[CONCLUDED] MintbaseSunday 7th edition

I also participated with this watercolor NFT art on paper. #gambiarraear 7th edition #MintbaseSunday.



Project Status: COMPLETED

Project accounting:
The MintbaseSunday has been consolidating itself as an important action to promote the artists of Gambiarra’s store and many times involving other stores of the Mintbase marketplace, encouraging artists to create their NFTs and enabling a greater movement of buying and selling during the period of the event. This edition was different, the arts were put on sale less than 1 Near, without the obligation of a specific value and number of copies, giving more freedom to artists to choose the best strategy for selling each one. On Sunday, June 19th, was the day of the collective disclosure, a list with the links of the participating arts was organized and disseminated on social networks and groups of people interested in NFTs.
We created two galleries in 3XR Space with the arts that participated in the 7th Edition MintbaseSunday.
We made a cut of the edition with artworks selected by Gambiarra curator @Ghini that were exhibited at GambiarraDAO’s building in the Metaverse Voxels - Voxels .

Artists posted the hashtags requested at the orientation and so we identified who signed up. #MintbaseSunday #GambiarraNear

We put invitations on posters for the event.
The links can be found in @gambiarraNear bio

**** Budget: USD 500 in NEAR**

400 USD - ALEXANDRE MACIEIRA macieira.near
100 USD - MAYRA MENDES mayramendes.near

Project Schedule updated:

In early June 2022 the graphic materials and texts for dissemination were produced.
Between June 10 and 18, the dissemination was carried out with text and poster inviting the community through publications on social networks such as Twitter and Instagram, in addition to Telegram, Whatsapp and Discord groups of the network of artists interested and active in NFT. All the content was also available on Gambiarra DAO’s social networks.
On June 16, 17 and 18 the artists minted their art.
On Sunday, June 19, the collective disclosure was carried out, in addition to the disclosure of each participating artwork, a list with the links of the arts was organized and disseminated on social networks and groups interested in NFTs.

Highlights and comments:

The 7th Edition of MintbaseSunday was different with positive changes helping even more in strengthening this action that we love so much here at Gambiarra DAO, it continues to be an opportunity for artists to publicize their work and for us to insist on an action that aims to bring investors to the Mintbase-NEAR network and get to know our work. The collection of artworks in the MintbaseSunday Collection continues to grow, there are 150 arts and a total of 62 artists participating in our editions.


The 7th edition MintbaseSunday came to prove how changes are possible and new adaptations will always be welcome so that with this we can achieve the goal of spreading the work of each artist and their art. The work continues, the study and research of each one values the action, developing the descriptions of each work of art, organizing the collection, thus improving the exposure of the work of each artist.

Next steps:

The next MintbaseSunday will be on July 17, 2022.


NFT Art to promote the seventh edition of #MintbaseSunday

NFT Art to promote the 7th edition of #MintbaseSunday in Portuguese

NFT Participants of the seventh edition of #MintbaseSunday in English

NFT Participants of the seventh edition of #MintbaseSunday in Portuguese

NFT 7th edition #MintbaseSunday - Part One | 06/19/2022

NFT 7th edition MintbaseSunday - Part Two | 06/19/2022

Visit the MintbaseSunday 7th Edition Exhibition at 3XR Space, click on the link.

  • First Part of the Exhibition


  • Second part of the Exhibition


Below is the list of the participants of the MintbaseSunday 7th Edition:


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see here the exhibition: Voxels

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