Community Metrics 29 MAR 21

:fire: Community Metrics Update Thread
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Korea tg group
[3/22 ~ 3/29] 170 → 798

Korea Kakaotalk group
plan to make

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Weekly Report

  1. NEAR articles in Vietnamese:
    Octopus Network Partners with NEAR:
    Octopus Network hợp tác với NEAR - NEAR Protocol
    Well hello, NEAR Academy:
    Thông Báo Ra Mắt NEAR Academy - NEAR Protocol
  2. Facebook update:
  1. Telegram group NEAR Vietnam:
    Total member: 3749 → 3747
    Keep active group and update new notifications everyday
    Answer questions of community 24/7
    Discuss in market information
  1. Community Report:
    Trade Coin Viet Nam

oh it’s an honor to have my article on Coin98 to be mentioned in Community Metrics this week! Thanks a lot and more articles about “Landscape in NEAR” are coming in!!


China community update: 2021/03/22-2021/03/29.

  1. Officially managed groups 46, total members 10502->10938
  2. QQ officially managed group: 727-> 763
  3. Top guild of this week: 6 (Berry Club guild, MoonBlock guild, Little Fish guild, Mars Finance ,WeNear guild, Tracy’s team)
  4. The total members of Guild: 33.
  5. Total size of community on Tencent social platform (WeChat/QQ): 11229-> 11701