Creating a NEAR Games guild

Guild name: NEAR Games

Guild Leader(s): [@garikbesson]

Guild SputnikDAO Address: -

Guild Location (if focused on specific geography): International

Guild Details: Community of game creators and gamers based on NEAR Protocol

The world of gaming is rapidly changing. The NEAR Protocol plays a big role in this, which gives technical capabilities to create mechanics of interaction with applications that were not available to other blockchains. In addition the support provided to game developers by NEAR Protocol (ability to use Rust and AssemblyScript for writing contracts, SDKs (including libraries for Unity and Godot), code examples, education projects etc.) enables web2 game developers to create web3 games.

In such circumstances it is very important to help such developers make contact with potential audiences. (@sashahudzilin wrote about the importance of the community for web3 games here). It is important not only to bring gamers to the particular game project, but also to connect game developers with people who can help them to build their project. It can be any roles:

  • Artists
  • Musicians
  • Script Writers
  • Game Mechanics Creators
  • Token Economics Creators
  • Influencers
  • Streamers
  • Investors
  • Community moderators
  • Subject Matter Experts

If we look at this subject from the other side, the NEAR Protocol community needs a source where they can get news about new games and existing games. At the moment there is extremely scattered information, which is very difficult to find. The only reliable way to get this information is to go Human Guild to Discord. But it is not a convenient way for common users. To solve this issue first we will create informational channels on Twitter and Telegram. As the community grows and the number of games grows, we will create an informational website.

So main goals of the guild:

  1. Full support for web2 game developers who are interested in creating web3 games - to tell them about NEAR capabilities, to discuss ideas, to give feedback directly from potential audiences, to get help from other sides (like DevRel, Human Guild, etc).
  2. Connect game developers with gamers. Guild will attract gamers and all those interested in the games by maintaining channels with all available information about NEAR games - telegram channel, twitter, reddit.
  3. Help game developers to form their own community on base guild human resources.
  4. Organizations communicate between creators of different games in order to share experience, ideas, contacts.

First steps:

  1. Create social medias - telegram, twitter
  2. Make visual identity - logos for social medias, twitter banner
  3. Bring to guild game developers from Human Guild
  4. Get support from Degens and other communities to attract the first participants
  5. Start collection and sharing all news about NEAR games
  6. Form a guild team

KPI will be based on the following metrics:

  1. Total number of participants in all social media
  2. Number of gaming communities created by guild support
  3. Number of attracted web2 game developers
  4. Number of published game prototypes
  5. Number of people involved in the creation of games

Will be necessary in the future.

Social Media:
Telegram channel: NearGamesGuild
Telegram chat: NearGamesChat
Twitter: NearGamesGuild


Great proposal! I believe that blockchain games will develop very actively and the NEAR Protocol can become at the top of those who will be in this industry. I will actively follow and hope to take part in this.


It is time for gaming on NEAR lfg :sunglasses:


This has heaps of potential! Web3 games will be an awesome market for Near.


Games in the Near Ecosystem are an important part of it and require proper attention. The Human Guild guys do a good job of this, but they could use some help. The problems that Garik pointed out are really significant, and I think his guild could handle them.


Damnit. Web3 games on $NEAR will be absolute madness, and I look forward to enjoying this. With that said, a NEAR Games Guild is a great idea to foster the development of games on $NEAR


Great Idea Garik… with this Guild we will surely see the boos in game developments on NEAR.


it sounds a great idea! looking forward to see the boost for Gaming on Near Ecosystem!


This looks great. Wondering if you’d like to organize under:

The community was somewhat active during the last hackathon but activity died down.

Seems like now may be the perfect time to revive NEAR Gaming!

Also, for funding requests to the Creatives DAO:


I personally see a lot of synergies for NEAR Games to be working together with Human Guild.

We are pretty good at bringing new projects to NEAR (current list), but there is insane amount of needs outside of it, as it relates to gaming:

  • content / education
  • bringing gamers to games (and each game has its own profile of the gamer)
  • evangelizing new model to other industry participants (sharing best practices, pretty much content/education but some talent connection / talent matching)
  • creating communities across games for gamers that over-lap between various games (where CRM skillset is pretty important actually)

Important to note that traditional gamers care about gameplay, whereas crypto gamers care about incentives. Building a web3 game is very tricky in that you need to balance both gameplay and economy. Also, token economics are tied directly to community-driven approach, and that’s something almost nobody does today. A lot of education required.

Super stoked for you starting on this! We will continue discussing how to collab via telegram :slight_smile:


There is a desire to stream with whom you can discuss?

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You can always DM me on Telegram and we can figure out how we can help you. My tg handle is @garikbesson