[Closed] The Kin DAO I Marketing I July 2022

The Kin DAO Marketing Proposal I July 2022

Contact name: @adrianseneca

Council Members: @godofnfts, @Patrick-T-Anderson, @adrianseneca

Target Address: thekindao.sputnik-dao.near

Current Balance (NEAR): 6 NEAR

Funding Period: July 2022

Request amount: 5600 USD in NEAR

Most Recent Report

Hello Marketing DAO!

We hope your July is moving with grace so far and our proposal reaches you well. After the waves of the last few months, we have redefined partners that align with our vision and would like to be supported in working in collaboration with them to establish our project’s presence on a greater scale.

We are proposing to work with Rising DAO, a new DAO that Primordia onboard with over 20 years of experience in culture and technology, to provide The Kin DAO & the Primordia project:

  • A strategic communications plan that will support the most recent launch for the next 3 months
  • Collateral development: Press release strategy and creation, pitches for individualized press, white paper from research for use with press
  • Book interviews and support the meetings, follow up and article development

“RIsing DAO believes that positioning the leadership of women, the Kin DAO’s IRL experience with making change in people’s lives, and the integration of 100 DAOs working to create change is an extraordinary opportunity for us and for the press. Yet, we are living in cynical news environments and need the time to build the story, the trust and the materials to ensure that the press writes about the DAO. There is no quick way to get press coverage, it is a process, and a critical one for the community.” - @sarahkornfeld

This is a proposal for our first phase in July to help leverage the recent launch of Primordia. Phase one will support the energy of the launch, while also putting an action plan for the next 3-6 months in place.


Development of Communications plan (Rising DAO): $1,000

  • Creation of 6-month plan including vertical press list, strategy for PR and needs for success
  • Journalist list of up to 80 members of the press
  • Metrics and goals for outreach

PR Content Development: (Rising DAO) $4,600

  • 2 press releases
  • Engagement with NEAR marketing to support NEARcon event in Lisbon
  • 3 pitches for press based on case studies within Primordia DAO

About Sarah Kornfeld:

20+ years experience in public relations, public affairs, and content strategy and curation. Executive-level management and consulting experience in start-ups, mid-size companies, and large global players for entertainment, technology, arts, and media enterprises including Netflix, Sun, Google Earth, Pop!Tech, Institute For The Future, UC Berkeley, UC Irvine, NearPod, etc.

Taught Cultural Curation at the University of San Francisco, Graduate Education Department. Developed content for NearPod and the George Greenstein Institute. Sat on the boards of the National Writers Union and various start-ups in the education and creative space.

Trusted advisor to CEOs, venture capitalists, executive directors, and boards for branding, public affairs, public relations, influencer relations, content creation, and curation. A senior leader in start-ups and agencies including Burson-Marsteller, SparkPR, Peppercomm Communications, Ikonic Interactive (acquired by US Web).

Published author of a novel “What Stella Sees”, Cove International Publishers, Mill Valley, California (2018) and a non-fiction book “The True”, Integral Publishing, Bucharest, Romania (Fall 2021). Trained in entertainment production in New York and The Royal Court Theater, London. Graduate of Sarah Lawrence College.

Sarah’s writing has been featured in independent literary journals including Rain Taxi Review, Vol.1 Brooklyn, Largehearted Boy, minor literature(s), and Heavy Feather Review. Non-fiction writing about the Creative Economy and policy strategies for artists has been published in the Los Angeles Review of Books.

Sarah has 25+ years of experience as a producer, marketer, and public affairs lead for The Raw Science Film Festival, The California Academy of Sciences, The Institute for the Future, The Kitchen, Pop!Tech, The Magnes Collection of Jewish Art + LIfe/UC Berkeley, The Beall Center for Art and Technology/UC Irvine, Hatebrakers, Obscura Digital, Tevereterno, A.M. Hoch (Pollack-Krasner Foundation Awardee), Zaccho Dance Theatre and others.

Please feel free to ask @adrianseneca, @godofnfts or @sarahkornfeld any questions around this proposal. Thank you all for your time!


Thank you @adrianseneca and @godofnfts. I am here to answer any and all questions. We really are thrilled by this opportunity to be of service to the community.

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Good evening!

  1. It would be great to read about the system before approving the proposal;

  2. How many rewards IN TOTAL did Kin DAO

receive from Creatives DAO in 2021 and 2022?

  1. How will Kin DAO help get to billions of users on Near?

Thank You

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hi, i want to work in Rising DAO, how can i apply ?


Peace Dacha,

Our co founder @Patrick-T-Anderson left an explanation with some links about the For Product Model Here. There are lots of documents explaining the system and Patrick can answer more directly if you have more inquires.

We have been receiving funding since November 2021 until present, like many of the other established DAOs within Creatives, using around $37,000 from Creatives directly to Kin DAO to accomplish our expansive projects and establish ourselves as a strong project on NEAR. Kin DAO on our own has onboarded 100+ wallets and has one of the biggest community groups on AstroDAO. We teach about using DAOs on NEAR as an ethical blockchain for social good projects within our communities and on global platforms bringing direct awareness to NEAR! As we expand to become more self sustainable and seasoned in coordination, we will eventually purchase physical land and practice decentralized governance in real life with a large community. These efforts will not only be bringing entire communities to NEAR but also will act as a powerful use case than can be expanded upon by others using NEAR.

Also, if you’re not familiar with our onboarding project DAO, Primordia, we are onboarding 100 DAOs to NEAR by the end of 2022. We have accomplished the onboarding of already 40 DAOs to present. We stand beside DAOcubator as some of the most efficient incubation projects on NEAR.

Do you have any inquires or responses about this specific proposal? :slight_smile:


Tap in with @sarahkornfeld who is leading this project!

It’s a no from me. I cannot support this proposal for the following reasons:

  1. “A strategic communication plan” is what you should bring alongside your proposal.

2). It appears you’re charging double for press release creation and pitches. Press releases even under the most expensive standard platforms don’t surpass $1200 per release. $4600 is far too much for this endeavor.


HI Klint, thank you very much.

From my perspective having the time and resources to study, listen and learn from those in Primordia DAO needs the time and space to create the strategic plan, messages, programs, and tactical elements. So, thank you for stating this, and let me explain:

  1. DAOS are a new concept in the media and journalists really don’t get it – they think NFTs are kind of gimmicky, though they write about them anyway. The power of the Pimarodia DAO is that it is a collaboration where real-world impact is developed and implemented.

  2. The DAO is comprised of a multi-cultural community, ranging the entire spectrum of ideas and experiences around the world. I need to understand their goals, understand how those goals fit into the narrative of DAOs, and then translate that for Journalists to really grok.

  3. I will be compiling up to 10 case studies for the press releases and providing them as attachments. So, I’m not doing the classical technology press release (which I agree is less work and less money) but crafting releases that help stories get written in larger publications, with deep results and examples.

  4. The relationship I hope to bridge is with NEAR around Lisbon – this means helping to frame the event that Primordia will host, support talks, meetings with press etc.

It’s my hope that my experience launching Google Earth, as a member of the Netflix team and as an experienced cultural Curator (working with the Peggy Guggenheim Foundation, The Kitchen, The California Academy of Art and Science, etc) will support Primordia and NEAR deeply.

I think that we are at a point where the press needs a story about how tech is impacting lives in a very practical way, and we need the time and the work to push past all the news of Elon acting out with Twitter, War and our encroaching recession.

I’m happy to explore this further, though hope you might reconsider your vote with this next level of information.

Best regards,

@adrianseneca @godofnfts

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Hi @johanga Let’s connect!

Could you provide a link to Primordia please?


Yes here is a link to the Primordia project. Just to clarify this is a project DAO that was birthed from The Kin DAO that is onboarding 100 social good DAOs to NEAR by the ed of 2022. Eventually it will become functioned by the DAOs onboarded once they get stabilized in the system.

Sorry, I’m confused. What is the similarity between onboarding new DAOs and Sundance Trans-Dimensional Crystalline Dome which cost for us $2500?

  1. It would be great to know why Kid Dao leadership made decision to create a new DAO, and didn’t integrate the Primordia project Into Kin DAO. We could save at least $400
  1. Too many questions about onboarding rewards…



Kin DAO people, not the first day in Near Ecosystem; my question is, why should we pay for the lessons and onboarding? Why can’t KinDAO do it for free like other Nearians? I believe Kin DAO has tons of educational material and received thousands of dollars from NF, and now the time to return the money back to Community as free lessons, help, seminars, etc.

Also, would it be great to understand the value for the Near Ecosystem from 6+11 DAOs if the organizations cannot buy 12 N to create a new DAO on Astro?
How many people? Could you please share more information about the DAOs?

Have a great day!

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Primordia DAO is supporting the projects being onboarded into the NEAR ecosystem, not just by onboarding them but by also assisting them to actualize their visions. Primordia DAO is leading traditionally excluded communities into NEAR and supporting them to succeed in this space which in turn amplifies social impact projects in Web3. This project was primarily initiated for onboarding but is far deeper than just that - this is village building, value shifting, skill trading, real world to digital merging causing social impact. ARC DAO was onboarded by and is part of Primordia DAO governance. In the coming months as the other DAOs get comfortable they will also be a part of the Primordia DAO’s AstroDAO and it will be clear that Kin DAO is not the primary team here, just the initiators who lead the first leap, as all projects need.

You can read our Primordia DAO Introduction to get a better understanding around our decision. The work of both projects are too huge to be one. It is okay for DAOs to split off and multiply just like many other DAOs in the ecosystem have done and how nature teaches us to do. The intention with Primordia is not for it to be forever lead by Kin DAO, but for the other DAOs to take leadership roles as they learn. It takes quite a bit of time for folks to fully acclimate to this space and feel comfortable doing so.

We are happy to answer your questions. For the amount of hours we put into onboarding, it would be unsustainable to do this labor for free. We have in the past and do in the present contribute much of ourselves for free. In fact, we are doing quite a lot for very minimal payment here while other projects are fully funded to do the same. We have seen that NF happily rewards labor for onboarding. Do you have direct communication from NF around what labor should or should not be compensated?

Also did you notice this month we received no council payment?

I am a bit confused by this question - are you inferring that if a community cannot afford to pay 12N they do not deserve to be in our ecosystem or do not bring any value here? As stated before, we are bridging the digital divide for traditionally marginalized communities - this means breaking down all barriers to entry and encouraging folks who feel turned off by Web3 because of these barriers to bring their value sets into the NEAR ecosystem. These are communities we know NEAR values and desires to include in the ecosystem.

All the DAOs that have been onboarded thus far are in written in every single report of ours. Please feel free to take a look!

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Hi Dacha, I’m Asya of the Kin DAO. I think a phone call should be setup to answer all these questions thoroughly. It is my understanding from this line of questioning that you believe that our DAO members and all Nearians should work for free. Do you hold yourself to the same standard of free labor? I personally have spent over 1000 hours teaching lessons to hundreds of people with the purpose of onboarding into the Near ecosystem in the last 6 months alone. I have held weekly DAO Office hours, co-written lessons here with @starpause and Sarah Smith https://deep-work.gitbook.io/astro/onboarding/welcome-to-astro :tulip: My rate for teaching in the analogue world is $150 per hour. I have not received even a fraction of my usual rate. I pivoted to teach about the Near ecosystem without proper compensation with the dream of building something better from a heart centered approach. You seem to believe in free labor for all Nearians. Humans need to be compensated and rewarded for their labor. We can make it clear what this minuscule funding has gone to and is going to through line items and in person meetings if you would like to audit us. We are open to being audited. I sense from the tone of your remarks unrewarded labor may have a very negative impact on our precious NEAR ecosystem building. Many of us have invested our time skills and expertise without compensation already. To ask for entirely free labor is unjust and unsustainable for the ecosystem as a whole. We work in good faith with reciprocity as a core value. Free labor is extractive. We came to the Near ecosystem with excitement at the possibility of building amazing projects that are aligned with our values. We love and appreciate the community that we have built and are currently rapidly building. We don’t wish to cause harm to them by asking for free labor. Let’s get clarity on what is being communicated here. Misunderstanding are best cleared up via dialog. My team and I look forward to speaking with you soon. :sunflower: @adrianseneca @Patrick-T-Anderson @lujane

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Thank you for the answer .

Unfortunately, observing that in Creatives DAO only. The last example from new mod team member.

Look at this:

One [Approved] Tribethrive DAO - Jul-2022

Two [Introduction] - The Unforgotten DAO, I bet he is going to request $2000 within couple weeks.

Three [APPROVED] Funding Proposal for Spiritual DAO – July 2022

It’s not labor, and we are not hired personnel. It’s our mission for Near Community. How many rewards did Kin DAO receive on 21 and 22?

No, I meant they should show that the Community needs them. It’s so weird then we pay rewards to open DAO to the organizations.

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I am sorry, how are other projects being added into this conversation? We are not associated with Tribethrive DAO nor Unforgotten DAO. Also, all payments from Tribethrive are going to the DAOs being served, $0 are going to the DAO members doing the work precisely because of this ideal of free labor which is highly damaging.

Highly disagree here. I agree with @godofnfts, we should speak on a call to clarify this communication.

We answered your question previously in the above comments:


There is nothing weird about investing in meaningful engagement and sustainable growth that DAO’s exponentially bring about to the Near ecosystem. That is what we are doing when we reward the amazing communities that contribute more than is possible to compensate them. They are investing by joining the Near community. There is a huge learning curve. They take the time to learn and teach their own perspective communities. That’s unmeasured value added to the Near community. I urge you to take time to meet with us so that we may clear up any misunderstandings. :blossom: @adrianseneca @Patrick-T-Anderson

Sorry, I couldn’t find the best place for the conversation. It would be great to you highlighted the question at the next meeting in Creatives DAO.

Great, thank You!

For statistics: Kin DAO received 37k dollars and onboarded 100+ new Community members, ~ $370 for one Community member.

The last question: how much from 37k dollars were spent on Kin DAO leadership payments and on Community members . It would be great to see their comments here, as well.

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Good evening; We have FREE courses in Near University and Near Learn Club and millions of free classes on YouTube.


  • Muti DAO;
  • Coffee with Chloe;
  • Official Near YouTube channel (over 50 playlists with educational videos);
  • Video guides on Kin DAO website


It would be great to know how many new Near Community members have been onboarded in South Dakota?

Do you have any reports or photos about the event? How many lectures about Near protocol did seven people from Kin DAO hold? Couldn’t find any reports on Instagram, our Logo on organizer’s banner

By the way,

  1. Why do we associate blockchain Near and Amanita muscaria or Amanita pantherina on KIN DAO pictures on Instagram which have been illegal to buy, sell, or possess in some states and counties? Why it’s powered by Near?

  2. You can watch psilocybin mushrooms on KIN Dao introducing video:

Which is illegal in all countries except couple ones , Oregon state, and some cities in the USA.

How many people with low income got support from EFAM DAO ( part of the Primordia project). Would you like to give a couple of lessons for free, at least to the DAO, and send rewards to the people with low income?

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