[Concluded] Video of FEMINU DAO Manifesto (en) June 22

Proponent : Ghini
NEAR account for payment: ghini.near

Project Timeline: June 5 th – June 30 th 2022

Objective :

The goal of this proposal is to record and edit one video of the FEMINU DAO Manifesto in english.


The main reason for making these videos is to spread the FEMINU DAO Manifesto in the month that submissions will be opened for the International FEMINU (IF), an event that will host more than 100 artists from all over the world. The Manifesto expresses in a poetic way the intentions of uniting efforts around cis women artists, trans women, non-binary women and transvestites and it will be a way to promote the event and catch the attention of the artists to submmit to IF.

Project and Timeline:

In order to fulfill the objective, I intend:

Planning, general organization and recording the video and editing including scenes from the FEMINU exhibition.

Budget (June): at no cost

Artistic name: Ghini

Traditional, digital and NFT Artist, curator and poet.

Gambiarra DAO council, FEMINU DAO council.

FEMINU curator, Brazucas NFT curator, both historical exhibitions in the Museu.xyz in Cryptovoxels metaverse.

NFT’s exhibitions in New York (NFT.NYC 22), Art Basel Miami Week 22 and several exhibitions at Cryptovoxels Metaverse.

Physical artworks exhibited in Museums in Germany, Switzerland, Israel, Korea and Lithuania.

This year I will publish my first book of poems.

Links: @ghini_ar | Linktree

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Project Report – Video Manifesto (en)

Project Status: Concluded

The goal of this proposal was to record and edit one video of the FEMINU DAO Manifesto in english.

The project was done by me on a voluntary basis, having myself recited the FEMINU Manifesto, of my own authorship, in English.

I chose to use images of all the works that were exhibited at the FEMINU Exhibition last March, as a tribute to these incredible artists, many of whom are now an active part of this ecosystem. The video editing was done by one of them, @BiancaVictal, who already received 100USD in Near, paid by me with part of my payment as council.

I owe the success of the proposal to the fact that it is very important doing things in a voluntary way for the causes one believes in is one of the ways to succeed in our goals. In this case, as a DAO. My motto is always: go forth and do. Not expecting others to do it for me, not expecting that I will always be paid for the tireless work that I do, and not expecting recognition. I believe in FEMINU and that it can always make a difference in the lives of many artists as it has so far. And that is why I work for!