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Hello @marketingdao-council

My name is Abdulmalik yusuff, i am part of one of nigeria’s leading media entity crew as an engineer, and the name of this entity is (TV CONTINENTAL) based in lagos state nigeria.

Since joining this near ecosystem in october. this would be my very first project that i would love to run in my countryside.

My aim is to create awareness about the near ecosystem and also bring with me my superiors in the media space such as those who’s going to use their privilege to create YouTube content and social media promotion


I would like to bring on board one of Nigerians award winner YouTuber and social media content creator by the name (fisayo fosudo) who would create videos and social media content about near ecosystem, so i had a talk with him to use his privilege to help create a content talking about near and it importance and also he did promise to help get at least 70 near users who would open a wallet each and join our ecosystem

YOUTUBE: youtube.com/fisayofosudo
INSTAGRAM: Fisayo Fosudo 🇳🇬 (@fisayofosudo) • Instagram photos and videos
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Fosudo?t=5Edc6Hc560mFKsKdg9YVag&s=09
WEBSITE: www.fisayofosudo.com
LINKEDIN: https://ng.linkedin.com/in/fisayofosudo
TIKTOK: https://www.tiktok.com/@fosudo


As an engineer working with a broadcast entity i had a chat with one of my colleague in the broadcasting section of my work place whose name is (OLU ALVIN) to help talk about near ecosystem and it importance on his radio show on (JORDAN FM) for at least 2weeks and he also did promise 45 near users and himself who would join our ecosystem and also open a near wallet

TWITTER: twitter.com/alvincares
INSTAGRAM: Olu Alvin (@askmulungu) • Instagram photos and videos


Paying fisayo fosudo to create youtube content on his channel about near ecosystem ( camera and other sources _ $250

Paying olu alvin to broadcast about near ecosytem on his radio talk show for 2weeks _ $150

Total= $400


Note: i would be so happy if my propasal is approved so i could start work immediately

@williamx @BigM007


Hello bro, nice to meet you but btw i am not a council at MarketingDao but l believe they have seen the proposal and will reply when possible.


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Great proposal. Could you provide any link to this entity please.



Any links to the radio station’s media channels will be great.

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Thanks so much for your concern


Thanks for Devoting for Near and Near Ecosystem …
Kindly Create an Proposal according to new Guidlines by Marketing DAO council

Get more info - [Announcement] Marketing DAO Resumes Operations

Thanks … #futureisnear


Thanks for your response. I have updated the proposal


Aint no doubts about your project, i think this would bring positive results to this community, wishing you success in your project

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Thanks so much for your comment
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I can’t wait for this proposal to be approved to let my people know that this platform aint no joke

@Albhion @Alpar_NEAR @Dacha

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Hello! Could you please fill out the form?


Thank, have completed the form, looking forward for a better reply

The maintenance you guys did yesterday monday was superb if i may say @Dacha @Albhion @Anna1 @Alpar_NEAR

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I noticed a few changes here and there too

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Hi @Millyblack07

This is definitely a unique project.

The nature of your youtube content is compelling and seemingly aimed at finance education. However, I’ve watched a few of your videos and religon seems to be a strong theme.

We haven’t focused on supporting any one religion or belief system with any grant. It might be seen as a conflict of interest.

I can’t support your project at this time.

All the best,


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I don’t seems to understand your point, what do religion have to do with this proposal

@Klint I’ve been on this forum since June and I am trying to get used to the system. Honestly, I don’t seem to understand your point of view. Every YouTube channel definitely have their own niche and finance education is a popular one. Secondly, religion should not even be a major thing here. It don’t matter what kind of people @Millyblack07 wants to onboard. The major thing is to deliver and keep up to the project expectations and the growth of the ecosystem. Or is there something I’m missing here

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Hi @Millyblack07 i have reviewed your proposal and your replies to comments from council.

I like your enthusiasm and have noted your past work but unfortunately i am unable to support at this time - in the current market conditions we have had to make some hard choices on which projects to allocate funding.

Please continue building your content on social platfroms and feel freel to submit a proposal in the future.

Thank for your response, I do appreciate

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