de se tornar membro da Nomade Label Dao, uma Dao que esta com uma proposta bem diferente do formato que somos acostumados a ver.
Então a partir desta proposta passei a ser membro também da Nomade Label Dao e tem sido uma experiência bem interessante.


Eu Dazo sou apaixonado por construção de relacionamentos, por aprender, por ter oportunidade de criar e muito mais de trazer oportunidade para amigos criarem. Gosto de experimentos, de novidades, de ousadia e de criticos construtivos. Gosto da descentralização, de trocar experiencias, gosto de estudar, gosto de observar a dificuldade do proximo e poder colaborar.
Com a comunidade Near eu tive oportunidade de experimentar tudo isso que gosto nesse curto periodo, então agradeço muito a essa comunidade por ter me dado essa oportunidade de participar de tudo isso.

Agradeço a todos os membros da Gambiarra em especialmente aos que dividem ou dividiram o conselho comigo @filmesdeinfiltracao @Ghini e Cleusa.
Agradeço ao @FritzWorm por sempre estar nos dando suporte e construindo essa comunidade em conjunto, agradeço tambem ao @hevertonharieno que as vezes trocamos ideias pelos trabalhos que a Cudo Dao realiza e sou fã, a @ritamaria e @blusw que me convidaram a ser membro da Nomade Label Dao.

Gratidão a todos que estão fazendo parte desta construção artistica na web3 através da Near.


Wallet: dazo.near
Twitter: https://twitter.com/leandrodazo
Telegram: leandrodazo
Instagram: Login • Instagram
Portifilio: https://leandrodazo.myportfolio.com/
Linktree: https://linktr.ee/leandrodazo
Votos Astro: 179 votos (158 Gambiarra e 21 Nomade)


Sera um prazer poder tomar um café no metaverso e poder falar mais sobre qualquer duvida.




Telegram: @carlosescouto
Instagram: @ciclanocarlos
Wallet: escouto.near

I am part of the DAOS @gambiarra and @octópode. At Octópode, I am an advisor.

I am Carlos Escouto, researcher and teacher of Theater and cultural producer. I am also currently president of the municipal council of culture of Santa Cruz do Sul. I love the arts and I really like to facilitate the financing of the artistic processes of the artists. My mission is this: to obtain funding for the realization of artistic works, especially with works that have a relevant social impact in communities.

Outstanding Achievements -

Interpretation Lisbon Revisited - Àlvaro De Campos -

Interpretation Poema em linha straight - Fernando Pessoa

Interpretation ‘‘All love letters are’’ - Fernando Pessoa

Cultural production and executive production ‘‘Infinito acoustico’’ Dama Etílica

Cultural production and executive production ‘‘Flowers in the Garden’’ -

Cultural production and executive production ''Fria Madrugada

Cultural production and executive production ''O petit do palhaço

Workshop cultural production Aldir Blanc law

Cultural production and executive production ''Anjos e Querubins


Hi, my name is Cleusa, I’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

I have a degree in dentistry, and I am passionate about photography. Ten years ago I took my first course and since then photography went from a hobby to a profession.

I have always enjoyed keeping up with new technologies, art, and meeting people and new cultures.

In November 2021 I had my first contact with NFT through Galeria Gambiarra. Parallel to my entry in this Gallery, I started a project with authorial photographs using image editing, collage and colorization developing abstract images.
This new experience introduced me to amazing people from whom I learned a lot, and made projects. Today I am a council member of Gambiarra DAO, and in June I received an invitation to be a member of Feminu DAO.


. Wallet: cleusaraven.near
. Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/cleusaraven
. Telegram: @Cleusa_Raven
. Instagram: Login • Instagram I Login • Instagram
. Discord: Cleusa Raven#5594

Highlights proposals:


My name is Mayra. I’m married to a musician, graduated in Ecology, and Post-Graduated in Photography: Technique, Language and Media, I also have Specialization courses in several areas of Photography.

I am a photographer since 2010, I also worked as a Photography consultant and course sales at “Escola de Imagem” in Belo Horizonte,Minas Gerais. I also worked at Servtrad - Sworn Translation Service, as an assistant and bilingual secretary, and I also taught English at Upmusic School from 2020 to 2021.

I accomplished the collective exhibition: “Experiência do Não ver” (Experience of Not seeing) in 2013, as the final project of the post-graduation course, under the curatorship of Tibério França, at Casa UNA-Belo Horizonte, MG.

Currently, I also teach private English classes, take photographs and spend most of my time at Metaverse.

I joined Metaverse in February this year, through FEMINU, invited by @BiaVictal, and I began to know this community full of possibilities and incredible artists. I have been learning a lot, cooperating with @macieira in the 7th Edition of MintbaseSunday, and with @Ghini and @Natashacremonese in some projects.

Near Wallet: mayramendes.near


Linktree: @mayramendes.photo | Linktree
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MayraMe78534276
Instagram: Login • Instagram
Discord: Mayra#2931


Hi, community! It’s such a pleasure to be part of this environment.

My name is Carolina Cavenaghi and I have an awesome family with @duOCELOT and three little creatives beings.

I am co-founder of The Clan DAO, The Clan Ecosystem

I am also Brazil Guild Leader. Introduction Brazil Guild

I am also the creator of the Electric Neon Near Game Electric Neon Collectionwith the incredible support and guidance of the Human Guild. The team is also a branch of The Clan - theWORKSHIP Creative Studio, through several DAOS of our Guild.


Idealizer of Children of the DAO - children in the meaning of NEARcomers and “ have a lot to learn” and want to know more about blockchain, web3, art tools, etc.

I’ve managed the ART2AD Project alongside Clan Guild, which empowers Near NFT artists and promotes the near ecosystem at the same time. We are currently in the third edition of the project. In the last Art2AD we made a special extension and DAOnation was born.

I am working 24/7 at Near and already onboarded directly more than 90 people on Near Ecosystem for our Guild.

Our Guild aims to create IRL relations, as we recently helped to build the QualDAO, and formed the BrazilDAO.

This is a short presentation… Happy to make part of this marvelous environment. :relaxed:

Telegram: cacavenaghi
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Hi fam!
I’m becopro, I’m a graffiti artist since 2012 in Rio de Janeiro. I graduated in Fashion Design in 2009. Nowadays, I’m a web3 enthusiast, NFT artist, Metaverse event producer and I’m a reporter for the Metaverse DAO, going to events, recording and minting them.
I’ve joined the forum on Dec 2021, I’m also a council member of the Metaverse DAO since March 30th and I voted 126 times.
My wallet is becopro.near

Here are my links:


  • As a metaverse reporter ( in 5 months of continuous project) I recorded, edited and minted 87 videos from NEAR metaverse events of more than 15 NEAR DAOs and projects, in 4 different metaverses.
  • Idealized the Meta Campfire event.
  • This month I’m co-producing another event with @klarakopi, a party called “Make my day”.

Metaverse DAO links: