Community Engagement Manager - Nomination Aescobar

I support @Aescobar on his application for this position. He’s hardworking and dedicated to the growth of the Near ecosystem. I have seen this first-hand as I have worked with him in the past and currently at Jump DeFi and NEKO. He does this with a day job too. This is not an easy task yet he has persevered and still going strong to this day.

I’ll close my 2 cents with that he is one of the best choices, if not THE best choice.



Your recent comments have shown a concerning lack of respect and professionalism. It is essential to address issues in a constructive manner, but your tone and language have been unacceptably aggressive and accusatory.

For instance, your statements such as “you don’t even qualify for this role” and “It’s frustrating to see people who just want to get paid without actually wanting to help” are not only uncalled for but also detrimental to fostering a positive community atmosphere. This behavior is counterproductive and has no place in a collaborative environment.

Aescobar, on the other hand, has demonstrated great dedication and commitment to this community. His contributions and efforts have made a significant positive impact. It is unjust and disheartening to witness such a valuable community member being subjected to this kind of unwarranted criticism.

As members of this community, we all share the responsibility to promote fairness, inclusivity, and open dialogue. However, this can only be achieved through respectful and considerate communication. It is unacceptable to make baseless assumptions about someone’s motivations and qualifications without a proper understanding of their background and intentions.

I must insist that you immediately reevaluate your approach to communication within this community. We will not tolerate behavior that undermines our collective goal of creating an inclusive and equitable ecosystem. Your tone must become more respectful, and any further personal attacks will not be taken lightly.

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Sir, please.

In some ways, I applaud you for joining the ranks of community members concerned about transparency and accountability, specially when it comes to community funds.

However, where I take issue is with the nature of the criticism: you don’t lift others up by dragging others down.

We should never punish someone for being ambitious or a top performer. Instead, we should be grateful we have people able and willing to wear many hats during these tough, early stages. Most of us are doing it or have done it, most of us have been or are close to burning out.

^ This comment is completely unnecessary. If there are indeed other applicants with comparable or better experience, then it is likely the decision maker can take than into account and extend the opportunity to someone else. However, that should never be an attack on the applicant who is working nonstop to make the community grow. This needs to be differentiated from actual grifters and other parasitical relationships that may exist elsewhere in ecosystem.

I’ve been on this forum for a very long time. I’ve been dealing with proposals for remuneration and work for a long time. Sadly, it is unwarranted attacks like this one that have put off so many great people from applying, setting the ecosystem back years.

Stay vigilant, but stay respectful and let’s acknowledge people’s value and contributions, even if they don’t ultimately get the role.


Having Aescobar as community manager would be a big win for the ecosystem. I back him completely.


Thank you for your nomination Aescobar! As discussed, we’ve decided to move forward with Russell but are really happy to have you as a moderator and we’re looking forward to expanding that role when possible.


Hello,i want to report Conflict of interest violation by @blaze (NDC consultant and head of working groups )

He hired Cheddar Finance mod Aescobar on the same position in NDC. How is possible @blaze ? why did you choose him, but now other 14 candidates

Hello,i want to report Conflict of interest violation by @blaze (NDC consultant and head of working groups )

He hired Cheddar Finance mod Aescobar on the same position in NDC. How is possible @blaze why did you choose him, but now other 14 candidates?

Please see above. Aescobar nominated himself for a different role, was interviewed, had already taken action to moderate channels on his own accord based on his inquiry of how he could support the NDC after the Disto WG was spun up. So therfore he was appointed to one of the open moderator roles there were two.

Did I reach out to him to contribute to NDC? Yes. I have reached out to numerous individuals.

Did I make a recommendation for him to be an NDC mod. Yes, based on merit and contribution to the NFT Community, not Cheddar.

Did he jump in and start contributing after he directly asked how to support. Yes.

Did I interview any candidates for the recent mods or community manager roles. No.

Did I appoint the recent mods or community manager role. No.

While the process has not been perfect and most mods were appointed on a first come, first serve basis the process is being improved. For instance roles will be interviewed by more than one individual and in some cases panels. If a member of the GWG knows an individual or has worked with them, they must recues themself from the interview process. This is already taking place on the open Project Manager role.

I will only reply to this post as it seems the most context aligned.

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Great guy! And an experienced employee!
He is very hardworking! 100% Right choice!