[Closed] The Philosopher participation on NEARCon with The Philosophers DAO, Metaverse DAO, and NEAR Alexandria

Project: The Philosopher participation on NEARCon with The Philosophers DAO, Metaverse DAO, and NEAR Alexandria

Proposer: thephilosopher.near

Objective: Show the projects that Metaverse DAO is developing, present NEAR Alexandria (which I received a grant from NEAR, and that is going to be develop by members of Metaverse DAO and The Philosophers DAO) as a publishing project on metaverse, present Metaverse DAO services for the community, library services on metaverse, call Portuguese philosophers to participate (given I have many Portuguese professors to which I am a friend and which I could call to participate and to onboard in The Philosophers DAO, like João Carlos Silva, Desidério Murcho, among others), make contacts with Portuguese in real life companies, to partner on IRL-metaverse events, nightclubs, and institutions.

Justification: It is important that Metaverse DAO and The Philosophers DAO are present on NEARCon in order to show NEAR’s worry with its history on metaverse and to onboard portuguese philosophers that could meet me in Lisbon. As historical organization and an institution that intends to publicize near on metaverse and take metaverse to real life, it is important for us to present what we can do for the community and what other metaverse projects are developing on NEAR. As we have projects with developing our own token, it is interesting for us to know more about DeFi and ReFi too. And as an institution for philosophers in the blockchain, we must be present in Portugal, and make contact with the lusophone community between Brazilians and Portuguese philosophers. Another important, but particular, point is that The Philosophers DAO is developing ideas to make a NEAR app for distribute NEAR at the university, for students, by means of answering the right questions and doing certain tasks; and it would be interesting to have the opportunity of meeting devs that could partner with us. Beyond that, I am a speaker from Blockchain Rio event (look at Rodrigo Reis). I was called to give my knowledge there, and I believe I can be a good representative for Metaverse DAO and The Philosophers DAO in the event, given my experience inside NEAR ecosystem, and the many projects that I am developing inside of it. This would be also an opportunity for me to get acquainted im person with some long term partners, like @marianeu, from Mintbase, and maybe partners from Incubadora DAO, like @frnvpr and @JulianaM, from 3xr, Jeff from NearHub, @decentricity from Reality Chain and Nesteria, @claudinhabelha from AfrikaBurn and BeeTogether, and other people from interesting metaverse, NFT, and philosophy developments on NEAR, people who I already know virtually. As you can see about me, I am a person who organizes groups, makes contacts, build communities (as brazilian visual art community, metaverse gatherings, academic philosophers community, writers community etc), gets funding to develop projects, and that is worried about the development of the ecosystem.

If you want to know a little bit about me, please, check out this post, where you can see my academic curriculum, the grant that John Templeton Foundation granted me, and my path on NEAR. I am a professor, philosopher, artist, organizer, community builder, metaverse entrepreneur, founder of Metaverse DAO, Gambiarra DAO, The Philosophers DAO, Writers Guild, and help so many others, being also in work together or using products with/from Mintbase, 3XR, NearHub, Reality Chain, Myriad Social etc.


To fund the participation of The Philosopher on Nearcon, in order for him to represent simultaneously The Philosophers DAO and Metaverse DAO in the event, making contacts, presenting services, looking for devs, meeting long terms partners and Portuguese language philosophers.


  • NEARCon ticket: 300 usd in NEAR
  • Flight (allez-retour) : 2,400 USD in DAI (around R$12,000)
  • Hostel: 50 usd/day, 8 days = 50x8 = 400 usd in DAI (in case of 5 days, 250 usd)
  • Food and Transport: 100 usd/day (transport 10 usd, lunch and dinner: 80 usd, water 10 usd)= 800 usd in DAI (in case of 5 days, 500 usd in DAI)
  • Visit card (Metaverse DAO and The Philosophers DAO): 50 usd: 100 cards with info about the DAOs
  • Open 50 NEAR wallets with the qr code from 50 visit cards (1 near per card): 250 usd in NEAR
  • Marketing material to use/give in the event (with Metaverse DAO and The Philosophers DAO’s logos): 80 usd

Total: 4,280 usd in NEAR/DAI (3830 usd in NEAR/DAI, in case of 5 days)

Disclosure: I am already asking for resources to the marketing dao to participate in another large event in Rio de Janeiro called Blockchain Rio. You can know more about the event and my request here:

As I am a council member of Metaverse DAO and The Philosophers DAO, and as I am the coordinator of NEAR Alexandria Grant, on metaverse, I will be able to make Metaverse DAO and The Philosophers DAO partners in this event, and get together with the NEAR Alexandria Grant I received, which I intend to be a new place for publishing NFT books, maybe the first library that will publish real philosophy books with ISBN on metaverse.


Sept 9th: Leaving Brazil, arriving in Portugal, lodging (see before the possibility of a hostel where I can pay in NEAR), organize transport for next day, get an european mobile chip, install. Rest, eat.

Sept 10th: Contact Portuguese philosophers, contact NEAR people who I already know virtually, meet them, if possible.

Sept 11th: Registration party, connect with friends and new people know the devs. Distribute at least 10 visit cards with NEAR QR codes with 1 near and with info about Metaverse DAO, The Philosophers DAO, and NEAR Alexandria.

Sept 12th-14th: Breakfast with new near people, talk about the DAOs, establish previews connections, watch the speakers, distribute at least 10 visit cards per day.

Sept 15th-17th: Open to meetings with previews connections, open to new activities from Nearcon (given the calendar has 2 dates: 10-17 and 11-14; if nothing happens in this extra period, I can end the trip before and save some hostel, food and transport expenses of 450 usd)

Sept 18th (in case of 5 days, Sept 15th): Coming back to Brazil.

This is NEAR Alexandria:


Please, @marketingdao-council, I would kindly ask you to analyze my proposal. I really think my presence on NEARCon can be a nice way to develop the reach of the DAOs from which I am a council member (Metaverse DAO and The Philosophers DAO), by getting in touch with the Portuguese language people from Portugal, also developing NEAR Library visibility (we will have a metaverse party soon, as the third milestone of the grant), and NEARCon can be the right place to call NEAR people to participate on the launch event and in the production of the new NFT books. If you see the development of the philosophes dao on astrodao, you will see that we are adding many professors, we are building educational material for them to understand the blockchain, creative materials to bring philosophy to blockchain, and many other interesting projects. The professors are all PhD philosophers who work in important universities in Brazil, and we have a growing community, that can only be improved by our presence on NEARCon.


Good evening, I can support only these experiences,

And hotel for 5 days only (10-15).

Total is : $2950

Thank you

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Hi, @Dacha. Thank you for your answer. If you can add food and transportation for these days, we are set.

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As I know, foods and complimentary snacks (maybe beer :grin:) will be available on NearCon. Maybe you can book a hotel with breakfasts…

About transportation: I have never been in Lisbon, but we use public transit in NYC :grin: It’s cheap.


Thank you, @Dacha, but unfortunately, it is not a real possibility for me to travel in order to starve in another country or to live on snacks. I am PhD professor with almost 40 years, not a teenager or a young adult. If you could evaluate again my request, I would appreciate. I feel a bit offensive that you suggest that I live on snacks for 5 five days. It is ok for me not to go, if you don’t want to fund it; but please do not suggest to anyone to live in these conditions.

The NEAR Lounge at Eth Denver had breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets plus snacks 24/7 - you will not starve.

I support this proposal on Dacha’s terms. Let me know if you would like to proceed.

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Hi, @satojandro. Hi, @Dacha. I thank you for the time you both spent in evaluating my proposal. However, I think it is better if I let NEARCon for another moment. In these terms, unfortunately it does not work for me. Maybe you could use the resource that you were going to spend with me with improving another person’s participation on NEARCon. Again, thank you and apologize for spending your time.