Creatives DAO - A way forward (Community Response Post)


Thanks for getting this together @creativesdao-council !
I feel that since the Creative DAO started many moons ago, a lot of things have changed. Very happy to see that there is a direct contact to NF so that a clear goal can be established.

I personally find the values and metrics very senseful. It gives DAOs the chance to grow and also to decide if they want to continue working with web3 and actually use and experiment with the provided tools. It will mean a way more digital and technical move forward, but in the end we all use technology so I hope we find a good middle-way of using the tech in a creative sense. NFT fairs are the best and easiest way to do this at this point I would say.

I also understand the desire to reach out to famous artists who can promote NEAR. This is something that might change the creative ecosystem a lot but we all knew (or should have known) that the way the funds had been distributed was not sustainable on the long run.

And on a side note, after reading through the Creatives Chat yesterday, about the MKT DAO comments etc etc:

I highly encourage everyone to use this opportunity that we all received throughout the last year, to learn and educate themselves. About decentralization, the possibilities of the tools, maybe even the technical side, and how you can actually use them in the real world. Try to use the things that you have received access to through NEAR in the best way possible and as a way to become independent, rather than depending on it. I do believe a big part of the Creatives DAO has and can keep on creating value for NEAR, especially with the new guidelines. If this is not seen, it is up to each one of us to decide if we want to stay or not.


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I share this same thinking :slight_smile:

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Nuff respect I agree with you


I am asking if these are the new guidelines, step by step.

Is that correct?

thank SR

Not yet, currently fine-tuning these with NF on the calls. :slight_smile:
The final ones will be ready soon, we really appreciate your patience and support!


Thank you soo much @Paul :heart:

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This, tnx for bring this. How will it work for individual projects? Do all creatives have to be in a DAO?

I also had a doubt if the same person can be in all the Houses at the same time.

And how are we going to sell the absurd amount of art that is already on the marketplaces before bringing in renowned new artists to erase the value of artists who are currently in the ecosystem?

For the answers, thank you.


Thank you for that last question. My worry about the new proposed guidelines is whether upcoming artistes who have built on and contributed to the ecosystem in their own way will still be getting support when bigger stars arrive in the ecosystem.

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Hi Everyone,

Thanks again for all the hard work, brainstorming and transparency here.
Although I could not join you guys real time at the meetings I’ve listened to all recordings (gratitude for recording them as well).

Just a quick note here: taking a look at the Miro board I realized many steps proposed to “resume funding and creating a stronger Creatives DAO” could also be implemented by us at the smaller DAOs (like FraDAO). For example, that tripod Ambassador+Marketing+Web3 Support, seems valuable to decentralize power from councils. (I speak as a council member).

We are also looking forward to the new Dashboard dApp for optimized reporting and proposals, but above all to partner with kindred DAOs in the ecosystem.

Good luck to all!
@patriciab @Narau @frado


Why doesn’t anyone answer my questions? It’s hard to think that it’s not something personal like that. Are you going to ban me from the forum too? :roll_eyes:


Hello, thanks for posting this for feedback. You have clearly put a lot of thought into this. I do not know why funding discontinued or much of the reason why you posted this to begin with, but I do have one observation that I believe would be a serious concern of mine, for what it is worth as an unbiased perspective with a desire for everyone to be successful:

It seems that Creatives have gone through a process of brainstorming it’s own set of values:
CreativesDAO Values

  1. Decentralization
  2. Artist focused
  3. NEAR focused
  4. Sustainability focused
  5. Engaged Community
  6. Global Outreach

While not necessarily in conflict with NF, they are not an exact representation of the values NF and the broader ecosystem have cultivated over years:

  • ECOSYSTEM-FIRST: always put the health and success of the ecosystem above any individual’s interest
  • OPENNESS: operate transparently and consistently share knowledge to build open communities
  • PRAGMATISM OVER PERFECTION: find the right solution not the ideal solution and beat dogmatism by openly considering all ideas
  • MAKE IT FEEL SIMPLE: strive to make the complex feel simple so the technology is accessible to all
  • GROW CONSTANTLY: learn, improve and fail productively so the project and community are always becoming more effective

A few observations here:

  1. When you say Decentralization, that can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people: what do you mean by it, and does it agree with NF’s articulation of it?
  2. By saying “Artist Focus”, while it could mean many things, at first glance, it might appear that you value artists over anything else, perhaps including the well-being of the ecosystem (one of NF’s stated values)
  3. Near focused: this sounds positive, but again what exactly do you mean by this?
  4. Sustainbility focused, engaged community and global outreach: again, not necessarily anti-NEAR but I’m not sure these are the specific focus areas that seem to sync 1-1 with the NF values

My perspective comes as an investor in NEAR and as a professional executive advisor who sees countless examples of organizations/ecosystems with great cultures and some without. The MOST critical aspect of any ecosystem, especially a decentralized one where structures and management are not in place, is having shared Values and Vision. Without at least this common unity and focus, communities quickly devolve into factions where one group defends their set of values and another group defends it set of values. So, again, maybe there are no issues with you and NF, but if there are, perhaps a question to ask is, “From your perspective, is our community acting in a way that seems consistent with the ecosystem values NF has carefully curated? If so, in what ways? If not, how might we improve and better align?” And perhaps an exercise worth having within Creatives could be, “these are the 5 values NF has curated for the ecosystem, how might we promote these through our work, as to make them our own as well?” It is my perspective that, if decentralization is going to work, everyone in the NEAR ecosystem must have something social/cultural to unify around and promote together, in addition to the great tech.

I hope you receive these observations and perspectives in good faith, as I do sincerely hope for you to be successful. Wishing you good health and success. -Cooper


hey, welcome to the community :wink:

Yeah, it’s being reviewed by NF. You can help them restructure the verticals. I suppose they are waiting on people with good ideas and the right mindset to collaborate. Everyone can participate, just needed the will to build and some sort of credibility.

I think the best way to do that is contact them directly!

I see you are new to the forum, join the Telegram channels and share your socials so that people can access you.

All those willing to put in work are appreciated :slight_smile:



@pAvelx is not new here, he’s only afraid of using his real ID to jump in here’s to bring in demonic opinions.

You know we have many adversaries. So much!

Don’t be surprised if you trace him down and discover he’s from NEARisNOW Telegram member.

They choose War instead of understanding the system.

Hi @Cooper

Thank you for sharing your views points and questions.

NF had not shared any guidelines with the creatives community till last month. Funds were provided to grow our community however the community lacked alignment with NFs vision.

New creatives DAO mods, who were onboarded 4 months back, started a conversation with @shreyas at Nearcon in order to align Creatives vision with NFs guidelines.

A structural change was proposed from both sides and the funding was asked to be put on hold from NFs side till we all collectively figure out a way forward.

This was done to restructure the existing governance model & fund distribution model with something that provides a more accountable way to measure value, which we have now proposed as mentioned in the proposal above.

I couldn’t disagree more. Infact quite the opposite is the truth.

If this were true, that meant the chain would be a centralised entity not allowing cross values and other viewpoints to exist.

The reason we need common values which have cross overs with NF values, and not just only building as per NF values, is because we are not NEAR, we are building on NEAR, in line with NEAR’s values.

Artist who are here are trying to share their work and use NEAR as the blockchain of their choice.

A better way to look at blockchain would be as a land with its own values and DAOs as smaller communities with their own rules which are in alignment with the constitution of the land.

NEAR values are basic and already embedded in our community which you can see in the metrics we have shared.

Creatives DAO is an ecosystem DAO, which means we are spearheading decentralisation models and community growth for NEAR with over 80+ DAOs and presence in 35+ countries.

We would not have been funded if NF found our structures of decentralisation flawed, or if we were focusing on artists more than NEAR, or if our sustainability goals were not 1-1 with near.

NF and Creatives DAO are in constant conversation now and if you read the link shared below which is also attached in the doc shared above in the post, you’ll find answers to all questions asked in the way the metrics are structured.

Please note them at these metrics, just like any organisation and like the blockchain space is iterative and evolving. Your inputs and viewpoints are welcome.

Do share any questions that might come up once you go though these docs.

If you want to have an in depth conversation about the journey of the DAO, plan of future or how we have failing progressively upwards experimenting decentralisation, then you can schedule a call with me through the link shared below.