[Concluded] **Curating proposal for Gambiarra DAO art events in July 22**

Curating proposal for Gambiarra DAO art events in July 22

Proponent : Ghini
NEAR account for payment: ghini.near

Project Timeline: Jule 1 th – July 31th 2022

Objective :

The goal of this proposal is to continue the curatorial advisory for all exhibitions and cultural events to be developed by Gambiarra store and publications on social networks, in the month of June, as detailed below.


Exhibitions are the primary way of disseminating art. When it comes to NFTs, we need to keep in mind that they will soon represent one of the most important vehicles for art trading.

It is estimated that in a few years every person on the planet will own at least one work of art in NFTs, representing an extremely significant trading volume within blockchains.

Therefore, NFTs art is a market that is only likely to grow.

Justification and metrics:

Gambiarra store has held several cultural and artistic activities every month, some of them already known to the community for their constancy, such as the MintbaseSunday, and have been occupying 3 floors on a leased parcel for free and realizing several exhibitions every month. Now we will have a 4th floor for our artistic events, beside the sides of the Gambiarra Gallery building.

The importance of having a curator in these artistic events is that the curator’s sharp eye establishes different clippings, create interesting design exhibitions, and unusual encounters between artists, which together form a language of their own to instigate visitors.

I guess it is interesting to read my June report ([Concluded] Curating proposal for Gambiarra art events in June - #4 by Ghini) to figure out everything that was done: 69 (sixty nine) new NFTs in the Near blockchain exhibited in four exhibitions , representing a 70% increase over last month. We also had an increase in the number of owners (14%) with the increase of only 2 new minters, wich means a substantial increase in our sales proving that our events and the promotion in the social networks revealed to be effective in obtaining this result.

Curation within this context plays a very important role, so much that in the first module of the Near Certified Creative (in progress - to be launched in august), there will be a curation class among five other subjects and this class will be taught by me, which I am very honored for. [Proposal] EDU Creatives Project

For the month of July, I intend to increase my curatorial work planning 4 exhibitions, in addition to Gambiarra DAO invites, to be assembled according to the proposals that will be approved, and in case there are not 4 exhibitions, I will curate, preferably holding the exhibition of the GIFs that was not possible in the month of May, for lack of space, with a page in our Discord so the artists can post their artwork as a submission for the exhibition.

We’ll have the “Gambiarra DAO Invites” event, as we had in April and May, which is to invite other DAOs to exhibit on the sides of the Gambiarra Gallery building, in a collaborative movement between DAOs , in order to provide an exhibition space within the cryptovoxels metaverse for DAOs that do not have a gallery there. This month of July the invited DAO will be The Clan DAO.


In order to fulfill the objective, I intend:

- planning and general organization based on the approval proposals

- get in touch with every proponent to discuss the needs of each proposal and make the necessary choices and decisions to organize and realize the exhibition;

- in order to organize and assembly the “Gambiarra DAO Invites”, work together with @macieira who is in touch with The Clan DAO and doing the curatorship for this event.

- continue to chose the highlitghs for the permanent exhibition that will take place on the ground floor

- continue to do the meta architectural work in the building, as needed.

Budget (May): 500 USD will be required, paid to ghini.near

TOTAL: 500 USD in near

Artistic name: Ghini

Traditional, digital and NFT Artist, curator and poet.

Gambiarra DAO council, FEMINU DAO council.

Teacher of curation class in the Near Certified Creative (about to begin in august)

FEMINU curator, Brazucas NFT curator, both historical exhibitions in the Museu.xyz in Cryptovoxels metaverse.

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Project Report

Curating proposal for Gambiarra art events July 22

Project Status: Concluded

Project Accounting: The main objective of this project was to do continue the curatorial work for the Gambiarra store due to the many events and the great number of artists that compose the store.

Timeline, highlights and analytics:

Number of NFTs exposed in the Gambiarra Gallery: 51 Near NFTs

The GIF’s exhibition had no submissions, so the exhibition didn’t occurred.

The first exhibition in the Gambiarra Gallery was the Bounty Black n’ White with 16 NFTs, in the Aquarium floor.

The second exhibition took place in the second floor and exhibited 13 Near NFTs with the Rock n’ Roll theme.

The third exhibition was the 8th MintbaseSunday curatorial selection of 20 Near NFTs , and assembly in the 3th floor.
There was a change in the exhibition concept of Gambiarra Invites event to give greater prominence to the works of MintbaseSunday on the third floor that won a red marquee that gives great prominence to the work.

The GIF’s exhibition had no submissions, so the exhibition did not occur.

well-planned and executed exhibitions can bring immense gains to an artistic cultural event, providing great visibility for the artistic community and possibility for growth of the mintings within the Near’s blockchain.

Summary of the work done in July:

Summary of the work done in July:
  • planning and general organization based on the approval proposals.
  • get in touch with every proponent to discuss the needs of each proposal and make the necessary choices and decisions to organize and realize the event;
  • metaarchitectural work in the building, establishing a new design for the 3rd floor.

I owe the success of the proposal, among other things, to the fact that the curatorial work, exhibition design and metaarchitecture were carried out in an integrative and conceptual way, which made a lot of difference and the result can be seen in these three exhibitions that totalize 51 (fifty one) Near NFTs exhibited.

B&W Exhibition - first floor: (17 NFts)

Rock n’ Roll - second floor - (14 NFTs) https://www.cryptovoxels.com/play?coords=N@6578W,120S,7U

MintbaseSunday 8th Edition curatorial – third floor- (20 NFTs) https://www.cryptovoxels.com/play?coords=N@6578W,120S,10.5U