Community Squad Weekly Update: 5 July 2021

Hi NEARverse!

Our team is here to share key results from last week, plans for this week, and current blockers.

@shreyas @starpause @mecsbecs @jcatnear @chloe @jlwaugh @3UN1C3 @Grace

Let us know any feedback :slightly_smiling_face: We hope to discuss ideas for projects, answer questions, learn from your experience, and facilitate coordination with you!


Sorry I neglected to give an update last week!

Results from past 2 weeks:

  • coordinated with team regarding Q3 objectives and metrics of a successful ecosystem
  • started to develop my 30/60/90-day plan focused on community advocacy, engagement, adoption, integration of tools, and learning
  • shared a project via the Open Web Sandbox Airtable form, requesting help to improve the NEAR Community repository on GitHub
  • launched and promoted a Gitcoin Grant, then drafted a blog post about a Governance Research Group, led by the Token Engineering Academy and other “Governauts
  • discussed multidimensional tokenization with Rhyme Taylor of Minting Music
  • shared feedback with Guilds Management Crew ~ recommended the application process on the NEAR website be framed as an optional request for support
  • reconnected with Ozy to better understand his priorities
  • organized technical workshop about Aurora for the Crypto NYC community
  • met with Coordinape founder to explore ideas / collaborations
  • participated in discussion about NEAR Ecosystem Treasury DAO
  • revised Open Web Contributor Playbook based on feedback
  • supported integration of Catalyst personas with OWS profiles
  • helped onboard new moderators

Plans for this week:

  • present my 30/60/90-day execution plan to the collective and community
  • refresh plans to intentionally reorganize NEAR Discord channels and consolidate roles
  • write forum post about Altruistic DAOs building on the concept of Charity DAOs
  • publish blog post: “Governauts: Exploring the Multiverse of DAOs”
    • create a Governance DAO to experiment with meta processes
  • answer questions from various project leaders and contributors
  • continue discussions with developers of Coordinape ~ send more info about Aurora
  • explore ways to further collaborate with Token Engineering Academy
  • attend DeFi Happy Hour

[Preamble] New Quarter, New Vibes:

  • This week is all OKRs all the time and to further our plans for greater transprency, I’ve set up a OKRs subcategory here on the Forum for our team to use if they so desire to post their Q3 visions: About the OKRs category

  • I have created my [Q3 OKRs] Rebecca Hallquist - Community Squad - Community OS Specialist which includes my first NEAR 30-60-90 execution plan [Miro board fun ahead] under this new subcategory. I did model this idea after what trailblazer @chloe did and thanks to @shreyas and @norah.near for sharing their own Miro boards in advance so we could better align on some overlapping areas. Feedback welcome!

Results from Last Week:

  • Finished work on the Guilds Program Revamp [July 2021] document which is currently undergoing internal review before it is made public by this Friday

  • Created internal timeline for OPERATION WATERFALL a.k.a. the plan for the full implementation of the new DAO verticals and new Guild project-based rewards structure, which will be implemented by July 31st ( :mechanical_arm: CC: @shreyas @jcatnear @3UN1C3)

  • Met with and on boarded a new Creative guild to the ecosystem with @chloe: [Welcome] C1 Guild Introduction

  • Added my contributions to the new Minting Music business model and Bonnaroo plans & participated in a great meeting discussing potential partnership with Paras, Mintbase, NxM/DAOrecords with @chloe @Grace
    -next steps to come

  • Worked with the OWS Council to present Sandbox’s 5-month road map and market strategy plans to the MarCom team & to facilitate the first time SputnikDAO was used for Sandbox’s end-of-month rewards claiming

  • Helped onboard @norah.near and looking forward to working closely together! Welcome to the team, Norah :partying_face: !

Action Items for this week:

  • Ensure my Q3 OKRs align with the rest of the MarCom team where there are distinct overlap areas (@starpause @jcatnear @jlwaugh @ross @JMaenen @3UN1C3)

  • OWS/Guilds Program introduction conversations with new Guild leaders launched in June continue

  • Lending support for the upcoming Guilds Launch on July 16

  • Kick-starting OWS Party Planning conversations [Save the date: Thurs. July 29th @ 5pm CET]

  • Push the new public availability of the Community Wiki on Gitbook with the beginning Community OS materials: the Guilds Playbook v.0 and the Open Web Contributor Playbook (cc: @JMaenen @jcatnear @jlwaugh) - let’s get community feedback and make these resources stronger!

  • get the Creatives DAO and Guilds Management Crew on Copper uploading their contacts and beginning to use the available work streams by this Friday 9th (or so help me) (cc: @chloe @shreyas @3UN1C3 @jcatnear @norah.near)

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  • India accelerator bootcamp prep, interviews and shortlisting- 44 startups, introductions to mentors on-going, sync with internal review team about process and steps for upcoming interviews with shorlisted companies.
  • Interviews for online community manger
  • NEAR Japan DAO proposal with FV team
  • Design guild proposal meeting with Alan
  • NEAR Singapore guild meeting with Edwin
  • Guild interviews and onboarding
  • Mineria virtual guild proposal and meeting
  • OKR and 30-60-90

This week:

  • India accelerator
  • Hiring
  • Hackathon guild
  • Guild stuff with guild management team
  • NEAR India monthly call
  • Guild wave 2 launch
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