Creation of Near ecosystem content - Arts and Icons

Hello, dear friends! I am an illustrator-designer, I draw digital arts, logos, emoticons and icons. I’m also a Twitch Streamer, where I share useful information with people about cryptocurrency. I have been following Neat community for a long time and try to be active in chats. I have been doing cryptocurrency since 2021.

My future plans are:

  1. to develop the design of projects in telegram / discord
  2. draw emoticons for projects
  3. draw arts for projects

Planned costs:
• 6 emotes for telegram = 110$
• 6 emotes for discord = 100$
• 3 arts = 100$

I have a lot of experience with solana projects, eth projects, etc
It is a great honor for me to support your project with my design works. Thanks, I I’m waiting for your answer!

@winstag - my telegram
my works are attached below