NDC Code Of Conduct by Transparency Commission


The NDC, which stands for Near Digital Collective, is an independent movement led by the NEAR Community. It was originally proposed by NEAR co-founder Illia Polosukhin. The goal of the NDC is to establish a community treasury and governance model that allows the NEAR ecosystem to collectively make decisions, such as funding initiatives and electing representatives. The NDC’s purpose is to steer NEAR towards becoming a truly decentralized network that can self-organize and self-govern.

Creating a safe place within the NDC is important to foster a positive and inclusive community environment. To achieve this, several actions can be taken. Community guidelines and codes of conduct should be in place, outlining expected behaviors and consequences for any violations such as Fraud, Theft, Harassment, Misuse of power, Non-compliance, etc. This helps set a standard for respectful and responsible interactions among community members.

These codes of conduct apply to everyone in the NDC community and promote an inclusive and welcoming environment for diverse community members. It helps maintain trust and cohesion within the community by addressing violations and ensuring accountability.

Platforms where the COC applies for NDC community:

  • Near Ecosystem Public Social Media Platforms (Twitter, YouTube, Spotify, Discord, public open Telegram channels/chats, Reddit, Near.Social, etc)
  • Community meetings, Governance forum, NDC Offline events.

To achieve success in the vision above, everyone should consider and agree to adhere to the following conduct guidelines:

1. Inclusivity and Respect

All participants are expected to treat each other with respect and value diversity, including differing viewpoints. Offensive language, personal attacks, and discrimination based on gender, race, or religion are not tolerated. Every community member has the right to express their thoughts, ask questions in their preferred language and style, and present arguments and facts they are familiar with. Freedom of speech and self-expression play a vital role in our ecosystem, and no one should restrict them under any pretext or job-related responsibilities.

2. Language

When engaging with individuals from diverse backgrounds worldwide, it is crucial to exercise caution in our language usage. Language can carry historical connotations that may unintentionally harm or offend others. This includes but is not limited to aspects such as age, gender, religion, race, economic status, social background, nation, health, or gender identity.

If our language does cause offense, it is vital to acknowledge this and make sincere efforts to find solutions. While resolution may not always be possible, our first step should be to hold ourselves and one another accountable.

Our community is dedicated to promoting continuous understanding and acceptance while recognizing and acknowledging the cultural differences among people from various countries worldwide. Variances in communication styles and cultural norms should be regarded as a natural part of our environment.

3. Professionalism & Manners

Uphold professional standards in all your interactions within the community, whether through written communication or in-person engagements. When providing feedback or engaging in discussions, maintain a constructive and solution-oriented approach. Encourage open dialogue, growth, and learning.

4. Violence

The NDC community strongly condemns all forms of violence, including but not limited to fraud, theft, harassment, misuse of power, misrepresentation, non-compliance, failure to fulfill commitments, misrepresentation of public funding objectives as fictitious or false, and misappropriation of funds, etc. The community has the collective authority to expel individuals who either incite or engage in such acts.

5. Transparency & Accountability

Important for the community to know that every member of the community holds each other accountable for actions, answers to unclear situations, and every violent action. Be transparent about your contributions, intentions, and any potential conflicts of interest. Ensure accountability for your actions within the community.

6. Effective Communication and Respectful Behavior

The community is expected to maintain clear and transparent communication when expressing concerns, avoiding misunderstandings, and addressing any issues between community members. It’s essential to understand that personal attacks are not tolerated, and likewise, attacks on individuals involved in funding project decisions or any attacks related to their decisions are prohibited. In cases of disputes, members are encouraged to raise these issues directly with the Transparency Commission through the General Investigation/Report Form.

7. Inclusivity, Collaboration & Contribution

In all actions, it is imperative to involve and include everyone. The Web3 community has experienced significant growth, with diversity being a key asset. Therefore, every NDC community member should embrace anyone willing to contribute to the ecosystem without exception based on religion, race, economic status, social background, nationality, health, or gender identity.

8. Security & Privacy

Respect the privacy of all community members. Safeguard sensitive information and use it only for its intended purpose. If you find any incident linked to a violation of the code of conduct, kindly report it to the Transparency Commission in an official manner through the General Investigation/Report Form.

9. Consequences Of Violations

Breaches of this code of conduct may lead to warnings, temporary suspensions, or permanent expulsion from the community. The severity and frequency of violations will be assessed by the Transparency Commission. Exceptions apply when providing such
information is mandatory.

10. Expected Behavior

Respect for Diverse Opinions: NDC community members are expected to engage in discussions and debates with respect for diverse perspectives. Disagreements should be constructive, focusing on the ideas, not personal attacks.

  • Adherence to Community Guidelines: All members are required to adhere to the community guidelines and code of conduct. Familiarize yourself with these rules and ensure your actions align with them.
  • Value-Driven Discussions: We encourage members to engage in discussions that focus on creating value, sharing insights, and driving innovative solutions. Constructive debates that lead to actionable outcomes are highly valued.
  • Entrepreneurial Language: Use language that reflects an entrepreneurial spirit, emphasizing opportunities, growth, and the value that our collective can create together.
  • Adherence to Performance Standards: All members are expected to adhere to performance standards that are results-oriented. Consistently adding value and delivering on commitments is a top priority.
  • Collaboration for Impact: Collaboration within the NDC should be purpose-driven, with a focus on achieving real-world impact. Partnerships and collaborations should be geared towards creating value for the collective and the broader ecosystem.
  • Proactive Problem Solving: We appreciate proactive problem-solving that leads to value creation. Identifying and addressing challenges in an entrepreneurial and solution-oriented way is expected.
  • Support for Entrepreneurship: As a community, we encourage and support entrepreneurial endeavors. This includes providing resources, mentorship, and opportunities for members to launch their projects.
  • Resource Optimization: Efficient resource allocation is fundamental. We value efforts to optimize resource utilization, ensuring that contributions lead to meaningful value.
  • User-Centered Innovation: Innovation should be user-centered, with a focus on solving real-world problems and delivering value to end-users.

11. Unacceptable Behavior

  • Harassment: Harassment in any form, including but not limited to verbal, written, or online harassment, is strictly prohibited. This includes unwelcome comments, threats, intimidation, or any form of unwanted attention.
  • Discrimination: Discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, disability, or any other characteristic is unacceptable. All members must be treated with respect and dignity.
  • Hate Speech: Hate speech, which promotes violence, hatred, or discrimination against individuals or groups based on their characteristics, is strictly forbidden.
  • Bullying: Bullying, such as repetitive and targeted behavior that seeks to harm, intimidate, or exclude others, is not tolerated within our community.
  • Personal Attacks: Personal attacks, insults, making false accusations or derogatory comments, posts, or articles, directed at other community members, and NDC members are against our principles of respectful and constructive engagement.
  • Invasion of Privacy: Unauthorized access to or sharing of personal information or any action that violates an individual’s privacy is not allowed.
  • Misuse of Power or Influence: Exploiting positions or influence within the NDC for personal gain, to harm others, or for any unethical purposes is prohibited.
  • Illegal Activities: Engagement in illegal activities or encouraging others to do so is strictly forbidden.
  • Disruption of Community Well-Being: Any actions or behavior that significantly disrupt the well-being of the NDC community, hinder constructive discussions, or impede our collective progress are not tolerated.

12. Reporting Violations

If you witness or experience any violations of this code of conduct, please report them directly to the Transparency Commission via the General Investigation/Report Form (which will be published with the v1 launch). The TC will promptly address the potential issue while maintaining the complainant’s anonymity and take appropriate action.

The Transparency Commission will discuss with Near Foundation moderation team after proper investigation of the reports whether the conflict post should be hidden on gov.near . Decisions regarding the restoration of posts will be made by the TC in collaboration with NF Mods.

13. Confidentiality

Every report that has been submitted to TC will remain confidential, the confidentiality is to ensure the community is convenient in making a report to TC on what’s happening around the community based on the CoC

14. Review and Update

The TC council committed to review and update the Code of Conduct periodically as we believe that the Code of Conduct can be improved by the time there are more cases that need to be solved.


By participating in the NDC, community members acknowledge their commitment to this code of conduct and agree to abide by its principles and guidelines. Every NDC community member recognizes the importance of the principles outlined in this code and commits to upholding them in their interactions and contributions within the community. This code serves as the foundation for a respectful, inclusive, and productive environment, and every member should be dedicated to fostering the values it represents.

Any cases that arose before October 6th, 2023 of this code are considered null and void and are not subject to review by the TC. None of the future revisions of the Code of Conduct will have a retroactive effect.


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