Conclued: Purchase of Technological Equipment for the DAO

PROJECT: Purchase of Technological Equipment for the DAO


TECHNOLOGY: We value the use of technologies for creation, education, art, and innovation. Through them we can communicate, experience, experiment, transform realities, and create new life perspectives from the artistic experience in the fruition of the artists’ works up close projecting a new virtual artistic production

468 USD in NEAR to purchase VR (which will be used in our physical events / cultural actions making the technology accessible)

The purchase of this equipment will enable part of the team to take the technology in the spaces that hold cultural events / social projects / among others such as BRAZILIAN MUSIC.

The first event will be held in August, and will be an event designed to develop the self-sustainability of DAO.

We would like to have the equipment in our first social action ( [ANNUNCIAMENT] NEAR SOCIAL - REALIZE SOCIAL PROJECT / Via OCTÓPODE DAO ) but if there is no possibility of holding on that date, we will have the next action in 3 months of fundraising.

Timeline: Purchase the equipment as soon as the funds arrive for the DAO.

468 USD in NEAR

Amount directed to the fund realizar.near 10% is in the proposal for ATELIER VIVENCIES.

Equipment will be held by DAO.


[ report] Due to the delay in receiving the document and the financing, we have not yet purchased the equipment.
But we are waiting.
After receiving it, we will make the purchase and present the invoices in this document.

Guys, I am waiting for Near to go up a little because the promotion has expired and the price of the equipment has gone up. I will have to take a little of the value of my payment as council if you buy now, so I’ll wait at least a few days until it reaches a slightly higher value NEAR

The amount in Reais is higher than the order. So each council contributed so that we could make the purchase.

We will receive it by the beginning of September.

Thank you soo much.

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