Congress members transparency activity tracking list and REPORTS

House of member Merit Individual Transparency Report - October and November

Over the past two months, I have contributed to various critical tasks to facilitate a smooth transition from v0 to v1 within the Near Digital Collective (NDC). Here is a structured summary of my activities:

  1. Communication Setup:
  • Established essential communication channels within the House of Merit (HOM) and Congress, including initial chats, CRM setup, and seamless communication between houses.
  1. Engagement with NDC and Grassroots DAOs:
  • Initiated and fostered contacts with NDC and existing grassroots DAOs, procuring essential charters and budgets for effective collaboration.
  • Conducted successful calls with NDC Trustees, culminating in an agreement on funding for Marketing, Creative, and GWG DAOs in October and November.
  1. NDC v1 Budget Preparation and Voting:
  • Initiated and actively contributed to the development of the NDC v1 budget, presenting it comprehensively to the Council of Advisors (CoA) and Voting Body
  1. Issue Addressing and Emphasis on NDC v1 Launch:
  • Proactively addressed internal issues within the HOM and NDC, emphasizing the critical importance of an immediate NDC v1 launch.
  1. Grassroots Initiatives Engagement:
  • Engaged with various grassroots initiatives, participating in calls with Women DAO, Global DAO, Aurora, Degens DAO, Build DAO, Onboarding DAO, Main DAO, Gaming DAO, Africa DAO, and Consumer DAO. These engagements focused on discussions regarding their charters, vision, and metrics.
  1. Operational Improvements:
  • Worked on the development of an engagement tracking system and templates for Grassroots DAO onboarding.
  • Addressed complexities in funding procedures, formulating plans to simplify and streamline them.
  1. Community Engagement and Transparency:
  1. On-Chain Voting and Unified Processes:
  1. Roles, Hiring Process, and Frameworks:
  • Actively participated in the development of NDC roles and the hiring process for new positions aligned with CoA priorities.
  • Worked on frameworks, including GDAOs recurring payments, Congress members’ remuneration, and individual project funding requests.
  1. Initiation and Facilitation of Funding:
  • Initiated and facilitated funding for MDAO, CDAO in October and November, resulting in the support of over 20 projects within the Near ecosystem:
  • Near Korea DAO
  • Wild User Interviews Podcast
  • Near Insider
  • DiscoverbOS
  • NEAR Media & News
  • Nearity
  • Chill&Shill
  • NEAR China
  • Boneyard Gaming
  • NEKO Morning Show Podcast
  • Engage-a-thon at NEARCON w/ ShardDog
  • Near Hausa
  • Near Indonesia
  • NDC Degens team
  • NEAR Türkiye
  • DeeDee
  • She is Near
  • Kano is BOS Developer Event
  • Near Ukraine
  • AI integration
  • NDC Nearcon Takeover
  1. Memorandums and Guidance:
  • Prepared and published crucial memos and guidance documents, offering clarity on NDC budget, Grassroots DAOs onboarding, operations, roles and hiring process, Congress members’ transparency, and grant application procedures:
  1. Regular voting participation and meeting attendance:
  • Voting on proposals 100%
  • Meeting Attendance 100%

You can find detailed information here: Congress members activities - Google Sheets

  1. My weekly X (Twitter) reports for my voters:
  1. My election platform progress

I am pleased to announce the successful onboarding of Aurora, Degens, and Globe DAO within the Near Digital Collective (NDC). Furthermore, Globe DAO demonstrated its commitment and engagement by successfully delivering a presentation at the Near TownHall. The presentation can be viewed at the following link: Near TownHall Presentation. Thanks @cizi31 and other Globe DAO councils for the great presentation.

Moreover, I am actively exploring of launching Freelance DAO or their direct request to House of Merit.

  1. In conclusion

I wish to extend my appreciation to Congress members and teams who have played pivotal roles in facilitating the success of Near Digital Collective (NDC) initiatives during the past two months.

I express my gratitude to the NF Community and Legal team, specifically acknowledging the invaluable support provided by @fiatisabubble and @Alpar_NEAR.

Furthermore, my thanks to the SSM team, including @Kv9990, @waxnear, @rahulgoel007, and @Tolmindev. Their consistent efforts in managing daily routine tasks have played a crucial role in maintaining the smooth functioning of the NDC.

I am particularly grateful to the dedicated Congress members who worked together during the last two months.

I appreciate the NDC trustees and the Enforcer for their prompt responses. Their commitment to swift issue resolution has been indispensable in maintaining the integrity and operationality of the NDC.


Hello and good day to everyone!

I’m Dk, a House of Merit (HoM) member, and I’d like to show my work October and november month in the NDC, It’s been a pleasure working with you all the NEAR ecosystem members, Trustees, NF Mod, congress and OG’s!

Here are some of the tasks, I’ve worked on recently a few months!

~ I have scheduled several calls and attended all the possible calls, 40+ calls in the last 2 months! (Scheduling all the calls according to the grassroots dao team members and HoM speaker & PoC suitable time, collecting the email account list of each grassroots dao, and maintaining all the details and emails in the spreadsheet for future use!)

  • Grassroot dao <> HoM
  • HoM weekly sync
  • HoM <> Other House
  • And other important calls!

~ Creating and Managing private group chats with all the Grassroots Dao’s (Creating chats, Inviting respected all the group members from Congress & grassroots Dao team and maintaining that personal chat with all the possible answers and suggestions!)

~ Updating call notes or adding summary link in ClickUp and updating possible data in Click-up!

~ Actively voted on the Astro++ (In November month, I voted for 34 polls out of 37, approximately 88% voting in November month!) and actively voted in Internal vote polls!

~ Active in group chats, with Congress and grassroots Dao’s!

~ Reviewing and guiding the grassroots dao team about the proposal draft with all the possible suggestions!

~ Sponsor of the Gaming Dao ~ An organization deeply rooted in the NEAR blockchain and designed to take a leading role in the development of the gaming industry! [[Approved] Gaming DAO NDC V1 : NDC Budget Subcategory code HOM-004P-1-2 Gaming - #8 by Dk_51]

~ Actively updating the work status of click-up, that’s assigned to me or related to me!

  • In Progress
  • Done
  • Urgent
  • Complete

~ Handling the House of Merit email: or maintaining the Google calendar of the HoM for all the possible calls!

~ Helping with sharing important announcements with the ecosystem group chats & grassroots private chats, etc!

~ Creating several astro++ polls for the House of Merit!

  • For the NDC Ops Lead Role
  • NDC KYC Lead Role
  • NDC BD Lead Role
  • And still in process…!

According to the Congress member’s activities!

Attendance at the House of Merit’s weekly sync and other calls!

  • October’ 23: 25+ calls I have attended and scheduled during October
    month [with different grassroots dao teams, HoM weekly sync, with
    CoA, NF and other important calls]

  • November’ 23: 4/5 ~ 80% [HoM weekly sync]

Onchain Voting at the Grassgroot Dao Proposals and other polls!

  • October’ 23: The astro++ is not ready in October month, Bcoz of this reason we have voted in several internal voting polls!

  • November’ 23: 30/34 ~ 88% [In astro++]

Feel free to connect with me, if you need any guidance, questions and answers or suggestions from me!

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @dk_51

Thanks, Have a great day ahead!


I’m Dav, House of Merit member.
This is my report for October & November 2023

I take part in every Telegram Voting (as Astra++ was not delivered in time). In november, we used Astra++ to increase metrics.

I voted on every proposals maked, i also created few proposals.
I added on every refused proposals my PoV. And feel free you want to discuse more.

As 100% transparency, i recommand every DAO to ask HoM feedback before HoM members launch proposal.
I saw this issue with @creativesdao-council, this created constructive discussions with @Paul and @williamx.


During October, I participated in every call managed by HoM, i also participated in Call with CoA, DAO (12 calls), and some calls with specific Congress members.
I participated in some Twitter Space too.

During November, i was less present, due to Nearcon stuff and not available on monday 11/20. But i readed the call review.


I actively participated in Call / Meeting / NEARCON / discussions with DAO and with Congress.
Delivering my point of view and my feedback everytimes.

Reviewing and helping the grassroots DAO teams with there proposals.


This was a great pleasure to meet the community and other Congress members as @Aescobar @satojandro @blaze and many other

I helped setting up the NDC Stand with @RussLive215 and @ssplash_near

During NEARCON, we have great discussion with the community about NDC / Elections / What next etc

Things are moving in the good direction, a bit slow indeed, but we are all working in the same direction. And i’m sure we can create Great Things

If you have any question, comment, i will be happy to make a call or discuse with you.

My telegram: @Crypt_Dav
My Discord: dav_pandateam

Thank you everyone


Hey everyone!

I’m Evangel, Council of Advisors member and it was a pleasure to work with everyone in the NEAR ecosystem.
Here is my report for October & November 2023.


Over the past 2 months I have attended every possible CoA call and been on organized calls between CoA <> HoM <> TC.

October’ 23: 4/4 100% [CoA weekly sync]
November’ 23: 4/4 100% [CoA weekly sync]



I took part in every vote on editing documents made in CoA weekly sync.

In November, after the launch of Astra++ and the approved proposals of HoM members, CoA began to use Astra++ to create a VETO function on proposals, where I voted on all proposals and left my comments.

I also checked reports of confirmed HoM proposals before VETOing proposals.

November’ 23: 4/4 100% [Vote CoA]


I have the role of Point of Contact in CoA and in October, even before the creation of a chat between CoA and HoM, I tried to keep abreast of all the events in HoM and notify CoA members about what was happening in other houses, so I contacted other Points of Contact and received important information.

In addition, my task includes tracking the activity of each member of the CoA, this is recording votes on Astro++ and visits to CoA weekly sync, in October this was recorded on Clickup and in November this moved to Google Doc.

I also took on the role of creating proposals in Astro++, you can see them at the link:


I want to say that I try to do everything possible for the benefit of the NEAR ecosystem and be available 24/7 without holidays and weekends for NDC.

I also want to thank everyone in the NEAR ecosystem and all members of the NDC Congress for their work and dedication.

I tried to briefly outline my work over 2 months, so that everything was accessible and understandable.

If you have any questions, write to me in telegram, I will be glad to talk with you.

My telegram: @EvangelS

Thanks everyone :heart:


Hello everyone! Evgeny from House of Merit here! This is my report for October and November.

  1. In October I took part in a lot of discussions about how NDC should work and what processes we need to follow. Also over the past two months, I’ve been actively engaged in lively discussions among HoM members. I always have been filled with participation in various conversations, where I’ve not only raised important issues but also shared my thoughts and feedback on all the topics discussed in our chat.
  1. During these two months, I had a significant number of calls with grassroots DAOs, discussing their proposals and requests for joining NDC V1.

  2. Participation in the preparation of the NDC V1 budget for $3M.
    Near Digital Collective Budget and next steps

  3. Participated in the writing of important document for NDC:

  1. Actively participated in discussions on the Creative DAO request in October and the GWG proposal in October, providing feedback.

  2. Preparing a detailed analysis of the Creative DAO proposal in November and subsequent discussions and search for compromises with the Creative DAO team:

  1. Participated in 60% of House of Merit calls and took part in 85% of votes having examined each proposal in detail (in November this amounted to 28 proposals)

8.Actively participated in NDC chats and answered questions from the community. And also participated in most of the NDC Twitter spaces.

9.Also performed minor tasks, such as scheduling calls in the first days of the congress, or adding all HoM votes to clickup.

Always happy to answer your questions!

If you need to contect me feel free to DM me:

Telegram: @evg3nykh

Best wishes


Transparency Report to the Near Community - Chloe Lewis Oct + Nov

Dear Near Community,

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve in the House of Merit, a role entrusted to me through your confidence and votes. This report is a reflection of my journey and contributions over the past two months - October and November 2023, highlighting my efforts and aspirations within our vibrant community.

October 2023: A Month of Transition and Foundation Building

In October, my focus was on ensuring a smooth transition for the Near Digital Collective (NDC). This involved contributions to governance, particularly in aiding Grassroots DAOs (GDAOs) to prepare their applications to the NDC. My engagement in various NDC spaces and community calls was driven by a commitment to understand and contribute to the election processes and the overall dynamics of the House of Merit and NDC. Collaboratively, I worked with the Governance Working Group (GWG) to aid in the transition away from v0 governance. Progress was gradual, but looking back, the foundational steps taken have been integral to our collective growth.

November 2023: Advancing Governance and Community Engagement

November saw me delve deeper into governance and community engagement. I drafted and successfully got a proposal approved for the Near Research Collective (NRC) to join the NDC and actively participated in voting on a majority of the proposals within the House of Merit. My abstention from certain hiring-related proposals was a conscious decision, aligned with my principles. I also facilitated the Near Certified Researcher course and extended collaborations to include She is Near and various community projects though educational initiatives. A crucial part of this month was my interaction with NRC and Creatives DAO (CDAO) teams, alongside my work within the Marma J Foundation to foster creativity in the Near ecosystem. There have been challenges as well, particularly the need for better investment in our on-chain tools - a sentiment that echoes my belief in the potential of the Near ecosystem. I contributed where possible, joining group discussions and work, though I have not taken much of a leadership role yet. As the NDC becomes more structured, I am eager to find and embrace leadership opportunities.

Looking Forward: Commitment to Community and Governance

As I continue my term in Congress, my focus will be on enhancing community onboarding to the NDC and refining the voting process for our next elections. These areas are not just pivotal for our immediate progress but are also essential for our long-term success and cohesion as a community. I am excited and hopeful for what we can achieve together in the coming months.

Thank you once again for your trust and support. Together, we are building something truly remarkable.

Warm regards,

Chloe Lewis
House of Merit


hello, fam :sparkles:
In October and November, I have accomplished many things:
– contributed and wrote drafts of every document, prepared by TC, shared my opinions and comments on the docs to finalize them;
– voted on Astra++;
– attended every TC meeting;
– collected TC members’ activity in the HoM spreadsheet;
– participated in a few twitter spaces instead of TC Speaker when he was not available;
– contributed to NDC SMM team, creating and executing social media plans and strategy; established NDC news stream channel and chat, worked on NDC BOS page (described and started to build with tech team);
– attended all the calls with HoM, NF, SMM team, some with GDAOs;
– entered 80% chats HoM <> GDAOs to track HoM members activity;
– maintained communications with HoM, CoA, GDAOs, SMM team;
– worked day-by-day with operational tasks for the Congress;
– filling in time the activity spreadsheet Congress members activities - Google Sheets;
– involved in giving feedback on any form/documents that have been developed on top of TC, tested the forms before making them live for voting;
– reviewed and commented on every document/process developed by HoM;
– initiated TC weekly and monthly reports, created statements that were posted on NDC socials;
– was actively proposing ideas for improvement to make processes better;
– collaborated with NEARWEEK, MDAO, CDAO; amplified NDC updates through the ecosystem media partners and projects.
There was much more enthusiasm in the very beginning and it was a great start, I prepared a plan of TC tasks in the first days, which were executed during the next months of my active contribution. I’ve studied every line in the Governance Framework and made it implemented in TC docs.



Wax tc report

As a TC member I have voted on proposals, reviewed documents, provided feedback, attended weekly meetings, and participated in extensive discussions and communications both inside TC and with other stakeholders and created a comprehensive analysis of parts of Gov Framework referring to TC.

I have been also actively sharing all NDC events on my socials and getting my community involved


Hi respected NEAR Community, NDC contributor and NF representative.

I am Aescobar, member of Transparency Commision ( TC ) would like to share what I have been doing since 6th of October till end of November.

  1. Involving my self in every document + form preparation through input, feedback, raising concern.

  2. Attending every meeting been held for TC

  3. Attended one of all NDC series been held by the SMM team, I can’t keep up with timezone since it mostly happen on my 2-3am (asia time)

  4. In communication with community and project founder to keep them updated about NDC situation and phase. (mostly NFT verticals)

  5. Attend NEARCON and have some chat with others houses members like @DDeAlmeida and @blaze

  6. Initiate first draft of the code of conduct.

  7. Receiving feedback from the community and some NF representative on what they expect from TC.

  8. Vote on documents and form

Thankyou for reading my report, I acknowledge there is a room for me personally to improve in being detail on a document and learn on more native “words”



NDC TC Council Zubair Report Oct-Nov 2023


  • 100% Meeting attendance.

  • Being a transparency commission member, I have started my work with preparing the various documents with other members. I have mainly participated in weekly meetings, provided my suggestions, left comments in the docs.

  • Gave my contribution to review the initial drafts of the procedures, guidelines, forms etc. and provided feedback, shared my points to include. Tested the forms before making them live for voting. I have also written parts of Code of Conduct document.

  • The transition months have been tough because it took time to understand our actual duties, decode the framework and make it wider. We had to prepare each and every doc from the scratch and we didn’t have proper guidelines regarding that.




HoM Member Report:

As a member of HoM, I have actively engaged in voting on proposals (which was not always possible as voting closed immediately after reaching quorum), examined documents, given feedback, attended weekly meetings, and contributed to discussions and communications within both HoM and NDC Ops.

Currently, my focus is directed towards my involvement in voting working group and implementation AI agents in governance.


Below are the responses I submitted on my Performance Review Form submissions (every elected member of congress is required to submit that form).

October 2023

Details on Governance Contributions

Details on Collaborations

Spent a significant amount of time meeting with community members to learn about their grievances. This informed many of the guidelines. Proactively reaching out to other house members, GWG, NF Legal and Trustees seeking feedback on all new document drafted on document index. Mediating to the best of my abilities among different groups in congress, striving to create a suitable environment for everyone to be able to contribute and fulfil their roles.

Details on Documentation and Reporting

Innovation / Improvement Details

November 2023

Details on Governance Contributions

  • Hosting weekly TC syncs Requesting additional meetings when required due to workload and other priorities
  • Reading and analysing duplicate documents produced by other TC members
  • Attempting to make sense and merge duplicate documents
  • Looking into issues with modification to Code of Code by third parties after the document had been voted Reviewing all documents in detail again to ensure there are no other irregularities

Details on Community Engagement

  • Attended NEARCON 2023, represented NDC in two panels:
    – NEAR Governance Forum (Layer 2 Stage, Nov 10)
    – What 2024 looks like for the future of Decentralised Democracy (Layer 1 Stage, Nov 10)
  • Regular attendance as Speaker on weekly Twitter Spaces on NDC Account to update on TC progress and answer members from community.

Details on Documentation and Reporting

Innovation / Improvement Details

Migrated all TC documents to Github for better Version Control Researching, designing, and began draft of Third Party Review Framework



NDC HOM Council Rexux Report Oct-Nov 2023

In the past two months, as a HOM member, I actively participated in various calls involving GDAOs, HOM Internal discussions, interactions with other Houses, and other calls.

I contributed actively to the voting on Astra++ on polls like HOM Governance decisions, GDAO Polls, NDC Hiring, and more, achieving an impressive 94% participation rate.

During the initial two months, I took on the role of sponsoring MDAO and CDAO. I played a part in the creation of Astro++ polls for funding and was responsible for drafting and publishing additional Astro++ polls.

Additionally, reviewed and assisted grassroots DAO teams with their proposals as well.

To ensure smooth operations, I contributed to the maintenance of ClickUp for internal HOM management, ensuring everyone stays on the same page.

For any questions or comments, feel free to reach out, and I’m more than willing to discuss further.

Telegram: @rexux_in

Thank you to everyone for your collaboration and support.


Hey NEAR community!
I’m Alex, Aurora Labs Head of Finance/Legal and House of Merit member.
Please, consider my report for October and November as HoM member.

First of all I participated in on-chain voting process, appointment of the lead ops and other NDC stuff, budget allocation to different teams and DAOs, weekly and ad hoc calls on different day to day NDC questions.

In addition, I tried to be involved as much as possible into legal questions wrt NDC:

  • KYC provider.
  • Legal entity set up discussions.
  • NDC members liabilities considering their participation in NDC operations.
  • Taxation questions in respect of NDC members remunerations.
  • NF/Trustees calls/Lead ops calls and email discussions around listed topics.

In November I participated in 60% of weekly meetings and 58% of Votings.


Considering very inconvenient timing of calls and major discussions of NDC members, I will keep trying to do my best to actively participate in voting and communication processes within NDC, and share my knowledge and expertise in legal, finance and taxation questions.



TC Council Rahul’s Report For Oct-Nov 2023

  • I engaged in the refinement of documents by offering valuable suggestions and comments.
  • Proactively contributing ideas to enhance and optimize processes for continuous improvement.
  • Actively participated in the voting process for proposals and documents.
  • Consistently attended all scheduled meetings.
  • Tested out forms before sending them for on-chain voting.

Thank you!!


I’m Dav, House of Merit member.
This is my report for December 2023


I voted on every proposals maked.
I added on every refused proposals my PoV. If you need more discussion, feel free to ping me.



During december, I participated in every call managed by HoM, i also participated in some call with Ops Lead and Odin about Remuneration.


I actively participated in Call / Meeting with Congress.
Odin and i, worked on remuneration.

Reviewing documentations like MEMO, etc and helping congress members


If you have any question, comment, i will be happy to make a call or discuse with you.

My telegram: @Crypt_Dav
My Discord: dav_pandateam

Thank you


To continue from October and November:

In December I attended HoM meetings and voted on the proposals posted to the HoM DAO. I also worked with CDAO and the NRC to support their endeavors within the NDC.

I am looking forward to what the new year holds for the NDC and the near community as the NDC operations team gets set up.


TC Council Rahul’s Report For December 2023

  • Full attendance at meetings and providing valuable feedback on pertinent matters.

  • Notably, I maintained a 100% voting participation rate on proposals, which can be accessed through the following link:

  • Furthermore, I took the initiative to post a proposal for the removal of three Congress members in accordance with their resignations.

  • Additionally, I drafted a General Investigation Form post, intended to post via NDC Socials, to streamline the reporting process and enhance transparency.

  • Throughout December, the TC diligently organized multiple meetings addressing a range of topics, including on-chain voting for forms, remuneration discussions, and the formulation of a third-party review framework.

  • Lastly, active participation in discussions on dedicated roles within Houses.

  • Spent more than 4 hours per week

Thank You!!