Community Squad Weekly Update: 5 APR 21

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Priorities (Update every Monday)
Progress and blockers (Update every Thursday)


Another week filled with super cool ideas for our buzzing community!

  • Working to submit the first draft of our Community OS (operating system) deck.
  • The community team’s roles are being updated, as we will wear multiple hats.
  • We received lots of application for the Community OS Specialist role, which are under review and some candidates are being interviewed.
  • Fine tuning our Team objectives and key results for this quarter
  • 3 proposals were approved last week from our community fund. :rocket:

Focus has continued to be on Hackathon prep and Guild Onboarding

  • Continuing to work on blog posts for the bounty tasks to submit to the DAO’s
  • Hackathon website to be complete by eow for blogs to go up
  • Supporting Creative Communities in their onboarding into the NEAR Guilds Program

Progress from last week:

  • reviewed Community Fund processes
  • participated in “We Are Open” workshop
  • helping DevRel team revamp individual contributor program (new form)
  • documented “Current State of NEAR Community” for internal purposes
  • shared NEAR Community Update
  • moving forward with Open Web Governance Challenge
  • answered questions via Discord, Telegram, etc.


Priorities for this week:

  • understand Community OS requirements
  • support Rainbow Bridge marketing efforts
  • write about NEAR Components
  • coordinate our next adventure with Open Sourcerers
  • discuss team OKRs for Q2

Focus this week:

  • Guild onboarding
  • Community OS
  • Meeting with Workinton Turkey for community engagement & hackathon initiatives.
  • Meet with Vandal on Music Guild and support mechanism for guilds
  • Meet with Pratik regarding Hackathon guild and proposal
  • Meet with Fabian to discuss VR Music club proposal and guild
  • NEAR India accelerator- hiring devrel and finalizing prizes
  • OSA grant review with Stefano and Grace
  • Meet with Ryan regarding NFT and Music project - Guild
  • NEAR India monthly community call
  • Meet with Prasad regarding India community role
  • Paras NFT support with Riqi
  • NEAR India monthly community call
  • Review BI, Africa, PH, Reddit and funding proposals.
  • Perf review


  • Blocked on hosting and domain update access (checking in with Illia next)
  • Hackathon page ready for handoff from MP
  • CommunityOS PRD
  • 2021 OKRs
  • Grant & funding reviews
  • AssemblyScript Github community