Community-driven DAOs: Proposed Structure for Community Fund DAOs as of Jan 2022

I think you raise interesting points.

Imo, the reason because it looks like the community is focused on hierarchical governance is because what is being discussed is how to channel $ from point A (NF) to point B (communities), and how that model can survive the eventual disappearence of point A (as seen with other level 1 blockchains).

However, what you suggest highlights the limits of such a model. Focusing on communities who are able to implement positive models for the empowerment of individuals is imperative.

DAO Verticals should be, imo, a fair representation of the communities they support, and not an external authority, that eventually mimics traditional models of governance.

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It’s time to retake the conversation. We need your help and support to get through the next steps:

4- Produce an iteration of the draft and publish the final proposal

@chronear will lead this step, it is important that we arrive at a model that can be easily implemented as we iterate over time with improved practices.
We would like to see valued contributors participate in this process and produce the final version we will use to implement the proposed structure.

5- Complete the guidelines for Council members

We welcome your proposals to define the Council Member’s guidelines. This could be made as complex or as simple as we envision the community-driven future, but for simplicity’s sake, I hope you consider the ‘simple’ version to get us started.

Please post your proposals for input and feedback. Please consider the following in your proposal:
1- Description of Council Member Candidates Pools (Operational and Executive), how are candidates invited to apply.
2- Eligibility to become a Council Member.
2- Selection and vetting process.
2- Measure of Performance (participation, turnout).
3- Rotation.
4- Removal of members from Council.
5- Communication requirements from Council members (Forum Interaction).
6- Council Feedback to proponents.
7- Rewards.

Officially we start today, we will close these two steps on Jan 31st. Providing all goes well; we will quickly move to the next steps:

On February 1, Open Call for Candidates

6- Open Call for candidates to the Operating Council Pool

7- Open Call for candidates to the Executive Council Pool


Invitation through all Near social media and guilds.

At least 3 months on the forum,
Member of existing guild, project,

And language diversity . Will be great to have bilingual councils

Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Russian, Chinese, Hindi, etc. it’s very important to communicate between DAO’s and community members.

For example, at the week I spent 4 hrs for calls with ru-speaking grantees.

Most difficult question. Probably, the best way is random choose from pool of eligible candidates. All other ways can’t to be objective.

Active discussion on the forum,
Active voting on Astro DAO,
Help community members with proposals and reports,
Timing! No more than 2 weeks on decision (except illness, emergency situations).

I propose for every DAO create kind of this table for monitoring councils activities. It can be open for public information.

Every 3 months. Limits the number of terms a council can serve to one consecutive terms per calendar year.

Only voluntary resignation. And mandatory every 3 months.

Active open discussion on the forum and public table of activities.

Fixed $4000 for at least 80 hrs a month.

Holding more than 1K stNEAR during the period of Council Member duty

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Hey Grace!
I’ve been in touch with @jlwaugh over the last few months and we’ve been getting ready to help you on this work. Our team at Deep Skills writes guidelines, onboarding documentation and a full breakdown of work for different skills/roles across the ecosystem.

We review all existing written material, interview everyone who has an understanding of the Council Member role and summarise it into a GitBook documentation.
Here are a few examples of finished GitBooks for reference:

Once you have an idea of the structure for the guidelines or how we can help you sooner, let me know and we can get started.


Cool! Let’s make contact email:

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You express excellent thoughts and a sober view, I think it would be fair for all members of the DAO to pass a simple test of the KYC. People involved in decision-making and having a lot of influence should not have the right to remain anonymous

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Thank you all for your input! @chronear and I will gather the input and create the first draft, we expect to have a list of open discussion points on Monday.

Thanks @Dacha all feedback noted
Thanks @jack good point about the 1K stNEAR during council member duty
Thanks @INFINITY part of the requirement is to pass the NF KYC process for Council members as well as payout recipient.
Thanks @frnvpr your input is noted.
Thanks @ALuhning you input also noted.

We have enough for now to get us to the next steps. Have a great weekend!