Voting Body poll # 2: Streamline NDC processes and Empower the Community, please VOTE!

To improve the optimization of NDC management processes and streamline complex decision-making procedures, the Voting Body (VB) has decided to implement the following measures:

  1. Members of the House of Merit are required to cast their votes on proposals/polls within a stipulated period of three business days since once received from Grassroots DAOs individuals etc. (Currently, it takes 5 business days).

  2. The Councils of Advisors (CoA) is mandated to deliberate and decide on the exercise of a veto for House of Merit proposals within a timeframe of three business days. If not, the proposal is passed, not Vetoed by CoA. (Currently, it takes 7 days).

  3. The Transparency Commission should track voting activities and remove inactive Congress members from NDC on a monthly basis.

  4. The NDC trust is obligated to execute payments within three business days under the following conditions:

  • Approval by the House of Merit and absence of a veto from the CoA.
  • Submission of the payment request by individuals , DAOs appointed / hired by the House of Merit or NDC Congress members. It is imperative to note that the CoA is not involved in such requests and does not possess the authority to exercise a veto.
  1. TC should track voting activities by NDC trust and make suggestions for the removal of inactive NDC trust members to the Voting Body and HoM on a monthly basis.

  2. The House of Merit is required to permit new Grassroots DAOs to become integral members of the NDC and receive retroactive payments, even without a House of Merit consensus regarding the inclusion of the DAO in the NDC.

  3. Each Congress member and NDC trustee must do a monthly activities report. We also expect an increased level on Transparency (monthly reports (outcomes, funds received/ spent) from Near Foundation partners such DevHub, Near Hubs program, and all other Near Foundation grantees. The report should be mandatory for Congress members - representatives of such partnerships with Near Foundation

  4. TC should monitor this task and remove inactive members of Congress from the NDC on a monthly basis who are involved in partnerships with the NEAR Foundation and do not report on their activities.

  • TC should be responsible for tracking reports from all Grassroots DAOs, including current NEAR Foundation partners involved in the NDC. The report can be generated on the NEAR Forum as links to all proposals and reports from active DAOs and NDC partners.
  1. The House of Merit is compelled to expeditiously implement changes in the governance guidelines Near Digital Collective Grassroots DAOs, projects, individual contributors funding, onboarding and operations guide v1 subsequent to the approval of a poll.

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Still the first case in NDC using Voting Bodies mechanisms