[COMPLETED] 8 flash fiction pieces as sci-fi NFTs

PROJECT: 8 flash fiction pieces as sci-fi NFTs

PROPONENT: Gabriel Felipe Jacomel

NEAR account: gabrielfelipejacomel.near

It is a great honor to present this proposal to the guild I am a part of. Some of my main publications in the field of literature are in the Science Fiction genre, since a workshop I did in 2017 with one of the great masters of the style in Brazil, Luiz Bras. The following year, Luiz founded Coletivo KriptoKaipora, which I have been a member of since its foundation - that brought together several sci-fi writers who have joined forces in several publications since then.

Having recently discovered Web 3, it seemed a natural step to bring these two worlds together: literary writings about the unfolding future, with the ecosystem that seems to bring us that future into the most different forms of reality.

OBJECTIVE: To create and mint 8 Science Fiction flash fiction NFTs, each one minted as an image composed by different artists of Nomade Label DAO - 4 artists in total, with 2 images/gifs each. The content will be minted on Writer’s Guild mintbase store, with 25% shared with the guild.

Artists suggested:





PROJECT TIMELINE: May 8th to May 31st

  • May 8th-14th: Writing process of the first 4 texts to be sent to 4 artists;

  • May 15th-21st: Artwork design, as well of writing process or the remaining 4 texts;

  • May 22nd-29th: Artwork design and proofreading process by myself;

  • May 30th-31st: Minting and dissemination (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter of Writer’s Guild, Nomade Label, Coletivo KriptoKaipora, Gabriel Felipe Jacomel) of the NFTs.


  • 100 USD for 4 artists to create the images/gifs (2 each) = 400 USD

  • 400 USD for me to write 8 pieces of sci-fi flash fiction, proofread the entire material and mint the NFTs.


FINAL PRODUCT: 8 NFTs of sci-fi flash fiction with artwork by 4 great Brazilian artists of Nomade Label on Writer’s Guild mintbase store.



Quero! Awesome this Gabriel project :heart:

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That will be great, my dear Aline, the world needs more of your unbelieavable work! <3 <3 <3

I love scifi and cyberpunk literature! Amazing project! You Rocks Gabriel

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It will be a pleasure to work in another project with you, Caleb! o/

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It is with great pleasure that I write this Report for the Writer’s Guild. These were weeks of intense work and emotion management, as well as a valuable exchange between myself and the Nomade Label artists who participated in this Proposal.

From an initial call for possible artists in the Proposal itself, I got in touch with those who showed interest in working on this project by commenting on the post, that is, @alinedaka and @calebav. I had already recently worked with Caleb on the Proposal “4 mão 2 canção”, with huge success, so I was already familiar with his graphic approach and had full confidence in his work. As for Aline’s work, I’m a longtime admirer of her work as one of the best Brazilian comic artists, so it’s a wish fulfilled to work with her.

Subsequently, I invited three other artists from Nomade Label whose work impresses me, and I was very happy when @fucsia, @thaisampr/@filmesdeinfiltracao and @bagadefente agreed to be part of this journey. But half the month had passed (funding issues delayed the progress of several Proposals) and I still had to write texts thinking about each artist’s style. This process was a little stressful, because what I thought matched was not always what the artist thought too… obviously this made the partnerships even better, as each artist came up with brilliant ideas related to the flash-fiction pieces, which they read at first in Portuguese, and then, after their approval, the final version in English. The translation process was also full of pains and delights, and I almost gave up on a text that had already been approved by the artist for reasons of “lost in translation”. I’m glad I found a satisfactory solution and kept that piece of flash fiction.

Thank you so much to all these artists who shared their absolutely amazing work with me and the world these days. You are awesome! Thanks also to the Writer’s Guild, to Creatives DAO for funding this project, and to Nomade Label DAO for giving me the opportunity to meet such talented artists.


Super happy to be part of your project !!! I was really nice to rediscover my images together with new texts propositions! I’m loving it! <3


In love with your work, my dear, it was a great pleasure! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: