Community Team Updates: The Week Ahead (Week of 31st January)

February is NEAR and my priorities for the coming week are:

  • Announcing the Guilds Platform Advisory Group (forum post to follow)

  • Publishing the final proposal for Community-driven DAOs and completing any/all associated processes with @grace

  • Announcing the new Business on NEAR DAO Council (forum post to follow)

  • Working on a project launch awareness strategy with Human Guild

  • Coordinating a cross-team sync and ideation on a Community-oriented Project Pipeline Support Strategy with @mecsbecs


Thanks, Harshit! My priority for the following week haven’t changed much:

  • Helping Harshit and Jessica with guild adoption strategy for the on-chain platform- next phase since the platform is now live.
  • Guilds platform roadmapping and working group with Harshit.
  • Guilds onboarding
  • Support a NFT project from India with their launch and the NxM + NEAR NFT guild.
  • Strategy work with Rebecca

Happy Friday, team!!

Next week’s plans are:

  • Finalize community support required for top projects

  • Check on additions we want to make to the wiki (regional blueprint + FAQs)

  • Work with mods to make tweaks to moderator workflow

  • Receive budgets to start campaigns

  • Draft Community Playbooks for Guilds and new NEAR Projects

  • Finalize onboarding NFTs


GM GM :sun_with_face:

Next week’s goals:

  • Find and activate a NEAR Wiki consultant
  • Continue Wiki contributions
  • Finalise DaveFi content plan
  • Investigate dedicated tooling and expand the community guidelines from:

My priorities for next week - as already listed by others with more thoughts:

  • Strategy work continued with @shreyas

  • Compiling the dates and milestone timelines from the team’s project plans for the quarter to finish the confirmed road map for the Community Team for 2022 Q1 (to be published on the Forum)

  • Adjustments to the new Community Payout Process based on feedback given on the Forum and internally [starting with a meeting on Monday]

  • ETHDenver - pushing programming & copy, F&B planning, supporting @jlwaugh with the Guild-a-thon promotion & to form a confirmed schedule for community activations to be published on the ETHDenver micro site (to go live next week)

    • looking to @olpl to provde some project management and logistics support here too
    • fitting ETHDenver community activation planning into broader community events strategy (KR 2.3)
  • sync with Nicole Tay to set expectations for the Project Pipeline Support infrastructure (which will include @chronear and potentially @jcatnear @jlwaugh to follow)

  • NEARWEEK use case for DAO Working Group meeting and next steps determination


Hello! Here is my work plan for this week, I am sorry I am sharing this a bit late

  • Zug Meet Up is happening today Monday - If you are in Switzerland, make sure to join us: NEAR Meet ZUG | Meetup

  • Complete Performance and Peer reviews

  • Participate in a team leadership offsite

Its going to be a very busy week, I might be a bit slow in responding to messages or comments in the forum.

@jlwaugh @Jessica we are waiting for your week plan, please share it here.


Thanks Harshit, My priorities for the week:

  • Phase one guild adoption strategies, sync with Ross re Guilds NFT airdrops.
  • Update the Guilds wiki to include brief explainer about guilds platform during onboarding.
  • Guilds onboarding Plus clean up copper (need to add all pending cards that were not synced while copper was broken)
  • Exploring guilds regional expansion initiatives with @shreyas
  • Meeting with Annabelle and guilds dashboard team to make some improvements to the visual aspects.
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