[Closed] ReggaeDAO monthly proposal July 2022

Councils members:-


July, 2022 Funding Proposal For ReggaeDao

Having missed out on last month’s funding proposal, we wish to bring forward the activities we were unable to carry out and also add new ones.

Check: Report For June, 2022

Activities for July

Project 1-

  1. ReggaeDAO Live Event in Cameroon featuring @Symbolik (1000usd)

Project 2-

  1. Live With Big M in Nigeria featuring Lord Kenny of Splash Fm (900usd)

Project 3-

  1. Distribution of ReggaeDao’s Membership Cards


Total amount requesting:-( 2500usd in NEAR )

ReggaeDAO councils members:



This will teally help us get word out about the near future the web3. One love :heart:


Nice proposal let’s move the reggae family forward, I see positive energy in this
I pray you get approved quickly as possible :heart:

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Tagging @creativesdao-council

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Hey all,

I had a few questions about your projects this month

  1. Educational Event
  • Where is the Event ground?
  • How will you be onboarding to NEAR?
  • Who will the speaker for NEAR be?
  • Do you have an expected number of attendees and wallets you will onboard?
  1. Live With Big M
  • As stated in the proposal, this is a marketing strategy that seems to potentially be proposed to Marketing DAO?
  • Do you have a plan on how to provide education of NEAR on your radio broadcast?
  • Do you have metrics as to how many people you will reach through this radio show?
  1. NEAR and Music/NFTs/Web3/NEAR protocol/ COVER
  • In my opinion, incentivizing people to onboard wallets for a 270USD award encourages folks to create false wallets rather than truly onboard. In short it encourages quantity over quality.
  • How much of your budget will be going to this?
  1. RaggaeDao’s Website
  • This is best suited to be proposed to Marketing
  1. Patios classes
  • Can you elaborate on how this brings value to the NEAR ecosystem?
  1. ReggaeDAO Quick
  • Would you be able to make this into it’s own post as well just like you did beautifully with the others?
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Thank you for your attention.

I will go ahead and answer the questions relating to my own proposals and invite @Jahzonemusician to reply with his.

  1. Live With Big M
    It is originally a creative event but we plan to explore the marketing side to reach out to a lot of people through the creative event. Live with Big M is a musical interview and show first, then Near Education later.

-----Do we have a plan on how to provide Near Education on the radio broadcast?

Yes. We have very much planned everything out. The Radio personality has been onboarded already we have created a Near wallet for him and he also is a member of ReggaeDao.

He goes on air twice a week in 2 venues of the radio station. He will invite members of the ecosystem to talk about the Near ecosystem in his radio shows.

------Do we have metrics as to how many people will listen to the radio show?

Yes. The Radio station is one of the most listened to in Ibadan and Nigeria. Reggae is a popular genre of music and the station gets engagements from listeners during this show. The amount of listeners to the radio show usually is between 50,000 and 100,000 and we know this due to the amount of engagements the radio show gets on social media. When 50,000 to 100,000 people listen to the radio show, then we can have the same amount of people hear anout Near Education.

  1. ReggaeDao Website
    The website is a way of bringing web2 artistes into the ecosystem through music. Links of our telegram, mintbase and artistes’ portfolios will be put there. We plan to make it a creative avenue first, then exploration of the marketing side after.

  2. Patios Classes
    Reggae is a world music and its language is Patios naturally. We wish to educate people in Patois, so they can use Patios to sing reggae music with specifically ecosystem education. The sole aim of this monthly event is to reach out through a language the Caribbean identifies with for the sole aim of showing them how beautiful it is to belong to this ecosystem.
    We have different groups belonging to different cultures and they present their arts in their languages, thereby making it possible for more people who identify with those languages to come into the ecosystem. We hope to achieve the same. The value is diversification.
    The aim is to be able to teach Near Contents in Patois Language

I hope this answers all, thank you

Thanks for the feedbacks

As for the Live cameroon Event ground is going to be at

N3, Limbe
6 90 03 03 47 ALCEF PARK - Google Search

We are going to onbaod people on the event ground and Educationally also we will have a meeting for artists to be educated by using @symbolik as a speaker/ Educating people about Web3 ecosystem/NEAR protocol and More of thier Questioning ,

All we focus on the meeting is to create NEW Near wallets , Discord/ZOOM for the Educational aspect

@SYMBOLIK and @JAHZONE will be the SPEAKER of the EVENT
We are expecting 150 people, planning to create 30 wallets or 50 if possible but we are also planning to onboard most of them into the web3 ecosystems/ NEAR protocol

For the Cover:-

Thanks for the update at first I thought of that, about creating folse wallet, is the main reason I mentioned or they can meet @jahzone for help so he will create wallets for them

Am going to change it to be ONBOARDING new members and be rewarded

Am going to put my surport as a ReggaeDAO Council’s Member with 100usd for creating New near wallet and opening of ReggaeDAO Mintbase Store,
increase the Flyer of Artist that will perform depends on the population since as is the first time we are doing this kind of Event on ReggaeDAO

As for the Quiz am gonna do just that

Thanks egain hope the answers are Clearfield?

Hello Reggae DAO,

After going through your proposals a few times and reading through your responses the moderators have decided that unfortunately it is not sufficient enough for approval. Here are some of our thoughts:

  • Your past report didn’t have sufficient information.
  • We see you mention educating and onboarding users in most of your projects and would love to see a clear plan as to how you will be implementing these actions.
  • Your Patios Classes is a great idea to merge language and art. For the price, it doesn’t seem to have a strong enough structure to fully bring value to the NEAR ecosystem.
  • In the future it could be useful to lay out a plan, include the NEAR speakers in your proposal, and specify what/how you will be educating about NEAR.

We would also like to suggest that as you organize your proposals, you give them titles based on their project. This month there are 4 proposals with similar titles making it very difficult to decipher which one was the overall proposal and which ones were projects within it:

Thank you so much.


Thank you for your responses.

We already missed out on last month’s funding and couldnt continue the contribution to the ecosystem on our part as we would have liked.

We dont want to miss out again.

Could you give us a consideration if we

  1. Removed the less valuable projects
  2. Restructured the proposals
  3. Laid out a clear plan on what to educate and who to educate.

As for insufficient proof on our previous report, we couldnt carry out much in June because we werent funded, we didnt do anything in our submitted proposal, we just had to make do with the little funds remaining in our wallet.

We hope for your quick response.

Thank you

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@adrianseneca kindly go through our proposal updates.

Thank you

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Thanks for the update we just decided on removing some proposal that are not really constructed so that we can continue with the DAO activities for July,
As we were not funded last month.

Thanks once egain :heart: @adrianseneca

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Thank you so much for receiving our response with grace and adjusting. The moderators still stand by their decision at this time. You are able to take this to the council of Creatives DAO and propose again next mont if you so wish. Thank you again.

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Thank you for your response.

We strategically removed certain programs and left the ones that were approved for the month of May.

Thank you for noticing that we removed some programs and left some.

I am confused here please, if these programs were approved for May, why are they disapproved now? @adrianseneca

A lot has changed within the Creatives DAO since May. The moderators have been trying their best to find a nice balance between holding a standard for Creatives while also maintaining an environment of accessibility. After seeing your past reports and information in your current proposal, we would love to see some more clarity around how onboarding/education will be implemented and your long terms plans (maybe a roadmap would be good) on how you will bring value to NEAR.

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Thank you for this response.

For education, @Symbolik has been notified to speak about the ecosystem to the Cameroonian populace.

Also, Lord Kenny, a radio presented has also been onboarded and will hold an interview with @BigM007 on one of his radio shows, where they both discuss the goodness of Near Protocol. We envisage listeners of about 50,000.

For Onboarding, after the educational talks in Cameroon, @Jahzonemusician will go ahead and onboard the participants of the educational event, thereafter creating wallets for them all.

Also in Nigeria, during the Live With Big M which is a musical event, @BigM007 will go ahead and educate them about the Near Protocol, onboard the participants and crate wallets for them.

Thank you.

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