[CONCLUDED] The BlockChat — Near Friendly Talks (June, 2022)

Proponent: @bagadefente

NEAR account for payment: bagadefente.near

Duration: June, 6 to 30th (two biweekly episodes with an hour each)

Requested Amount: 500 USD in DAI, USN or NEAR


The BlockChat is a project for an online talk show created, produced and presented by myself, Baga Defente, that aims to have informal friendly talks with artists from different areas and languages, part of the Near ecosystem. The main idea is to create a space for those artists to present a bit of him and herselves, talking about their personal journey, motivations, influences, creative process, how they joined Near Protocol and all that came along.

I’m finishing the first month of this project, as you can check on my report. The second episode should have been streaming today (May 30th), but we have to change because of the guest’s agenda and it will be on June 2nd.


Keep producing the talk show, with two more episodes live streamed via NADA∴Studio Criativo’s YouTube channel. After the first episode, I decided to extend it from 45 minutes to one hour, as this period proved to be better for a more in-depth talk. I’m still checking dates and guests’ agendas, so I prefer to announce the names only after I’m sure who they will be.

As I said in my initial proposal, I still really don’t feel able to conduct a live interview with other people than Portuguese speakers, but as my English is improving everyday since I’m interacting with the Near ecosystem, expanding to talks in that language should be just a matter of time.


First (and obviously), the members of the Gambiarra community, as well as other Brazilian and Portuguese-speaking DAOs and communities in Near ecosystem (IncubadoraPT, nomadelabel, The Clan, CUDO, etc) and any interested external audience.

The fact of being live on YouTube can be a form to reach wider audiences from the guests’ networks, who have interest in understanding more about blockchains, web3 and all that, but don’t always try to get their hands dirty… so, using all available social profiles (DAOs, community members, host, guests, etc.) we’ll try to reach and bring these curious people closer to us.

The live episodes will also be recorded and permanently available to watch after the live streaming at NADA Studio Criativo’s YouTube channel. The recorded version can be uploaded or shared on a playlist on the hosting DAO channel.


6-12/06 — pre-production (research, advertising pieces, guidelines and divulgation for next ep.)
13/06 — streaming setup and technical tests
14/06 — episode 3 live streaming
15-26/06 — pre-production (research, advertising pieces, guidelines and divulgation for next ep.)
27/06 — streaming setup and technical tests
28/06 — episode 4 live streaming


Planning & pre-production - 160 USD
Divulgation (graphic & video pieces for social media) - 160 USD
Instagram promoted posts - 20 USD
Setup, transmission & host - 160 USD
Total = 500 USD in DAI


Previous episode

Gambiarra DAO is a Brazilian NFT artists guild on Near formed in January, 2022, already with more than 120 artists.

Sarau Akangatu is a poetry gathering created by Baga Defente in 2018, with seven editions that took place in cafes, bars and plazas in Botucatu (SP, Brazil), until covid came in 2020, when it morphed into a live streaming event, with another seven editions until 2021. When moved from real-life to the virtual world, it turned into a kind of talk show, with Baga interviewing writers and then opening the mic for participants.

Finally, I’m Baga Defente, poet, publisher and artist-etc. who works with several media, languages and supports, all of them connected through the poetics of chance. I’m also the founder and creative director of NADA Studio Criativo, a hybrid of multimedia creative studio with an independent micropublishing house. I started in NFTs in March, 2021 and joined Near through Gambiarra in late January.


Hello @bagadefente … I really liked the format of your project. I just would like to better understand what would be the part of hosting.
Your proposal will be evaluated by the council.
See you


Hey @Dazo, thanks for your words!

Hosting is almost the last — and, in some ways, most important — part of the process: put the face in front of the camera and begin to talk with the audience and the guests, is to host people in a friendly, interesting and supportive way, conducting the show as a whole.

On bigger projects/programs, this parts are made by different people: someone works on script, other on production and, generally, the host “only” hosts. In my case, being a multitask person, I feel that, at least at this moment, I’m able to do all the functions, which increase my payment allowing me to dedicate more time to the project.

Let me know if that answered your question.



Baga I loved the proposal of your project.
You are fulfilling a fundamental role of recording history! This is extremely important for our community.
In the future these records will be historical.
Congratulations for the interview with Ghini, soon I will see Gus’ interview <3


Whuoolll … thanks for the explanation @bagadefente I understood perfectly. I asked curious because I also work with videos and did not know exactly what it would be.
You explaining and I having watched the interviews with Ghini and Gus I can understand perfectly. I found the conversation with them really cool, I confess that I am a fan of both of them.
Congratulations for the work, we are waiting for the new episodes for June, count on our support for this month’s budget.



Thanks for your kindly words, Isa! :pray:

I never had thought this project in the way you said — even with @macieira telling me something like that — but looking now this makes sense and, UOW, what a responsibility! :grimacing:

I’m glad to be able to talk to so many interesting people and hoping that I can continue doing this until this stops to make sense for the ecosystem =)


It’s “easy” to make nice episodes when chatting interesting people, right? :upside_down_face:

Even occasionally interacting with guests on a day-to-day basis, in groups we participate in, I’m really getting to know these people during the show itself, and it’s been fantastic!

Thanks for your support :pray: :pray: :pray:



Project Status: CONCLUDED

Project accounting
The main goal of this proposal it’s to make possible the continuity of The BlockChat — Near Friendly Talks, a talk show hosted by me that intends to present Brazilian members from the Near creatives ecosystem through informal talkings live streamed on YouTube. In June, I held two more episodes with 60 minutes each.

Highlights & comments
After the first two episodes, the overall show structure is defined and working: I start the show and, during the first minutes I wait for the public to arrive while I present myself, the show and give some announcements. Around five minutes later, I thank Gambiarra DAO and the Near Foundation, answer the hellos from people in the chat and begin the show reading a poem I chose based on the guest personality and/or work.

After this first part, I invite him/her to join me and ask for a little presentation. Then I generally have 8 previously elaborated questions, which I created after researching the guest’s bio and artworks. This works more like a guideline to myself than something we need to stick to, as the idea is to have a friendly and fluid talk.

After the first questions we get into the guest works, and I show some selected images while we talk about it. And, generally I use this moment to present and explore some web3 and Near concepts, always trying to explain how they work on a practical level.

On the third episode, I talked to @LulucaL about bounties, what they are, how they work and what’s their importance on the Near creatives ecosystem. We also talked a little about DAOs and, obviously, NFTs and its marketplaces, themes that appeared in all shows until now (and probably will continue).

In the episode with @macieira, we talked about proposals and ways of create and produce inside Near, and we also talked about @Gambiarra’s origin, first at a Mintbase store and how that became a DAO.

The four streamed episodes until now ​​share the same friendly atmosphere, with web3 technologies and art topics mixed with the guest trajectories and relevant questions and concepts covered.

Learnings & Insights
This month I was able to define and organize the definition of the guests with more time, but had some timeline problems of divulgation. Even so, the pieces were all shared in social media profiles and pertinent groups both in WhatsApp and Telegram. For the next month, if the next proposal is approved, I will also share on Discord, a platform I still don’t use very much.

During the 4th episode I had our first technical problem, with the guest going offline for almost ten minutes because of his connection problems. I wasn’t expecting this, but it was nice to see how I could handle this with humor, transparency and, especially, the help from people in the forum, who started to talk with me and between themselves, doing jokes and other fun stuff. I’d like to say thanks to everyone that helped me with that until the guest was back! For the next episodes I’ll keep in mind to know how to handle better if something similar happens again.

Links & Materials

EPISODE #3 — Guest: L

short URL: bit.ly/blockchat03

Full episode :point_down: :point_down:t6: :point_down:t4:


EPISODE #4 — Guest: Alexandre Macieira

Short URL: bit.ly/blockchat04

Full episode :point_down: :point_down:t6: :point_down:t4:

Because of technical problems on Instagram, I wasn’t able to post the video-invite for this episode on reels, so I don’t have the numbers for it. But it was shared on Stories, divided in four, with a 90 views average on each. Below, numbers from YouTube:

Next steps

In July I will once again propose two more episodes to Gambiarra DAO, and then I’ll move to another one, because this project intends to show how diverse our ecosystem is. On a wider view, my idea with The BlockChat is to go beyond creatives and talk with developers, enthusiasts and all kinds of people inside Near, initially focusing on Portuguese speakers, but at the right moment also with English ones.

At last, but not least, I’d like to once again thank the Gambiarra council and members for believing in this proposal and giving me this opportunity! :pray:

See you on the next BlockChat! :wink:


Must luuuuuvvvvv :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

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Excellent proposal and project development!

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thanks, Cleusa :pray:t4:

this project has been very meaningful and allowed me to learn a lot!

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